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How to Create a Simple Marketing Plan

If you’re a SME Owner or you want to know how to start a small business in the future, this article will be useful for you. By educating your target market consistently, you can start building a relationship that will establish your credibility and trust with them. But first you need to consider a number of steps in order to formulate a successful marketing plan.

Demystifying What You Do

How many times have you been in a situation where someone tells you what they do for a living, only to leave you clueless about what they mean? “I’m a Business Development and Operations Leader” or “I’m a marketing strategy consultant” – most people don’t know why those positions are needed or what they entail. And more often than not, roles with the same titles have responsibilities that differ from one organization to the other.

Top Social Media Marketing For 2014

Social media marketing has come a long way, since the social networking had been introduced in early 21st century. Marketing over social media has proven to be effective and profitable, irrespective of the size, nature or the demography of a business. This article attempts to reveal the oncoming marketing trends that would dominate social media marketing in 2014.

Midsized Company Marketing Communications – Five Major Considerations For 2014

Most midsized companies, brands and nonprofits face yet another challenging year developing their marketing communications investments, strategies and tactics. Many pundits are recommending that the focus for 2014 should be on placing more tactical attention on content marketing, native advertising and big data. This article takes a different tack, suggesting more important marketing and marketing communications considerations for 2014. Some may surprise you.

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Facebook Marketing Ways

Facebook is a popular social network where family and friends connect easily with each other and where you can use it to market your website and business. Browsing through these tips will help you learn how Facebook marketing could do this properly.

Mobile Wallet Acceptance

The acceptance of mobile wallet payment systems by the consumer and by the merchant has been disappointingly slow. What do they want?

Nottingham Is the Bank of England’s Bellweather for Economic Recovery

UK economic output still languishes below its 2008 peak, but there are positive signs that the long awaited recovery is starting to take hold. Latest figures released on 5th November 2013 indicating quarterly economic growth of 1.3%, up from 0.8% between July and September this year. A sustainable recovery will need to be nationwide and so Nottingham, with its diverse industries is seen as the governments bellwether indicator. Nottingham is also going to need the next generation of entrepreneurs to step forward.

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