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Guys in this video I'm going to show you Three products that you must promote Right now and these products are not Ones that you're going to find on ClickBank and there's a reason I'm going To give you these three products to Promote and it's because promoting them Is easy so if you want to make some fast Money with affiliate marketing then you Want to stick around and watch this Whole video before we get into it if you Want direct help with your affiliate Marketing from me all you need to do is Become a channel supporter by clicking The join button under this video or the First link in the description sign up as A mega affiliate and you're going to get Access to me and other Mega Affiliates Through weekly live Zoom sessions the Replays of previous Zoom sessions and a Private Facebook group you can ask me Questions you can get campaign reviews You can get landing page reviews you can Do everything you need to get your Affiliate marketing started and start Making money in 2022 and Beyond so all You need to do is become a channel Supporter click the join button under This video or the first link in the Description sign up and become a mega Affiliate and we look forward to Welcoming you on the inside that said Let's now have a look at those three Products that you need to promote now

The products we're going to be looking At today are on a network called Terra Leads and Terra leads is a very special CPA Network that you're going to be able To find products that will make you Money very very quickly all right so This is what the login screen looks like You can log in or of course if you don't Have an account already you can register With Terra Elites all right so just some Information about them They have they work in 184 countries They've got 2787 of their own Cod offers now Cod is Very important now the reason it's Important is because these are the type Of offers you can promote on terror Leads it's not where someone whips out Their credit card and pays for a Supplement online immediately what they Do is they find a product they want Whether that's a diabetes supplement or A weight loss supplement or some cream For their bad knees whatever it happens To be they are going to find that Product and then they're going to say I Want this and they're going to just Enter their email address or their phone Number and their name and then very soon After that a call center will get in Contact with them arrange delivery and Once that delivery is arranged you make Your commission and it's CPA so you get To keep your commission regardless what

Happens whether the person returns the Product refunds whatever it happens to Be so as soon as they've said yes to the Cod before they've actually taken Delivery or paid any money as soon as They say yes then you get your Commission all right so we can have a Look at some of these products we going To look at how this works and I'm going To show you the products that you need To jump on and how you can promote them Really really cheaply all right so this Is my offers screen within Terra leads Alright so I've clicked on office here And you can get an idea of the types of Offers that are available so let's have A look this one is Slovakia and this one Pays 25 which is a pretty good payment I Must say all right this one is for your Health and joints and oh it's an Exclusive offer so let's have a look at This one let's go in osti health all Right and we will see here that osti Health Um it's for your joint pain the person Pays 39 Euros okay and it's a CPA offer And approval is a hundred percent now What does this mean approval means the Number of people that say yes to an Offer once they've left their details on The website all right so they're saying Yes I will pay Cod for this right so 100 Of the people who left their name and Phone number on the website when they're

Called by the call center say yes I want To take delivery of this product all Right and you know what given it's about Joint pain I can kind of understand that People 100 of people are saying yes to Their product all right this is a Product that's probably going to do well For you conversion wise all right so Let's go down and we'll have a look at Some landing pages all right so if we go To Um The first one here let's have a look All right now this is a very simple one This is basically directed to the order Page now you'll see again remember this Is uh in Slovakian but let's uh let's Just Auto translate this Google wants to Translate it for me so why not okay so It's done it all right so osti health so The first link there was basically the Order page so this is relying on the Fact that you're going to have your own Pre-lander ready to go that's actually Going to sell the product right but Probably we don't want to do that right We're first getting started we want to Lander that is going to do the work for Us or we want a sales page that's going To do the work for us so we have a look And we go osti Health number two And here we go look at this now this is More of a sales page right text sales Page and it's got a spin uh

