Why Lionel Messi & Kylian Mbappé are worth more than Doctors? #shorts

Are athletes more important than doctors Let's look at the top 5 most paid Athletes in the world and they actually Soccer players two of them are meeting In a World Cup final Lionel Messi and Mbappe I guess it depends on how you Value the work if we're talking about Money Messi gets paid 130 million Dollars and bobby gets paid 90 million Dollars just for playing ball now in the US in 2022 the average salary for a Doctor in critical care was 255k per year mbappe mixed twice that Amount in just one day but if we are Talking about measuring value by helping Society these two players can actually Have more impact than a doctor they can Reach the entire world bring attention To any issues possible which is worth More than what a doctor can do because They can only treat one person at a time In a capitalist Society your value is Derived from how many people can you Impact food for thought

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