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How to Gain More Customers From Branded Pens

Branded pens are a very simple yet effective ">marketing tool which many businesses decide to use to raise awareness about their company or website. They can be used as a way to gain more customers as well as help to retain many of the customers your business already holds.

The Joys Of eNewsletters

If you’re a business owner on a shoestring budget, no doubt you have either seriously considered or currently use email ">marketing as one of the strategies in your business to generate sales and increase your brand awareness. I write a regular eNewsletter and also use email ">marketing campaigns to promote events and have found these to be a successful and highly cost-effective ">marketing tool in my business. Given that most companies and your competitors already have some type of email ">marketing program, however, is it too late to start a program now?

Design On A Shoestring

As a ">marketing professional you will not be surprised to read that I am, well at least partially, obsessed with design. Yes, I like to have things looking right and in place. Does ‘looking good’, however, make a real difference to bottom line results?

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!

One of the challenges of a shoestring budget is the ability to come up with new and interesting ideas and ways of promoting your business. At times it can be tough and frustrating, but it also has its rewards.

How to Get Clients When You Have More Time Than Money

When building your pipeline, there will be times you do all the right things like speak to groups, network and build your list. Yet, prospects are not saying yes and becoming clients. That means you probably have more time than money coming in.

7 Top ">Marketing Tips For Dentists

Today, dentist SEO ">marketing is an important resource for dentists who use the advantages of the internet to reach out and get the attention of more potential patients. Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting the right people to the professional’s sight.

Picking The Wrong Product: What Went Wrong With The Nano?

How much should a new car cost? More importantly, if you were a product manager in India where many people don’t make very much money, what would you price a new car at in order to create a product that just about anyone could afford? The product managers at Tata Motors though that they had the answer: the US$2,000 Nano was designed to capture the India auto market. Only, it didn’t. What went wrong here?

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