TikTok Might Be Getting Banned

Did you hear about the potential Banning Of tick tock Let me see Um okay so if Senate passes legislation To ban Tick Tock from U.S government I Did hear a little about this but I Didn't know that it was actually real Let me look a little bit deeper into This what new source can you trust Nowadays that's what I'm wondering like Which one of these should I even read Right like What do you what can you trust I guess let's go CNN even though I know That this is probably biased in some way And probably not entirely true but let's See the Senate passed legislation Wednesday evening to ban Tick Tock from U.S government devices any move designed To limit perceived information security Risks stemming from the social media app The vote by unanimous consent approved Then no tick tock on government devices Act a bill authored by Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley the move Marks lawmakers latest step against the Short form video app that has become Popular with over a billion users Worldwide U.S officials fear that Tick-Tock users Data could end up in the hands of the Chinese government due to that country's Influence over tick tock's parent bite Dance a companion bill was introduced in

The house last year by Colorado Republican repkin Buck is yet to be Approved by members of the House Oversight committee okay let me see so Um So this is on government devices that's The caveat so of course that's not what You're going to see in the headlines and I'm glad that I read a little bit deeper Into it but No they're not talking about generally Banning Tick Tock I knew that that would Be a little too late for that right like I mean there's like a billion users on There uh but I don't think this is a bad Move you know Banning Tick-Tock on Government devices I could see that posing you know I could See having Tick Tock and a government Device posing as a National security threat You know I'm an American now you know I'm a US citizen I could see that being Detrimental to the us so I don't Disagree with that I think that's Maybe even a wise move But I do think they're I don't think Banning Tick Tock entirely Would be necessarily wise I don't even Think it would be possible at this point It's kind of my viewpoint but yeah very Interesting look at guys we're getting We're getting targeted by some Pickleball

Paddles right here pretty cool huh So yeah that's pretty much the news on Tick Tock getting banned I guess it's Not actually getting banned maybe let's Let me finish a little bit of this in The past few weeks at least seven states Have said they will bar public employees From using the app on government devices Including Alabama Maryland Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Utah and Texas Some U.S government agencies have Independently taken steps to limit Tick-Tock usage among their among their Employees So yeah I mean that makes sense and U.S Military as well they're restricting the App So this so Wednesday's bill would apply To the entire Federal Workforce Yup well yeah I don't really have a Problem with the feds not using Tick Tock so I'm cool with it hopefully that Clears up some of those news for some of You that were perhaps scared about the Potential ramifications How does this look I think this actually Looks pretty sick I'm hyped with this Setup

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