Use Affiliate Marketing A.I BOT Tools & Make $1,000+ Daily in 2023

If you're looking to make money with Affiliate marketing and get paid Thousands of dollars every single day Then I'm going to show you how you can Do this without doing a lot of the work Yourself by using AI software and AI Bots that can do a lot of the work for You and create amazing resources where You can generate thousands of dollars Every single week and create a Profitable online business now this is Not a get rich quick scheme there is a Little bit of work involved which is why I'm going to walk you through the entire Process step by step to show you how you Can go from zero to tens of thousands of Dollars every single month all you need To do is watch this entire video and I'm Going to show you everything so you can Hit the ground running now before we get Started make sure that you go down the Bottom smash that like button in Appreciation let's get this video to a Thousand likes and in appreciation I Also have my ultimate affiliate Marketing guide that you can download Absolutely for free click on the link in The the description and make sure that You got the Bell notifications turned on So you get notified every time I post a Brand new video so the first thing that We need to do with this strategy is you Need to sign up to an affiliate Marketing Network we need to get an

Offer so that you can start promoting an Amazing product and in order to get that Product you can use affiliate Marketplaces like digistore24 ClickBank You can even use places like Warrior Plus jvzoo partner stack etc for the Purposes of this video let's use Digistore24 now all you need to do is Come up to the top click on to register Now and sign up to digistore24 it's Available in a lot of countries around The world so if ClickBank is not Available you can easily come over here Complete all your details and sign up to Digistore24 once you sign up to digital 24 as you can see on the left hand side Over here there are a lot of different Niches and categories that you can do This in I've done this in the affiliate Marketing Niche I've done this in the Crypto Niche I'm doing it in the hell Health Nation I'm going to show you one Of those examples on this video and it's Making me a lot of money online so let's Say for example that you come over here And you want to do this in the fitness And health all you need to do is Click Onto fitness and health and what's going To happen is it's going to give you a Whole heap of different types of Products that you can promote let's just Say that we wanted to do this in the Keto Niche all you need to do is come Over here and find a product that you'd

Like to promote as an example this Product over here guys you can see the Earnings per sale on average is about 38.59 now you could very easily go over To ClickBank and look for other products As well that are paying a little bit More but this is a really good product And it's a product that you can promote So all you need to do is you can come Over here you can copy this link and you Can take a look at the product to see What this product is about and if you're Happy to promote it as you can see it's Got a video you can also scroll down and You can read this as well so let's say That we wanted to promote this product All you need to do is a copy be this Link and I'm going to show you where We're going to paste this link once you Have found a product that you are happy To promote now what we need to do is use The first AI tool that's going to help Us create this resource so we can make This money with affiliate marketing what You want to do is you want to come over To this is an amazing tool That has a lot of resources and I'm Going to show you one of them that I've Been using and having a lot of success With so what you want to do when you're On camera quite simply is you want to Come over here guys and you want to type In PDF and what we're going to do is We're going to create one of these

Amazing PDFs but I'm going to show you Another awesome tool that's going to Write all this for you let me show you Some examples of some of mine that I Have here's one that I've done which is A beginner's guide to losing weight with Keto I'm going to show you how to create Something like this which is amazing Here is another one that I've created Previously it's called beginner's guide To making money with a crypto account When you scroll down here you can see I've got all this writing and when you Click onto this this is what these Different types of books look like and When you click onto this link as an Example takes you to an offer and I'm Going to show you where you can share These this is super powerful stuff People love getting things for free but When you they get this for free you're Going to have an offer in here so when You come over to your canvas site and You go to PDF you can scroll down you Can find so many examples and a lot of These are free so look for ones that are Free I do have a subscription to canva So I'm fortunate enough that I can use Any one of these and it only costs about 10 or 11 dollars guys to use canva I'm Not an affiliate you can Google it and Find I'm not trying to make money on you Guys with this but you can obviously see That there's some of these that are

