Foreign [Music] .com and welcome back to another video So it is my pleasure to share another Amazing work from home opportunity for Those who are interested in getting Started and working from home so if You're not subscribed make sure you Subscribe by hitting that subscribe Button and also be sure to hit the Notification Bell below so that you will Get notified when videos are posted Because you do not want to miss out These jobs go fast I posted two amazing Opportunities yesterday from two major Brands and both of those jobs within Less than eight hours of posting those Opportunities we're gone my videos get a Good amount of views and so because so Many people are applying for these jobs When they do get a surge of applicants They tend to remove the job so that Happens sometimes but you can always Stay up to date with these companies and Those positions by simply saving them Your favorites and keep checking for Those positions because they can open up Again at any time today's video we're Going to talk about CVS CVS have some Opportunities that are available for you To work remotely this is not the first Time I've shared jobs from CVS I've Posted jobs from their website multiple Times throughout the year last year and

We're beginning this year with some more Remote-based jobs from CVS okay so they Tend to have jobs available on their Website if you're interested in working For this company so the opportunity that I want to share with you you're Currently looking at is their quality Assurance specialist I've shared similar Positions from other companies and I Usually title it get paid to listen to Calls and I would get the response from Viewers or from those who simply read The title and misunderstood exactly what It is that you will be doing so you Won't be just listening to calls that is Definitely a big part of the job about The Assurance agents or Specialists are Usually those who monitor phone calls Between customers and employees that are Working for the company to make sure That the call is within the company's Guidelines with an automated system Whenever you call a company's customer Service line that may States this call May be monitored for quality assurance So that's basically what you will be Doing you'll be listening to make sure That the call meets quality based on a Company's guidelines so you'll be Monitoring calls so let's jump into the Quality assurance specialist position Being offered by CVS to get some bet to Get a better understanding of the Responsibility now this is a fully

Remote job and it is available in the US Now it stays fully remote and did not Give a specific location So if you are international you can Attempt to apply for this job but Because CVS is known to be a U.S based Company I will assume that fully malt Basically means that they're only Available in the US everywhere in the US Hopefully right now the job description States here that you will Monitor and Evaluate the quality and handling of Inbound calls outbound calls and or Correspondence and documents quality and Productivity issues and performance Measures for management review Provides information to assist in the Feedback and formal education process of Call center staff so those are the main Duties of quality assurance Specialists These are additional duties that may be Responsible in performing such as Coaching customer service staff provide Ongoing feedback conduct audits ensuring Compliance with performance standards Utilize available software Hardware Applications identifies developing Trends impacting service levels reports On performance results provide Technical And subject matter expertise relative to Policies procedures and customer service Applications and tools so the pay range For this job the typical pay range for This role is a minimum of 18.50 per hour

The max is 34.60 the max is always going to be for Those who meet all the qualifications That are listed here so if you are over Overly qualified you will hit the Maximum of 34 dollars per hour for this Position if you meet at least 50 to 80 Percent of the responsibilities and Experience listed then you may get the Minimum start off at the minimum so Please keep in mind that this range Represents the pay range for all Positions in the job grade within which This position Falls the actual salary Offer will take into account a wide Range of factors including your location So location is also a factor in how much You will get paid for these remote-based Jobs keep that in mind I tend to see Comments every now and then from those Who are quoting different pay range when They were working for a specific company But pay can vary for each individual and It's not going to be the same pay that You will get as someone else okay for The same position all the qualifications And experience and skills as the next Person because you live in let's say California or New York your pay may be Different from that individuals all Right so just keep that in mind now These are the required qualifications For this job you must exhibit leadership And coaching qualities must have

Exceptional attendance must have the Ability to work a flexible schedule so Let's have the ability to work a Flexible schedule demonstrated Analytical and problem solving skills Ability to multitask and meet deadlines ASD or GPS experience acas experience I'm not sure what that is Health Concierge one plus a year okay so those Are the required qualifications for this Position if you meet all those Qualifications then awesome if you meet Just if you miss one or two of those Qualifications I will still give it a Shot and just see what happens it's all About your confidence okay preferred Qualifications experience working in Special Projects or escalated tasks Educational level you just need to have A high school diploma or equivalence so This is basically what is being offered For this position at the time of this Video this job was available but that Can change at any time so if you are Interested in this particular job you Click where it says apply and this will Let you know if the job is still Available so it looks like it's still Available at the time of this video Hopefully by the time I upload it this Is the application where you will start Your application just fill out the basic Information you can answer some Questions and then save and continue

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Okay now I just want to note this Because I know that if you go on their Application to select the role that You're interested in you may not see This particular role listed with the Title let's scroll through the list of Roles and then you're going to look for Where it says customer service call Center so this right here where I'm Pointing and highlighting so that's what You're going to select the role that You're going to select so you can select Customer service concierge call center In their role section that you're Interested in okay so make sure you Select that option and then you're going To click where it says save and continue And just continue to The Next Step but This again is come from CVS they Currently have this position available For the quality assurance specialist so This is coming from CVS again they're Currently hiring product quality Assurance specialist the category for This job is in their customer service Category so keep in mind again when you Go to fill out that form that I just Showed you with the basic information And ask what role are you interested in Select the role that states customer Service concierge okay because that is The category for this job all right so That's basically it hopefully this job Is still available when it's posted and

Enough of you can get a chance to apply For this job and I wish you all the best Of luck check out links in the Description section for other Remote-based jobs that are currently Hiring and tools to help you to apply And land a position of your dreams Working from home and I wish you all the Best of luck happy working home bye

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