Skills Matrix: The Million Dollar Tool that Nobody is Using to Get Hired & Protect their Job

Do you feel stuck do you feel like you Would like to do something else but you Don't really know what that something Else should be and you want to make a Change but it scares you only thinking About it well let me introduce you to This technique that has completely Changed the game for me because I was Exactly in your shoes probably about Three to four years ago and since I Discovered the skills Matrix everything Has changed and I went from struggling To figure out what I want to do to Becoming a seven figure earner so let's Dive in I know exactly how you're Feeling because I was you and it took me Quite a bit of time to figure out that Anyone needs to skill stack we all need To continue building and honing in on Our craft if we want to be more Desirable in the marketplace no matter If we choose to be an employee or if we Want to be an entrepreneur and it was Back then probably about 2019 when I Discovered the skills Matrix and since Then I was able to continue work on Improving my skill set and build on each Other so that now I feel like I've Reached the point where my skill set Helps me earn probably more than I ever Thought was possible so let me show you Exactly what it is and how you can use It for yourself a skills Matrix is a Highly effective tool that is typically

Used by companies to guarantee that Their employees have the right level of Skills and the right skills mix to get The job done properly but for an Individual this can be an incredibly Powerful tool to assess their own skills And their own strengths as well as their Own areas of development and this way They can build and develop those areas Towards a goal that they would like to Achieve this is the tool that I use to Build my own success so let's go step by Step through how you can leverage the Skills Matrix for yourself so the first Thing that you need to do in order to Leverage the skills Matrix is to Determine the skills that are required So you want to look in your industry or In your type of job if you're an Employee and figure out what are the Skills that make a superstar employee in This kind of role if you're an employee Or that make a superstar entrepreneur if You're an entrepreneur it works just as Well no matter what kind of career you Choose so you want to start listing Everything that would make you a Superstar in your field and that can be Things like presentation skills or Negotiation or technical skills if You're in development and software Development for example or if you're in E-commerce maybe you want to list things Like marketing or market research or web

Design so depending on which career path You've chosen you need to do your Research and write down all the skills That are required for that specific area And they can be very technical skills or They can be soft skills whatever it Takes to become a rock star in that Field so in my case for example coming From the corporate space I was quite Skilled in things like corporate Strategy and product strategy or Marketing or presentation skills Communication project management but I Realized that if I wanted to grow in the Online space I needed to develop some Very specific skills specifically around YouTube but also around found everything Related to content creation so those Were things that I wrote down back in I Think it was January 2019 when I sat Down and working on my New Year Resolution and my goals for the year I Realized that I wanted to try something New I wanted to do something different And YouTube was a direction that I had Been considering for a while so I wrote Down all the things that I realized I Needed to develop if I wanted to get Really good at everything related to the Online space and content marketing and Particularly YouTube the next thing you Need to do is to gauge your current Level of Mastery or your current level Of skill and the way you do that is you

Need to go step by step through each of Those skills that you wrote down and Assess your level of proficiency and you Can do that based on a traditional scale From one to five where one is a beginner Meaning I am just getting started on This one and five me means I am an Expert I am so proficient that I can Probably teach this in my sleep to Anybody who wants to learn about it so You see you need to be very honest and Try and assess yourself as best as you Possibly can and if that's hard for you Maybe you can find five people that know You really well ideally in your working Environment and you can ask them to Score you from one to five or from Beginner to proficient across those Different skills that you've identified To be really important for the step that You would like to take for the career Path that you've chosen for yourself in My case as I said I was scoring quite Well when it comes to things like Strategy or marketing but I wasn't as Good on things like content creation or Script writing or managing equipment for Filming videos for YouTube and so on and So forth so I was able to leverage Things that I already could do really Well also things like presentation Skills or communication came in very Handy when it came to YouTube but I Didn't know things related to managing

Equipment or lighting or editing videos And so forth so those were things that I Needed to put on the list as maybe level One or two and then started working on Them so let's move to the next step so Step number three that you need to do is Identify missing skills and I know that For some of you this might create a Little bit of anxiety because you feel Like you have gaps you're not good Enough and trust me I know I've been There as well but what I've learned is That this step in and of itself is a Gift because those skills that you are Missing are basically the missing link That is holding you back from achieving The success you want to achieve And the reason why I believe it's a gift Is because once you know what you need To focus on once you know what you need To work and improve on then it becomes So much easier and clearer what your Step ahead needs to be and how your road Ahead looks like so once you identify The skills that you need to further Improve on or your team needs to further Improve on if you do this for a whole Team that means that you will be able to Very easily gauge not only where you Need to focus your attention for your Own development for your businesses Development or for your team's Development but also how long it might Take you to reach that desired outcome

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That you are looking to achieve so in my Case as I said I discovered that I Needed to learn things that were very Specific to YouTube like understanding The YouTube algorithm or how to edit Videos or how to set up lighting and Those were things that I really honed in And focused on for the coming months After I put together that version of my Skills Matrix now step number four that You need to take when it comes to Further developing your skills Matrix is Achieving Mastery and the way you do That is through training and assignments And self-work basically because from now On your main goal is to acquire those Skills and depending on the kind of Person you are the way you learn best or The way you like to develop skills you Can choose one or more of the following You can read books if you are somebody Who's more visual you can listen to Books if you're a more auditory like Myself I prefer Audible and I've been Listening to books on Audible for the Past 12 years probably you can take Courses if that helps you more so you Can also practice things and that will Be probably a lot better than listen or Reading books or you can choose to Immerse yourself so you can choose to be Part of a community you can choose to be Part of a group maybe go be in a Mastermind where that is the topic and

That is the only focus and this is what I've done I actually chose to become Part of many masterminds related to YouTube I've learned from everyone from Sorel to MKBHD from Sunny leonarduzi to Charlie in Charisma command and Ali Abdal and think media and everyone I Could think of I went ahead I bought Their courses and I learned everything That I could so that I can develop so That I can build my skills around YouTube step number five is Re-evaluation you need to remember that Your skills Matrix is a living document You cannot just make it once and forget About it you need to continue coming Back to it and reassess reevaluate where You are and whether you've improved or Not on that specific skill that you've Been working on and once you reach level 5 or proficiency you can then move to The next one or once you've built enough Skill to achieve the goal that you Wanted to achieve and once you can take Those off you can move to the next Big Shiny goal that you would like to go Towards and you can list more skills That you would like to continue Developing on or totally new ones that You think are exciting or cool or will Help you get to that new goal that You've set yourself and this way you Continue developing and you are one step Ahead in your either Career Development

If that's in a employee position or if You are an entrepreneur in your Entrepreneurship journey in my case for Example right now I'm working on things Like webinar development and how to Master the Art of Storytelling these are Things that are interesting to me and That I'm passionate about and that I'm Working to develop myself in so I'm Curious let me know in the comments down Below is this helpful and what are some Skills that you are currently working to Develop in thank you again so much for Watching I hope you enjoyed today's Video here's another video that you can Consider Watching Next and stick around I'll see you next time thank you so much See you soon bye

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