Really really good and some of them that Are free and you can also use your own Creative imagination to create a really Cool looking PDF so let's say we click Onto this one over here this is one that I've used myself previously as you saw With my example so what you want to do We're obviously going to be doing a keto So what you want to do is you want to Maybe delete this font you can very Easily come over here and type in Something like best way to lose weight With Keto so you can do something like that Now very easily guys all you need to do Is just minimize this and we can get rid Of that okay just move this down and Then send this over like that and just Spread this out okay now the creativity The creativity of this I'm going to Leave to you guys I just want to show You how you can do this now you want to Leave that there you can very easily Change these images all you need to do Is come up to the top guys and search For keto as an example and you can Scroll down and see all that you can go To elements okay and type in keto again Over here in elements and it's going to Find all these different images food Images Etc okay so you can change that now over Here as you can see grab your ebook now 10 easy avocado recipes all you need to

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Do if you take a look at the product That you're producing so this is the Ultimate keto meal plan okay so you can Type in something like get your ultimate Keto meal plan okay or just put just Copy this uh ultimate Keto Plan copy That come straight over to your book Okay And then set control V ultimate keto Meal plan and just move this down here Okay so something like that and then Just delete this then what you want to Do is you want to click on to get this Next page okay now this is where you Need to put some context about keto and This is where the second AI torque comes Into play what you want to do is you Want to come over to this side over here Called I will have a link in my Description for you now this amazing Tool will allow you to write up to 5 000 Words absolutely for free if you click Onto pricing over here you're going to See that you can generate up to 5 000 Characters per month absolutely for free Which is more than enough for you to Create this book but if you wanted to Start creating even more of these ebooks And you wanted the help of this site Then as you can see if you scroll down It'll cost you about nine dollars a Month for fifty thousand or if you Wanted to you know if this takes off for

You and you turn it into a profitable Business you can look at upgrading even More but honestly when you first start Out guys statistics you can do this Absolutely for free okay so all you need To do is come over here and sign up this I will have the link in the description For you so once you've created an Account for yourself all you need to do Is come over here and click on to start Writing once you've done that you're Going to see a few options up here first Obviously you want to leave it on English then you've got the select tone Always like to leave mine on informative But as you can see there's a few other Different types of tones that you can Use when you're writing factual stuff Leave it on informative then you've got Choose your case what this means is Different types of things that you can Go with are like the blog idea and Outline you've got blog section writing Brand name business idea pictures when You scroll down guys this amazing tool Has a lot of things that it can write Things for like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn ads Google search ads as well When you scroll down you've got product Descriptions as well that it can write For you q and A's is really good for Quora and then when you scroll down here Guys you can also write video channel Description for you on YouTube video

Descriptions and even video ideas as Well so what we're going to do is leave This on on blog ID and outline then down Here what we want to do the primary word Is we're going to type in As an example what is keto okay now down Here you've got a number of variants you Can choose three variants which is going To give you a whole heap of ideas Creativity level you can leave on Optimal or you can scroll down you've Got high medium or low you can also Leave it on none and go to more factual Stuff I'm just going to leave it on Optimum I'm going to do one variant to See what comes up and if I don't like it I can choose more so click on to write For me now as you can see this is Writing now now once this finishes Writing it's going to give me a few Different ideas on what is keto so we Can see here the complete guide to Ketogenic diet how and how to have your Best possible experience Then I view the ketogenic diet explained In detail what's the difference between Keto diet and Atkins five delicious keto Recipes we probably don't need to go Down that path keto meal plans for Beginners maybe I like the first two or Actually I like this one over the Ketogenic diet explained in detail so Now what we can do is we can highlight This and once you highlight this the

Really good thing about this tool this AI tool is that you can come over here Guys and you can click onto more down Here you can go to expand shorten or a Pen the other thing that you can also do Is hit paragraph and what it's going to Do is it's going to start writing a Paragraph on this so quite simply come Over and click onto paragraph and you Can see this in action now what this is Going to do is it's going to start Writing detail about the ketogenic diet So as you can see it's going to give us Information about it now what we can do Is we can highlight this section over Here and then what we want to do is want To click on to continue writing we want To write as much information as we can About about this keto diet as you can See it's going to keep going it's going To keep writing then what you can do is You can highlight say for example this From there and just click on to continue Writing and as you can see it's going to Keep writing this for us and it'll keep Going for as long as we want it okay for As much information as we want it's Going to continue writing sorry I'm just I'll get that up there so we're going to Space this out there okay and then what We're going to do is we're going to Delete this and we're going to stop this There and you can obviously let's just Do this we can break this up now if you

