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Why Membership to Your Local Chamber Is a Smart Addition to Your ">Marketing Mix

Membership to a local chamber of commerce should be seen as a ">marketing opportunity for any business. It adds a level of prestige to a business and affords ways for a business improve its brand.

Touchy, Feely Type and the Impression It Makes

The considered use of fonts and typography within your printed ">marketing will make a big difference to its effectiveness. This article highlights key points that you should be aware of when it comes to creating your next printed ">marketing piece.

Price Transparency: The Time Is Now

Though it is sometimes hard to see through the thick haze of government-imposed health reform, the US is also on a parallel path toward market-based healthcare consumerism. Free-market solutions have taken a back seat to politics for the past few years, but the journey which began with the introduction of high deductible health plans a decade ago, continues today.

Don’t Even Think About Keeping Your Product Details Secret

You’ve got a great product. In fact, it might even be a revolutionary product. Well, there are at least some features of your product and its product development definition that you are very proud of – nobody else has them. You would sure like to tell your customers about how great your product is, but you don’t want your competition to find out about it. Maybe you should keep all the interesting stuff secret…

Have You Found Your Target Market?

I know I normally write about quality blog content and leveraging that content, but today I decided to write about something a little bit different since it may help you if you’re just starting your business (the subject is also very important to content ">marketing, too). When you started your small business, your main goal was to make your business successful, right? I know that the question has an obvious answer, but I have seen some business owners not give enough time to identify who their target market is before they jumped in and just started…

Using Custom Zipper Earbuds to Promote Your Brand

Custom zipper earbuds have become one of the most popular ways for companies to promote their brand. These affordable gadgets can be branded with corporate logos applied to zipper pulls and are a great way to literally place your company name in front of customers all day, every day.

The ">Marketing Formula: A Closer Look at INTERRUPT!

The ">marketing formula calls for four distinct phases – Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer. This article explores the Interrupt Phase. What is it? Why is it important? How does this work?

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