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Seizing the Sale

So often sales people find themselves working hard but not accomplishing much. In my view, there’s a lot of activity but not much productivity. Having sold and coached salespeople for many years, I’ve identified some reasons why this is happening as well as solutions.

3 Simple Strategies to Get More Presentations and Close More Sales

With new business license applications increasing on a daily basis and the unemployment rate steadfast and unmovable. Richmond small business owners are feeling strapped & stagnant in regards to trying to build a network and grow their business.

When You Give, You Receive

I not only HEARD that expression a lot in the past week, but I LIVED it. When is the last time you GAVE first or are you stuck in the scarcity mentality? It’s the old ‘I can’t because… “

5 Effective Inbound ">Marketing Strategies

Inbound ">marketing centers on being found by people instead of searching for customers. Learn 5 awesome ">marketing strategies to increase your visibility!

One Powerful ">Marketing Idea You Can Use Immediately To Explode Your Sales!

Every businessman/woman will appreciate ideas that can help him/her increase sales especially if such ideas will be cost effective. What if we can implement a simple, powerful, and effective idea that will may not even cost us money?

7 Ways to Improve Your ">Marketing

Is your business failing to retain or attract customers? Maybe you experienced early success with your current ">marketing strategy so believe you should stick with it?

All About Healthcare ">Marketing

What does the thought of healthcare ">marketing draw your attention to? Does it bring to your mind elaborate commercials? Do you think of fine gloss advertorials?

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