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The CD Printing and CD Duplication Business As Experienced By A Consumer

If you’re a newcomer to the CD Printing and Duplication business and you find yourself in need of a reputable and reliable service supplier, then the answers to the many questions you will have will probably feature in the content of this article. The article follows the experiences of an amateur musician who finds himself in need of a large quantity of CDs to promote the music of the band he plays with. He is the “arty” band member who is also good with computers and so he finds himself in the position of having all the responsibility for sourcing the CDs and having to make all the related decisions. It is often said that we learn from our mistakes but learning from someone else’s mistakes means that we don’t have to go through the heartache and stress ourselves. The following account contains considerations during the CD printing and duplication process and how they were addressed.

Niche Markets: Great News! Hardly Anyone Cares About Your Work

Given the sheer volume of content being produced today and the velocity and variety of formats at which it’s being published, there are two, counter-intuitive, things that thought leaders need to realize. People don’t care about your content, and you shouldn’t care about them not caring.

Cinco De Mayo – The Not-So-Mexican Holiday

The article is about what the holiday Cinco de Mayo may really be about–beer and tequila sales. The article asks how many people really know what the day stands for and reminds them it is not Mexican Independence Day.

How Do Cell Phone Product Managers Get Us To Upgrade?

Hey look, the new iPhone x has just come out. Or maybe it’s the new Samsung Galaxy y. Yea! Umm, I sure do like that shiny new thing, but I think that I’ll wait awhile or maybe I’ll skip this generation and go for the next one. Oh wait, my current phone all of sudden sure seems slow. I guess that I’ll go ahead and buy the latest phone because it will probably be faster than this slow one that I’m all of sudden using. Is it possible that cell phone product managers are manipulating us in order to get us to upgrade our phones?

Refresh Your Affiliate Program With 5 Tips

Affiliate programs can always be retooled. Here are 5 tips to do it easily.

4 Critical Steps to a Successful Event!

Hosting (and attending) LIVE events are one of the best ways to grow your business. Yet, many of you continue to hide behind your computers, tucked away in your offices, ‘hoping and wishing’ for business to come your way.

Does It Make Sense to Outsource Custom Lead Generation?

If you are questioning whether or not to outsource your custom lead generation, it only takes a moment to assess the internal importance, strengths, and weaknesses. A constant and reliable flow of quality customer leads is important for any business. The problem is when the company has grown to a point where the staff time is stretched thin between getting new leads and developing them.

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