When you don’t have a skill to offer in freelancing….

So let's talk about the things that Newbie and aspiring Freelancers always Use as an excuse and that is I don't Know what skill to offer this is a very Common line when they're trying to get Into freelancing like I'm not sure that Graphic design is for me website design Is for me and I actually have a story For you a very quick one and I want you To listen throughout the end I actually Have a friend that asked me the same Question and he said hey Dems so you're All in through this freelancing thing I'm your friend you know me this well I Want to ask you what is the best skill That fits for me and I told him website Design because apparently I have a bias That males that are technical should Really get into website design because I Think they're just going to love it Entirely and mind you a few months later After I said that answer I actually Regret it not that he went into the Website design industry and became a Freelancer but because I thought about That very answer from my own personal Bias so I did not check any sort of data I don't think that I know him very very Much and so what would be the best skill That someone can offer when they get Into the freelancing industry what I now Always say is that you have to follow Your Curiosities you can't just say that If someone tells you that graphic design

Is awesome you're going to earn a lot of Money from it or someone is going to say Hey copywriting is like earning me a Million bucks I gotta be a social media Manager because this person is an smm She's doing awesome she's living the Life now this is what we call the shiny Object syndrome we can't let ourselves Just follow whatever is shiny we have to Look into ourselves and really answer That very question because you cannot Give what you do not have say for Example my very friend actually went Into the website design industry and Became a freelancer and later on hated It because then it started becoming a Chore and that is the common problem why Freelancers burn out or not not give a Satisfactory service or just gets a Really really bad review because they Put something out there that is not even Worthwhile so why am I telling you this This is because if you want to become a Freelancer and you really are committed To doing so you have to look into Yourself and ask what are the things That I like what are the skills that I'm Curious about should I look into them on YouTube should I purchase a course so on And so forth this is actually what I Teach since 2018 and by the way I forgot To introduce myself my name is Demi Renise I have taught 5 300 students Around the globe how to become

Freelancers and that is always the first Lesson in whichever course I have in Terms of freelancing the question is Always about yourself who you are what You do what you're best at and we Actually have guide questions that will Help you through it so that later on When you get through these pointers that Can redirect you to a better Self-realization then you can start Having a hint on what skill really is For you in freelancing and so I'd like To invite you as we open Skyrocket in Freelancing this is a four-part mini Course that I created two years ago and Then I made a version two of it and now We are launching the best part of it so Far add a no-brainer price you can get Into skyrocky and freelancing and learn The four secret weapons and preferably Start freelancing in four days yes you Heard me right at a very affordable rate You can then start freelancing in four Days taking into account that you Actually applied lessons that I taught Inside the mini course and yes you can Get it done in four minutes but if You're not going to listen and if you're Not going to apply well Let's see where that gets here and so if You're committed to making this work and Entering the doors of a freelancing Industry well you are in for such a Treat please click the learn more button

To learn more about skyrocky and Freelancing and if it fits you I'll see You on the inside

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