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Guys take a look at this this is four Thousand dollars made over the last Seven days with affiliate marketing and If you have a spare five to ten minutes If you watch this entire video I'm gonna Show you one of the easiest ways that You can replicate this using simple Sports Clips I'm going to show you Exactly where you're going to get these Clips and how you can use these clips to Make money with affiliate marketing this Is super simple guys that anybody can do It all it involves is copying this Simple link and then pasting it on a Platform that can get you millions of Views and I'm going to walk you through And show you how to do this step by step You can start without a following you Don't need a website and you never need To show your face on camera or do Anything like that and you can get Started straight after watching this Video let's get into it so step one is The first thing that we need to do is we Need to come over to a site like to get an affiliate Product that we can promote you can Obviously come over to ClickBank you can Also go over to digistore24 ClickBank is Available in 190 countries and has a lot Of affiliate marketing products all you Need to do is click on to start here and Create an account for yourself once you Have created an account for yourself all

You need to do is come over to the back Office of ClickBank go into their Marketplace and you're going to see a Variety of categories over here of Different affiliate marketing products That you can start promoting for the Purposes of this video what we're going To do is we're going to scroll all the Way down to the bottom and we're going To click on to sports I'm going to show You how to use different types of Sporting products sporting is massive There is a huge audience in this which Is why you have the ability to get a lot Of free traffic and make a lot of money With affiliate marketing so what you Want to do when you're on this page you Can leave this on rank or you can quite Simply click onto this and go to gravity It's going to show you some of the high Are converting products with this but a Lot of the time with the traffic that You're going to be getting you can very Easily convert these products anyway so The first product that we can take a Look at over here is this one over here Called vertical jump training and I'm Going to show you how to get a lot of Views with this very quickly and Absolutely for free and every time you Make a sale you can earn as much as 39.88 on average per sale promoting this Product now as you scroll down you're Also going to find the best converting

Golf offers as well you can make as much As 33 dollars and as you scroll then You're going to find other types of Golfing products sporting products Etc And all of all of these do really really Well okay so it's up to you you want to Scroll down and find there is another One over here for tennis as well so a Lot of opportunity for yourselves to Promote different types of products the One that we're going to be looking at Today is this one over here called the Vertical jump training so the first Thing that you want to do is you want to Open up this products so just click onto It over here it's going to open up their Landing page so this is what people are Going to see when they land on this Product and we're going to use some of The contents of this in order to promote This that's the first thing that you Want to do the second thing that you Want to do when you're on this page over Here is you want to click onto the Affiliate support page now once you Click onto this that's going to bring You over to this page over here now as You can see this is their Affiliates Page this is where you're going to find A lot of the resources where you could Potentially use some of this to also Promote the product as well what we're Going to do with this page is you can See down the bottom over here it says

Have any questions contact us and what I Did is I clicked onto this I'm going to Click onto this here and basically it's Going to take you straight over to your Email where you can email them because What you're going to do is you're going To ask for a lot of the videos that they Have on their landing page over here I'm Going to show you two ways that you can Get this what I did is I emailed them And they sent me out all these videos And I basically just said that I wanted To promote some of these videos on other Social media platforms with their links And I got the videos straight away but There is another way that you can get The videos and I'm going to show you how To do that on this video and it Basically involves as you can see you've Got all these videos over here that are Showing people results when they use This product and also some of the Training that's involved when it comes To using this particular product very Powerful stuff when it comes to Pro Promoting this affiliate marketing Product so what I did is I quite simply Came over here and I just copied this as An example so this is the name of this Video so to speak so you can quite Simply copy this and what I did is I Went straight over to YouTube and when You're over here all you need to do is Just paste that that we copied the name

Of that video and as you can see now These are all the videos from vertical Shock okay so you can find a lot of them Over here just make sure that you use The ones from that sales page okay so Once you click onto these you can see It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and we play this You can see that these are those exact Same videos so you just need to make Sure that you go through and double Check that okay so this is one way that You can get those videos so all you need To do is come up to the top copy this Link okay this is why you're waiting for Those videos to come across if you've Requested them from the affiliate the Affiliates themselves then all you need To do guys is come straight over to this Particular side over here over here it's Called okay copy that link in There click on to start and what this is Going to do is it's going to download The video on to your computer okay now Once this video downloads onto your Computer what we then need to do is we Need to put a call to action on this Video because I'm going to show you Where you can promote this absolutely For free okay so just bear with me for a Minute now if you're enjoying this video So far guys don't forget to smash that Like button in appreciation go down the Bottom and comment let me know what is

