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This method is going to be paying you Four clicks now these are the rates you Are going to get paid 14 cents per click Then 12 cents per click 11 cents 11 11 9 Cents per click and this is not average No sales no CPA no free trials literally For every single click you are going to Get paid this amount of money whether They are going to purchase make any Action or just completely leave right Away what's going on guys in today's Video I'm super excited because I want To show you a completely brand new Untapped method on how to earn 14 cents Every 10 seconds now this is without Zero sales zero CPA zero free trials Just by using free traffic you don't Have to be doing any selling you don't Have to entice people to pretty much Complete CPA offers you are literally Getting paid 14 cents per click Literally for one Mouse click you are Going to get paid for that now the best Part about this method guys is this is Completely new and tapped fresh hot and Effortless opportunities and the people That are going to watch this video from Beginning to the end to learn the entire Method and are going to put it into the Action are going to see like how much of A blue ocean this strategy actually is Because this can literally make you Thousands of dollars because most people Are not even aware of this method yet

And when you're going to pretty much use It just where I'm going to show in Today's video you can make so much money Now 14 cents is actually not a lot and This is not like on average okay this is Like per click this is not like the EPC That you get from let's say selling a 10 Product this is the exact amount you are Going to get paid now 14 cents I know It's not a lot but it's every 10 seconds So uh in one minute there's six times of 10 seconds so if you multiply that by Six that's around 84 cents per minute But there's like 60 minutes in an hour So times 60. so this is going to be Paying you on average like 50 dollars And also this is not per hour like in The job this is like 24 hours per day Seven days a week so the time is Actually on average okay so you can be Making if you like multiply that let's Say just one day times 24 you can make Like 1.2 thousand dollars using this Method and it's very very possible but Make sure to stay until the end of the Video because first I'm going to show You the method and opportunity and then I want to show you the exact hack for Just few seconds on how to make the most Amount of money using this to still keep It untapped to still keep it fresh and Pretty much viable for most people who Are going to watch this video without Any interruptions I don't want to make

This video too long but the hack the Most important money making secret sauce Of this video going to be shared at the End of the video for just few seconds to Still keep the competition a little bit Down because I know when I share Something everybody just uses it and Pretty much it becomes saturated this Way I'm trying out something new and I Want to make sure that it's not going to Get saturated but before we get started Guys don't forget to please like the Video subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell and also comment down Below and tell me if I should be sharing The exact hacks or I should keep them Private so the methods are not going to Get saturated I would like to see your Opinion on this so just please comment Down below if I should be sharing Everything right away or keeping in Secret just for the people who are going To be watching these videos very very Carefully and very very properly okay Guys so this is the website I'm talking About and in this website you can Actually earn with push subscriptions Now don't worry you don't have to pay For anything at all on this website this Is completely free now pretty much this Is like a website called Pro and It's a platform where you can monetize Traffic would put with push Subscriptions for Affiliates and

Webmasters now pretty much how to use This method how to use this website to Make money with it is you can just put It like on a website and you can earn With a extra monetization from push Notifications now this website the Pro Push that me is actually a website from Propeller ads now propeller ads to make This completely easy to understand is a Website where you can buy traffic from Push notification list and this website is going to pay you to build Their push notification list and they're Going to pay you half the amount of Money because they don't realize that There are so many ways to actually build This list very very very easily so if They would know it about the method I'm Going to show you they wouldn't be Paying you as much so please capitalize On this use it as soon as possible and Make some huge amount of money before This is actually going to get debuffed The Premiership website is going to show Like how much you can make pretty much Like how to actually monetize blah blah Blah blah blah then how they are going To pay you the health care Revenue share Which I don't really recommend going for Or you can actually get paid per Subscriber so they pay for each unique Super subscriber who has subscribed to Push notifications on your website or Landing page you're page instantly after

The subscription according to the CPS Rates that we have now the rates are Right here and you can see it's pretty Much like based on the countries but Essentially for other tier one countries You are getting paid like 140 dollars And not per subscriber it should be just Too too good to be true this is for a Thousand subscribers okay but it's still 14 cents per push notification Subscriber and I'll show you like how to Get thousands of them you can actually Make this amount of money like 140 110 And 100 daily using this method now I Should go into go right here they have This calculator and this is the reason Why most people are not going to be Doing this and this is the reason why if You select the counter let's go with Like United States and you're going to See let's say the amount of traffic is Going to be 10 000 okay one two three so Ten thousand they are going to tell you Like your estimated income is two Dollars and 31 cents or two dollars for Desktop and this is this doesn't make Any sense because first subscriber you Are getting paid 14 cents so how come if You have like 10 000 visitors you're Getting paid two dollars and the reason For this is because they are counting With average rates the average rates on How people are going to subscribe to the Push notification and because they know

