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Step number one create a Twitter post Like this step number two come over to a Meme page such as this one and have them Posted on their story step number three You'll be earning a payout of a couple Of saints to two dollars just every Couple of minutes I've hit my daily Target of 101.30 now this may not seem like Thousands and thousands of dollars and Like a lot of money online at all but if You go and look at this in the long run If I bring up my calculator and go and Type 101.30 times 30 days that ends up being Three thousand thirty nine dollars a Month which is definitely a livable Income what I'm saying is if you're able To achieve this in one day what's Stopping you from achieving this every Day for 30 days what I like about this Side hustle we're not going to be Selling anything in fact we're actually Going to be offering products away for Free in their example of this video a PlayStation 5 which is very interesting Because you may be asking how do you get Paid offering a giveaway of a PlayStation 5. so this website over here Is a database listed with tons of Companies hosting various different Giveaways these companies will pay People like you and me every time we Refer someone to that giveaway when they

Submit their email and username to enter The Lucky Draw now this is a win-win for Both sides because you or me are getting Paid money to refer people to a free Giveaway this company is increasing and Growing their email subscriber list for Marketing purposes where that company is Able to utilize that to grow their Business this specific type of model is Called CPA marketing cost per action Marketing where you get paid every time You refer someone to complete an action Which is very different to affiliate Marketing where you get paid every time Someone purchases your affiliate product The purpose of today's video is to show You exactly how I made 101.30 in my First day doing this so that you can Learn how to do this easily in the Step-by-step tutorial so that you can Replicate this and make money online Without further Ado let's get straight Into it Foreign What's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here from the millionaire Mindset YouTube channel and on this YouTube channel I document my journey on Various ways that I use to make money Online in today's video we're Specifically going to be talking about Cost per action marketing but before we Get into the strategy it's very simple It's not going to take long to

Understand I really recommend if you Want to get this right watch this video Until the End so that you don't miss any Information that I give you in my Previous video I'm announced that I Would do a 20 Bitcoin giveaway we Successfully hit 500 likes in the first 24 hours on that video if you want to Stand a chance to win that 20 giveaway All you need to do is is leave a like on This video and comment down below your Most favorite inspirational or Motivational quotes I will then choose My favorite one for the next video Announce the winner contact you and send You your twenty dollars let's try and do The same thing today if we can get 500 Likes in the first 24 hours of this Video I will do another 20 giveaway in Tomorrow's video and also comment down Below yes or no if you'd like me to do More of these giveaways in recent videos But without further Ado let's not waste Any time and dive straight into my Computer one of my most recent and Favorite websites to make money online Specifically with CPM marketing and I've Talked about this a few time in my Videos this is a cost per action Marketplace where you can find all sorts Of giveaways such as PayPal giveaways IPhone giveaways PlayStation giveaways Xbox giveaways all of these giveaways

That these companies are hosting that Will pay people like you and me anywhere Between 50 cents and two dollars online Every time we refer someone to this Giveaway in order to get started with This website come over to the top right And click on register and sign up your Free account once you've signed in your Dashboard is going to look something Like this now if you come over to the Offer tools on the left hand side click On my offers click on United States And if you go and search on the search Bar I've already found the exact Giveaway for you so you don't need to go And search through all of them just go And search up PS5 and you will see over Here this page or company is currently Hosting a PlayStation 5 giveaway all you Need to do is submit your email and zip So by submitting your username and email You have successfully entered for this Giveaway they will then choose one lucky Email address out of all the people that Have entered this giveaway to give the PS5 to and you will get paid 1.88 every Time you refer someone to this now this May not seem like a lot of money but Also remember if you can get 50 to 100 People to this every day that's between 60 and 120 dollars a day and also think To yourself who would not want to take Five minutes or two minutes out of the Day to enter a free chance to win a

PlayStation 5. I don't think there's Many people so in order to go and get Started in promoting this click on the Specific offer you will see your payout The date added and the country it Supports you've also got various Different tracking domains that you can Choose from I recommend just leave the Default one or if you want to change it Choose the one that is as short as Possible You'll see over here you've got your Unique affiliate link your landing page Will look like this get a chance to win A free PlayStation 5. all your lead Needs to do is enter this information First name last name email address City ZIP code and their phone number so they Can let them know if they've won the PS5 Once they've entered for it you will get Paid 1.88 the submission process Literally will take you less than a Minute copy the link of your specific Offer come over to a website called if you haven't got an account Click on sign up for free I'm gonna log In with my existing accounts and show You what this tool is all about this is A tool that will allow you to create Your own landing page by bypassing Direct affiliate links Pages such as Instagram Twitter Facebook usually ban Director fillet links especially if you Spam them in your posts or post them in