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Your favorite sport account I'd love to Hear what type of sports you are into And also don't forget that I've got my Free affiliate marketing guide that you Can get absolutely for free the link is In the description it shows you other Ways that I make money online with Affiliate marketing and it's yours to Keep absolutely for free so go down the Bottom right now and grab that and like I said don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation so now what we Need to do is we need to go over to this Site over here called and what We're going to do is we're going to Upload that video on to canva we're Going to turn it into a video that can Be shared as a short form type of Content I'll show you where you can Share that to get a lot of views and let Me show you exactly what that involves So you want to come over here guys you Want to click onto video Once you click Onto video you can scroll down here and Click onto this mobile video 1080 by 1920. once you you click onto that what We now need to do you can see we've got This here what I now need to do is I Need to upload that video that I've Previously downloaded I've actually got The videos from the affiliate okay so I'm going to come over here I'm going to Go to upload I'm going to go to upload Files there's the video there okay so

Now that this video is downloading and Now once the video has downloaded you Just want to grab it drag it over the Top and drop it over here so let me just Pause that and now you can see guys this Is the original video case as we move This over you're going to see that it's Got week one week two week three week Four so it's a pretty cool video that People can watch and what we're going to Do is we're going to put a call to Action because this is a vertical shot Shock type of video where you're Teaching people how to jump higher so How they can dunk okay this is Everything that this video is about okay So it's helping people learn how to dunk How to improve their dunk Etc and so Many people want to do this in so many Different countries around the world so When you're over here on canva you can See we've got that now one thing that we Can see up here is that this video is One minute and four seconds long now if You want to upload this onto YouTube Shorts okay then this video needs to be Under 60 seconds along okay it's very Easy to cut I'm going to show you other Platforms you can upload this to Azure And put a call to action the more places That you put this on the better it is Now you can see as you get towards the End of this video over here it's going To go to this

Um if we play this you're going to see Folk Street workshop and then he comes Over here and tells you to access now so You basically don't need any of this Ending section over here so what we're Going to do is we're going to stop this Here we're going to grab this we're Going to drag this back we're going to Stop this here And as you can see now the video is 44 Seconds along almost 49 seconds long and This is perfect but what we want to do Is we want to put a call to action so You've got week one you can see week two Week three week four Etc and then maybe When you get to here okay you can put a Call to action so what you want to do is Go over to text okay and as you're over Here on text you can choose any one of These different types of fonts and you Just want to choose a font that's Potentially going to stand out so as we Play this we can see that we've got all This section over here to work with so Let's just click onto this over here as An example okay we're going to move this Over to here and as we move this we're Going to put that there so we're going To double click onto that we're going to Get rid of this okay now what you can do Is type in something like this learn how To dunk like a pro okay so you can do This guys you can stretch that out and Then move that over and you can see

Exactly what this is going to look like So if we play this you're going to see That now what you can do is you can Double click onto this you can come over Here to effects okay you can grab Something like it is okay maybe put this In red okay and then you're gonna see What this is going to look like so learn How to unplug a pro you're going to see That there now what you can do guys is You can put this over to here like this And what you want is you want to click Onto this over here so right Mouse click Onto this and click on to split page Then move this over to here and then Maybe split this over here as well so Right Mouse click so you can split this Page here as well then what you want to Do is come over to you and maybe if you Don't want to have this here you can Delete it from there okay and then what You can do on this side so as you're Playing this video okay you just want to Come over here and hit play I'm just Going to mute this sound so if you come Up here and click onto this all we need To do let's just mute this for now so as We play this guys you're going to see That this is going to be running okay so People are going to watch this then it's Going to get to about the 10 second Mark And what they're going to see is learn How to dunk like a pro okay so you can Come back over to here and just double