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From like 10 000 people just small Amount are going to subscribe they are Going to pay you so much money because It's no they it's kind of like hard to Get this but it's actually not hard at All so what you want to do is just click On the registration right here and just First sign up for a free account now the Registration process is very simple just Go with like in the individual then Township residence just put whatever you Pretty much you are make sure it's going To be real because when they're going to See any like red flags like your city Doesn't resonate with the country blah Blah blah they're not going to approve Your account or the registration process Is like instant but you want to make Sure that you are going pretty much put Everything real here because this is the Network that's going to be paying you Out then right here where they are going To ask you how did you know about this You can just tell them you are coming From Inca into my YouTube channel or Just tell them that you have found them On YouTube okay any of these are going To work they are just collecting it for The video reference just make sure You're not going to make something up Right here that doesn't make sense Because if you're going to put here like You have seen them on like a billboard Or something like that they don't they

Know they don't have Billboards so They'll be like oh this person is just Telling lies and they want a preview now Once you're going to have your account This is how it's going to look like so These are all the things on the left Hand side statistics sites traffic Backlinks etc etc and when you go to the Rates you're going to see that these are The rates so pretty much rate right here Per subscriber and this is for 1 000 of Them so it's like 14 cents 12 cents 11 Cents so pretty much if you divide this By 1000 this is how much you're going to Get paid and these are the criteria like The country then the platform and also How they are going to go to your website Whether it's like mac Windows Android And that's pretty much it now if you Don't know what are the push Notifications are pretty much these Little notifications on these websites Like this for example so you can see it At the top but I'm going to refresh the Website it should show up one more time So I'm going to disable this one and now If I'm going to scroll around for a While you can see that this is the Notification would you like to receive Notifications for new weight loss tips No thanks allow and whenever someone Clicks on allow you can get paid for This and because like this is the way They assume you're going to be doing

That obviously not a lot of people are Going to be like allowed they are going To be like okay I don't care you know Like I don't care I have a website yeah No thanks Stephanie and they are not Going to pretty much subscribe but what If every single person that comes to Your website would actually subscribe Then the rates right here would actually Be for like let's say 1 000 people you Would get paid not 23 cents because they Count like only two people are going to Subscribe if you get 1 000 people using The method I will show you in a few Seconds you are going to get paid Anywhere from 100 to 140 dollars because Like 90 of the people are going to click On that notification so step number one For this method this is only like the Roadblock this is why most people are Not going to do that because of a four Dollar payment just go to Because you need to have your own Website and then just pick up any any Domain name you can see like is Only 6.98 the dot net is only 10.98 but You can see I'm going to search for like Inca into appropriate tutorial some of These are like one dollar that shop is Like 1.73 to 289 so any of these like Info it's like four dollars maximum okay You just want to pick up one of these Let's go with like this one that live And click on that and then this is the

Thing you want to pick up it's called WordPress hosting all they are going to Do is they are going to install you a Fully functional WordPress website on These domains you can start using Pro Push with your own website because you Need to just have your own website for This method to work and this is the Easiest and the fastest way to actually Get it if you can get this one you are In luck because you are going to make a Lot of money then you just want to add The website to the Pro push that me to The sites right here just add it there So this is my website you can see it's Not verified yet but you want to click Right here on ADD source and pretty much Just add your website right here like Either website or landing page you want To go with the landing page okay this is The hack landing page click on ADD Landing page and then just follow the Rules just like this and pretty much Just add a URL and do whatever they are Going to ask you it's a very simple Technical process but they will give you All the information you need to be to Able to set this up and then this is the Final hack this is how your landing page Should look like because people are Going to be just adding this to the Blocks but you don't want to be doing That so this is how your landing page Should look like you want to create like

An opt-in page that's going to look Something like this guy okay you want to Make sure you're going to be giving away Something for free for example like this Number one way to earn full-time income Online using free methods this is like a Dummy landing page that I created just For the sake of the video to show you Why this is so powerful and just comment Down below if you think this is very Powerful because if you go to like Stephanie's blog which is a very good Blog but listen you are most likely not Going to subscribe to the push Notification would you subscribe but if You go to this website and it's going to Ask you for a push notification are you Going to subscribe or not because the Push notification you can actually set Up an autoresponder to send whatever you Are promising on the page with the first Notification you are pretty much giving Them like a lead magnet in order for Them to opt into the put notification You get paid they get the lead magnet And propeller ads is going to receive Another subscriber on the list and Everyone is happy so guys this is the Secret sauce you want to create an Opt-in page and not just a simple blog And that's it guys that's exactly how You can get paid these amounts of money Just for click because 90 of people who Are going to come to your website are

Actually going to subscribe without any Problems and that's how you're going to Make the money anyways thank you for Watching and if you like to see another Awesome method on how to make some money Online then click right here and I'm Gonna see you and see out there bye for Now

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