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Car Dealerships With Crazy, But Brilliant ">Marketing Ideas

There are lots of places to buy cars these days. These car dealerships stepped up their ">marketing to bring folks to the showroom.

5 Ways to Wow Your Clients With Awesome ">Marketing Reporting

Today’s business market is drastically different from the market 10 years ago, thanks to the incredible advancements in technology. Tracking a business’s ">marketing success is made so much simpler and more effective with ">marketing data reporting software. When used appropriately, reporting software enhances your experience with your clients immeasurably, increasing your profits and success. Take a look at five ways to wow your clients with awesome ">marketing reporting.

Do Bitcoin Miners Need Product Managers?

Have you hear about bitcoins? It’s the craziest thing – people are in the process writing their own product development definition and inventing a brand new currency! This currency has no ties to any government or country. The whole thing “lives” in the minds of the computers who together make up the Internet. The math behind it is a tad complex, but it seems to be growing in popularity and, more importantly, you can actually buy things using bicoins. Microsoft recently announced that they would accept bitcoin in payment for their products. What does all of this mean for product managers?

">Marketing Tips for Local Events

Hosting events can be nerve wracking experiences. However, if you do a little work on ">marketing, the functions can be very successful.

Game-Changing Tips for Using Custom Signs to Boost Your Business

Custom signs can be a great way to bring fresh energy to all kinds of businesses, both new and well-established. Here are a few ways to get the most out of signage, build a recognizable and trustworthy brand, and keep the customers coming in increasingly greater numbers.

Last Minute Tips To Increase Spa Revenue This Holiday

We are in the final stretch of the holidays and gift buying is at its peak. Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, there are still millions of people who haven’t even started their holiday shopping and there are some last minute things you can do to increase spa revenue.

Signs and Banners: Using Them Wisely

As part of every company’s ">marketing strategy, banners and signs are frequently used. But if the company is going to spend ">marketing money on these types of products, it should get its money’s worth. So how is that done? It’s fairly simple. The biggest point is to make it worth the money spent.

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