Click onto this and then minimize this Music as well okay and as they're Scrolling through here it's going to Come to you then it's going to go over To the third scene week six now what you Can do is you can change this and you Can type in something like click the Link in my bio so what they're going to See is learn how to unclog a pro click The link in my bio and this is going to Move over across okay and this is what People are going to see so this is the First video that you can create and There's many of these videos I'm going To show you another way that you can Also get these videos not just from Their Affiliates page there's thousands Of videos that you can get and I'll show You how to do it now that we have this 44 second video what you want to do is Just scroll up to the top let me just Put this music back on so if you double Click onto this like this just move that We can come over here and move this Music back up because we do want to have Music on there so we can double click Onto this Okay let's put this music back up okay Now what we want to do is click on to Share go to download you're going to Download this as an MP4 video and then Click on to download now this video is Downloading on to my computer okay That's the first way that you can get

These videos the second way that you can Get these videos guys is to quite simply Come over to platforms like Tick Tock And also like Instagram with Instagram You can actually search for virt shock Okay for the actual product and you can Scroll that and you can find videos and Testimonials and stuff like that that You can use and you can download these Videos and create your own profile I'm Going to show you how to do that so Let's say for example that you wanted to Grab a video from Tick Tock a lot of These videos guys have basically been Reused again and again you're going to Reuse this video again on a tick tock Okay so let's say for example you wanted To use this video over here you'd quite Simply click onto it you'd pause that Video you scroll up to top say this URL Over here you can copy this URL and once You've copied that you want to come over To this side over here called quite simply paste that URL in there click on to download now From here what this is going to allow You to do is you can download this Without the watermark okay so just click Onto that remove any of these ads click On to close and you can see that that Video has now downloaded onto our Computer now what you will do quite Simply guys is come straight back over To canva click on to video mobile video

Over here just like we did with the Other one grab this video just drop it In here okay and you can see it's Downloading so I'm just going to pause That okay so just stretch that out so Now you have this video that's 16 Seconds long and again all you will do Is just like you did here learn how to Dunk like a pro you would grab a call to Action and create it on this video as Well and you would repeat the process a Lot of people love watching dungs love Watching this you can imagine how many Clicks you're going to get on your Affiliate link so how do you get this Affiliate link how do you shorten it how Do you put it on there well now that we Have a few videos we can actually start Uploading these videos either to YouTube Shorts Tick Tock and Instagram reels I Recommend starting off with Tick Tock Because Tick Tock gets a lot of views Very very quickly and potentially Instagram reels as well if you manage to Get those videos from the affiliate then Upload them to YouTube shorts as well Okay just don't take any of the videos From YouTube onto other platforms Because you're not allowed to actually Do that okay get the videos from the Affiliate they will give them to you so What you do from here guys is quite Simply when you're on Tick Tock what you Want to do is you want to create an

Account for yourself just like these Guys have over here so create yourself a Basketball type of profile and then what You want to do is start uploading these Videos now the first thing that you need To do is you need to make sure that you Come back over to um ClickBank over here And you want to grab this link the way You grab this affiliate link is you want To click on to promote once you click on To promote over here you want to click On to generate hop link and then this is The link you are going to promote so you Want to copy these links that's been Copied now what you want to do is come Over to this side over here called This is where you're going to Shorten that link so it doesn't look too Long and out of place you want to paste That ClickBank Link in there and you Want to click on to shorten this is the Link now that we're going to place Inside our Tick Tock profile okay so Quite simply do that and then you can Copy this link once you've shortened That what you now need to do is create a Profile for yourself on a tick tock okay Just like this you can come over here Create a name for yourself you're going To call it something to do with Obviously basketball then this is where You are going to have a buyer you're Going to put some information now now With Tick Tock you need to have at least

1 000 followers in order to be able to Place that link but this is where you Are going to place that link from there All you need to do is Click click on to Upload whether you send this video over To your phone probably the best way to Do it and then upload it using your Phone and what I recommend that you do Is take a look at all these other videos That people are putting up like if you Click onto this one as an example you Can see exactly what hashtags they're Using and you can replicate these Hashtags as well and then all you need To do from there is a rinse and repeat Go over here and upload as many of these As you want if you just want to do a Sporting Tick Tock profile then you can Do basketball you can do tennis you can Do golf you can do whatever you want and You'll be surprised with how many clicks You can get to your affiliate marketing Product and how much money you can make With this super simple strategy now if You want to know another super simple Strategy that can make you as much as Two thousand dollars really fast highly Recommend that you click onto this video Over here I made it the other day this Is super simple you're going to Absolutely love it and it's really easy I'll see you on this video until next Time take care of yourselves and goodbye

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