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Your bio now this landing page will Allow you to bypass that so I'm going to Go and click on edit blocks I just want to go and delete these Current links you want to click on tap To add content click on links and Websites click on next for your ad title You can come over to CPA Group Copy the title of this particular Giveaway in our case PS5 post this over Here and we want to type here Lucky Draw Competition And we can put your Free Entry And we can right click just create our Spelling for our title over here we can Just type enter here and for our URL we Can copy our affiliate link And paste this over here Click on ADD block click on publish and Your landing page is now complete so You'll see you've got your unique link Over here that you can share on the Buyer of your Instagram Facebook any Social media or anywhere on the internet The final step in how I did this is to Come over to Instagram now we're not Going to be using the Way where we open up Pages spam the Comments create our own page just Spam It everywhere on our posts we are Actually going to go and find accredited And credible pages that already exist

With thousands and hundreds of thousands Of followers and pay them a small fee to Shout out this particular giveaway on Their Instagram stories as a shout out Feature so in our case since we are Giving away a PS5 you want to come over To and type out the Following for example life's better in White I took a few surveys and earned a PlayStation 5 you can to swipe up if you Come over to CPA Group and you're Promoting a different offer let's say You're promoting uh 7.50 PayPal gift Card all you're going to do is is just Change this life's better with PayPal I Took a few surveys and earned 750 you Can to swipe up so for whatever Product or CPA product that you're Promoting just go and change this right Up to fit that product in my case it's a PS5 you then want to go and screenshot This tweet you can either go and tweet It and screenshot it or just screenshot It as is open up paint on Windows Like this I'm just going to click on Ctrl V on my keyboard as that's the key To paste click on the crop tool click on Rectangle and just come and highlight Your Tweet like that save as JPEG and Save this to your PC now you've got a Saved tweet that we can go and use as an Instagram post and a swipe up feature Finally we need to go and find these Credible pages to go and Shout out our

Post you can come over to Google and go And search up Instagram influencer Websites you can click on the first link Over here by Shopify and it will give You an entire blog on the 13 leading Influencer marketing platforms there is The top 13 over here such as dovetail Grin upfluence clear new reach YouTube Brand connect shortcut there's plenty Over here that you can go and use the Particular one I'm going to use that I've known that has been for around for Quite some time and that I've used a lot Is over here you can go And register for free or also log in With your completely free account which I'm going to do again the reason why we Choose human memes because they consist Of the largest pages with the biggest Audiences at the cheapest prices because Their prices are a lot cheaper than that Of entrepreneurs influencers and many of The other categories as you can see over Here this page with 657 000 followers with a 90 rating is Charging 65 if I go and click on their Specific profile for a 24-hour feed post An Instagram story will just cost you 33 Dollars which is very handy and exactly What you want because remember your post Is designed for a swipe up feature as You've got in your picture swipe up so That means they are going to use your Affiliate link which you will submit to

Them when adding this to your cart and a Lot of Their audience will swipe up to Your giveaway as displayed here they've Got 657 000 followers if they have at Least 50 000 people view their story and 2 000 people swipe up and sign up on Your particular giveaway that's going to Be two thousand times 1.80 which can be Potentially three thousand six hundred Dollars from this on two thousand Successful sign ups let's take the Ultimate worst let's say fifty thousand People view your story on their page two Thousand people swipe up and only twenty Converts so now we go 20 multiplied by 1.80 which is thirty six dollars a day Times thirty which is 36 times thirty which is a thousand Eighty dollars a month which is still an Incredible amount per month to have Extra spending money to spend money on Food entertainment or whatever you want To do with it I mean this itself is a Payment on a house and a car I'm also Gonna help you out by giving you tons of More traffic ideas for specifically CPA Marketing not only on Instagram but Tick Tock Facebook reels all sorts of short Video platforms which are very powerful Platforms to go and do CPA marketing on The screen over here I'm gonna leave my Entire cost per action marketing Playlist which are probably about 50 to 100 videos that I've compiled over the

Past couple of years into one simple Playlist for you guys to watch in a Step-by-step format so what I recommend Is if you want to plug in a CPA offer Like this one or a post like this one or Traffic like this you can mix and match Ideas and kind of build your own CPA Marketing System I recommend go and Click on this playlist over here and you Will learn all the necessary skills and Steps you need to become a CPA marketer So click on this playlist over here and I'll see you you over there

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