The 5 Best Business Ideas for 2022

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Simple and Powerful Marketing Tips and Guides for Mobile App Resellers

A forecast in Strategy Analytics was recently posted projecting a $50 Billion hit for the mobile apps business industry in 2017. This massive growth, however, is not only referent to mobile apps available for users but the extensively and massively expanding part of the entire mobile market and mobile app Resellers Working at home online through mobile app reselling is now becoming popular by the day, generating passive income more than one can expect. Since business operatives demand access to almost all data from mobile devices, decisions are made and implemented through mobile devices as well. It is not at all surprising that these are communicated to their target audience through their mobiles.

Strategize Your Marketing in an Authentic Way

Developing an authentic story In order to convince anyone that what you’re doing is worthy of their attention, you will need first need to convince yourself. The magic happens when you know your WHY and once you uncover this and really tap into your true purpose behind what you’re doing. Only then will your marketing system become authentic and effective.

Making Your Corporate Video: 5 Questions Answered

A corporate video is one of the most flexible, cost effective and engaging methods to showcase your company and its assets. It works really well as a corporate promotional material. Through it, you can advertise for your company’s products, services, features or functions to create a lasting brand image.

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Questionnaire Maker for Your Dissertation

When studying, you will come to the point that you need a questionnaire for dissertation. Finding the right questionnaire maker can be difficult, but there are a few things that can help you along your way to finding the best questionnaire for a dissertation.

Offset Vs Digital Printing: How Being an Informed Print Buyer Can Save Your Company Cash

Being an educated print buyer can save your company big bucks in the advertising department. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, businesses have even more options to cost-effectively market their business with high-quality, full color print collateral. The real dilemma is finding the right print shop or press to fit your specific needs, order frequency and deadline requirements.

SMS Marketing Techniques As a Mobile Marketing Business Opportunity

The abrupt and full revolution of the market going mobile came with a need for all marketers to follow suit to reach a wider range of customers online. Although there are various methods one can use in mobile marketing, sending text messages is the most utilized method in inviting users to a specific website or store.

Determining the Intensity of Your Organization’s Cross-Channel Marketing Tactics

There are too many businesses and organizations vying for the same customer. How do you determine the level of channels your company needs in order to successfully apply cross-channel strategies to your end-users? Quite often, cross-channel marketing creates a challenge for many businesses and marketers.

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