Wanted to get even more information About this guys you can very easily come Down here or you can come up to the top Here you can highlight this as one you Can paragraph this as well the complete Guide to ketogenic and how to have your Best possible experience so this is just An example of what this tool can do for You so what you want to do is you want To grab this quite simply if we copy This and then what we want to do is we Want to come over to our book that we're Creating we want to go to text and what We want to do is we want to click onto a Say a subheading or you can click onto This as well but let's just say we Choose subheading as an example you can Double click on this hit Ctrl V and this Is going to start writing okay as we can See we can stretch this out and move This in now what you can do quite simply Is you can change the color of this you Can go to White as an example okay and As you can see people will be able to Read this now you can come over here and You can put a title and quite simply if You're on Rider over here you can just Use this the ketogenic diet explained in Detail so we can copy this and come Straight back over to our little ebook Over here click on to add heading bring This over to the top and hit Ctrl V and We can just minimize that in there now What we need to do is we can very easily

Just minimize this because it seems like It's too much there we can just do Something like that and then what we can Do is we can tab this down so that it Looks like this and then what you want To do is you want to come over here guys And you want to put in a call to action To your product okay so quite simply What we want to do is type in something Like click here to Get the Ultimate Keto meal plan okay so you want to do Something like this now what we're going To do is we're going to move this up so All this fits okay now we can obviously Tap this back again now the good thing About this guys is you can change the Color of this so you can come over here And we can change this let's just do it Red as an example if you don't think That looks any good you can change it to Say maybe yellow or black or you can Play around with the colors yourself you Can come over here let's just say we Bring this to Yellow as an example and You're going to see that it's going to Look like that so that looks a little Bit better then what we can do is we can Come straight back over to Did you saw over here we can copy this Link so I'm going to copy this link We're going to come straight over to our Ebook and we're going to highlight this

Once we highlight this if you come up to The top to this little link click onto That we're going to paste that in there Okay and then we're going to hit enter Now we have a link over here so as you Can see we're starting to create our own Little ebook so this was the first Section then what we can do is we can Scroll down over here we're going to go To add a page and once you add a page You come back straight over to writer Over here now remember we only grabbed The first section now what we can do is We can grab this second section over Here so we can copy this come straight Back over to our look over here and we Can grab this SEC this heading over here Double click on that hit Ctrl V and then We can move this up to here now remember Just to follow the same sort of font the Same sort of format we can highlight all Of this now I'm only going to do this One over you guys just to show you Exactly what this looks like because we Need to download this and we also need To get this book finalized so I can show You how you can get that free traffic so You get the idea we've got an awesome Some looking cover page over here when We scroll down we also have our link now I would recommend that you put your link A few times throughout this booklet okay Guys just so you have stand a better Chance of getting even more clicks now

What you want to do if you scroll up to The top up here and you click on to Share what we want to do when you hit Download is you want to click onto this File type and once you click onto file Type there's two PDFs the first one is Best for printing what we want is best For documents and emailing what you want To do is you want to click onto that and Then quite simply hit download This Book Is Now downloading onto my computer once It's downloads I'm going to open this up To show you exactly how this looks like Then we're going to go get some free Traffic with this okay guys so as you Can see if I click onto this now this is Our free keto PDF ebook Okay so best way To lose weight with the keto you can see That this looks really really good the Ketogenic diet explained in detail People will start reading then they'll Say click here to get the Ultimate key Down meal plan and and if you're reading This why wouldn't you click onto this Once you click onto this it's going to Take us straight over to the product Where people can potentially purchase This if they're looking to lose weight With the keto diet okay so how do we Promote this now and how do we get free Traffic so what you want to do from here Guys is come over to Google and type in Something like PDF sharing websites okay These are free traffic website they get

