$80/Day Affiliate Marketing 2023 WITHOUT Showing Your Face #shorts

Is one of the best ways to do affiliate Marketing in 2023 without showing your Face and trust me I know I mean the top One percent of ClickBank Affiliates for Two years in a row step one head over to Clickbank.com actually don't this is Where most people go wrong you want to Head over to cbsnooper.com which is a ClickBank Analytics tool and if we come Here we can click on Rising products and We can organize them by the rising Gravity then you want to choose one of The top 10 Rising products then you can Create your affiliate link by adding Your hop Link in here next you want to Head over to fiverr.com and search video Review and then you can see lots of People here that will record video Reviews of products and you just need to Pay them a little fee if you want to do This for free you could just review the Products yourself but this is if you Want to do it faceless then you can just Get them to record a simple review video Just like this one here then you can Upload it to YouTube and add your Affiliate Link in the description down Below then you want to head back over to Fiverr and search YouTube backlinks and Choose a service like this once you've Ordered that service it should help your Video rank on page one of Google just Like these videos which are posted just One day

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