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7 Common Marketing Myths

Myths or urban legends sometimes seem to evolve out of thin air. Sometimes you can sort of understand where the myth comes from and other times I find myself giving my head a shake in sheer wonder.

Move Retail Pricing Decisions Into the 21st Century

There is no doubt about it. It is difficult to get pricing right. The dynamics are complex and it is a challenge to balance corporate needs with retail realities. Our pricing problems are compounded further by several misconceptions and false beliefs about pricing. This article discusses three of the leading misconceptions that lead to ineffective retail pricing. It considers how a change in these beliefs can lead to more effective pricing decisions. A move away from a 1960’s approach focused exclusively on “professional judgment” to one leveraging the analytic and information technologies available today will help solve many of these problems.

How to Reach Memorial Product Markets

The memorial product market is a rapidly growing segment in the sublimation portion of our industry. It is also a bit of a touchy segment and has different pitfalls and challenges.

Marketing Plans of Mobilink

Mobilink is a big name in the market of telecommunication. It provides several services to its customers and has gained much reputation due to its marketing plans that no other company has in Pakistan.

5 Ways to Make Your Content Way More Shareable

Are you wondering how to make your content more shareable? Did you know that there simple ways to do just that? Here’s 5 tips to get you started.

Final Nail Of Marketing: Packaging

We do a study of the market, our audience and what they will like and what they don’t, but most often, we forget the final nail of marketing; which is packaging. Packaging is the most vital and most easily forgotten aspect of marketing. Just before the buyer clicks on the ‘BUY’ button or picks up something off the shelf at the grocery store, what is he waiting for?

How To Create A Product Timeline That Works

Ah, product timelines. This is arguably one of the most visible and one of the most difficult things that a product manager is called on to create in order to communicate your product development definition. It turns out that creating a timeline is not really all that hard to do. However, creating a timeline that is both accurate and useful to other people is quite hard to do. I recently had to help a startup company create their very first product timeline and it reminded me just how tricky this task can be…

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