A lot of traffic where you can share Your PDF documents again when you scroll Down you're going to see top PDF Submission sites list and at the top of The list over here you can see here that This so I'm going to show You one example but there's a lot of These different sites that you can find I mean look at this 100 plus PDF Submission sites in 2022 where you can Get a lot of traffic so what you want to Do is you want to come over to the first One for example and this Is this site over here the good thing About this site is you can very easily Sign in through Facebook or either sign In through Linkedin and you can see that A lot of these different types of PDFs So if you get a lot of views like Hundreds of thousands of views and you There's no reason why you can't do the Same if you're consistently uploading to This and when you come over to SlideShare to take a look at how much Traffic that they get you can see that They're getting tens of millions of Visitors and people downloading free PDFs all the time so what you want to do When you're on this site is quite simply Come up to here and click on to upload Now once you click onto upload you're Going to see it's going to bring you Over to this page now all you need to do Is click on to select document to upload

Now I've obviously downloaded it to my Computer so it's going to be easy I'm Going to click onto select document Double click onto this one over here Which is that PDF I just didn't change The name up top so we'll click on to Verify that I'm a human when I start in Change the name up top if we come over To here this is the name I should have Changed over here so if I look on my Other ones I've got beginner's guide to Making money with crypto Etc so you just Want to make sure that you change that So when you come back over to SlideShare Once you're uploading the document you Know which one to select so you can see Here that from here you can see best way To lose out when you scroll down it's Going to show you everything that you've Got there it's got pages one of three You can obviously upload a lot more so The title to this as you can see we're Going to change this title to best way To lose weight with keto so double click Onto this and if you change that title Inside canva it'll automatically Populate over here so double click onto That delete that And we're going to change this to best Way to lose weight With Keto okay so we're going to leave that In there with the category you can come Over you guys and you can see you've got

Food you can very easily do food if you Scroll down you've got business career You've got education education can fall Under a lot of different categories You've got health and Medicine your Health care Etc so what we're going to Do is we're going to go under food as an Example they're in the description guys It's very easy for the description You can get a lot of information that You already have or you can even get Rider to write a description for you so What we're going to do is I'm just going To copy this first section over here I'm Just going to copy that I'm going to Come straight back over to here so Description This book is all about Keto and how to lose weight with Keto and the best Recipes Recipes You can start Making That will help you lose weight Here is a small Snippet of What You will Get in this Guide so you do that and I just hit Ctrl V and then people will be able to come Over here and they'll be able to see That now when it comes to tags over here

Guys what you want to do is just type in Something like keto and then just hit Enter Then you can type in Keto Yannick hit enter And go weight loss Fitness Um Healthy Health you can type in health Food Okay and as you can see these are all Really good so anything else that you Can think of guys put those tags in There and then what you want to do as You can see you want to leave the Privacy on Publix you've got show Advanced settings over here and when we Scroll down you want to allow people to Download this document embed this Document clip this document that's okay Just leave those two there so the Delivery score your score increases as You pick a category fill out a long Description and add more tags so our Discoverability score at the moment is Actually quite good and then all we need To do as we've got this in here now we Need to scroll down and we need to hit Publish now once you hit publish what's Going to happen let's just hit publish Over here you can see awesome you're all Done now the really cool thing about This is it's going to give you this URL As well so you can copy this URL so once You copy this quite simply come up to

You guys and hit Ctrl V hit enter and Then you're going to be able to see this On SlideShare over here and as you can See this is where people will be able to Come to download this document account As you can see this is that document It's on there and this is how people Will be able to click onto here to get This keto meal plan and once they do That and they click onto that once They've downloaded it you stand an Amazing chance to make a lot of money Online with affiliate marketing so guys If you enjoyed this complete tutorial Don't forget to smash that like button In appreciation and go down the bottom Right now and download My ultimate Affiliate marketing guide which is going To show you even more ways that you're Going to make money online with Affiliate marketing it's a little guide That you can have with you it's Absolutely free shares different Strategies on how I make money online And with affiliate marketing now Whatever you do don't go anywhere I've Got an amazing tutorial over here that I Created the other day that's going to Show you another strategy that you can Make even more money online with Affiliate marketing and it's absolutely For free click onto this video If you Right now I'll see you on that video Until next time you guys take care of

Yourselves and Goodbye

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