Uh it's got a spinning uh roulette wheel Down here which is good for conversions Right so Um what it's doing is it's saying before You even click anything to get to an Order page but it says a spin here to See if you get a discount right so this Is the engagement Factor right so we can Go spin And look at that we're going to get 50 Off you can order it with a 50 discount Okay let's do it all right so look at That we're gonna get uh 50 off instead Of 78 Euros it's 39 Euros hurry okay and Just uh bear in mind the English is not Great on this site but that's because I've just Auto translated this with Google all right so if you're promoting This product you're of course going to Have to do your creative in Um Slovakian so that you know it matches The landing page that people are going To see now Um how can you do that if you don't Speak Slovakian and you don't want to Spend money on translator to write your Ad well what you can do is you can go Over to anstrax and you can spy on ads That are already running in Slovakian For a similar product or the same Product and you can just swipe those Right so there's no work involved you Just have to make sure you have and Strikes you can filter down on Slovakia

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You can filter down on a product type You know for example joint pain or you Know you can actually type the product Name in there to Um to look for that creative jobs done Simple as that and if you want to grab And Strikes remember there's a link in The description and a coupon code to Give you 20 off lifetime all right so That's basically what the products look Like now Um what we're going to do is actually Have a look at the ones that I recommend You promote but you know this is given Us 100 approval assuming this is not Brand new then 100 approval is pretty Good all right Um but let's go back to our main offers Let's click the back button there all Right so um what we're going to do oh And just uh some information on terror Leads every time you make a sale you're Going to get a t coin and Terror leads Has a shop and you can use the T coins You collect to buy products from the Shop it's kind of like a loyalty program Like a mileage program or a frequent Flyer program the more money you make The more T coins you make the more you Can buy from the store and they have Things like you know MacBooks and uh Gaming consoles and things like that That you can get now here's what I Recommend when you are looking for a

Product what you want to do is you want To find a product that is available for Promotion in a tier 2 or tier three Country Now Terra leads as you covered Here because that's basically the Majority of their offers right but you Also want to check out your push ads Provider now if you're using xeropark or You're using propeller ads or you're Using Rich ads or something like that Then you want to go in and you want to Have a look at what they are charging CPC on particular countries and those CPC rates you want to go for what what's Lowest right or you want to go for a Very low low country and let's say for Example you find that you are only going To be paying you know one cent or less For ads in Nigeria or ads in Ghana or Ads in Kenya or ads in the Philippines Well that means that because you're Going to get that for so cheap then you Might want to try promoting products in Those particular countries on terror Leads and so we're going to have a look At some of those GEOS right now and I Will tell you that some of the Information that I'm going to show you I'm going to censor here because there Are some sketchy offers available for Promotional offers YouTube are not going To like all right so we're going to look At some of the offers but not all of Them all right so let's go and we'll

Choose a Geo let's go for example to Nigeria so what do we have for promotion In Nigeria All right we've got a product called Normatone we've got a product called Flexibility cream now don't let these Commissions put you off right because Normatone right you've got 11 commission Um and again CPA you get 11 commission And you might think well that's not very Much but when you're paying less than One cent a click eleven dollars a Commission for a sale is very very good All right so um you want to be promoting This probably Um on push all right and uh we've got Say normatone here we've got Ultra Clean Premium detox now expressvat burner is One that I've had uh experience with in The past and I've made money with this Particular product all right so this is One you could try out and again the Traffic is going to be super super cheap All right but this is not the one that I'm going to recommend you promote the Ones that I'm going to recommend you Promote all come from the same Geo we've Got three products from the same Geo so Let's go and have a look at those right Now okay so the Geo in question is the Philippines now let's go show So as you can see there are a lot of Products in the Philippines right and That's a good sign the more products

There are the more likely it is that There are sales being made okay so what I recommend you do is have a look at These products and look at the Commissions right so they're a little Bit higher than Nigeria but the traffic To the Philippines on push is going to Still Cost You Less Than a cent Seriously less than a cent that's how Good it is so again go over to like zero Park or propeller ads and you're going To get a really good deal on your Traffic and if you want to know how to Set up and run your push ads campaigns Remember I've got a push ads course you Can get that by clicking the link in the Description all right so the products That I'm going to recommend you promote We're actually going to have a look at These ourselves so let's go and have a Look at Derma T right paste 12 Commission that's pretty good on CPA so Let's go and have a look All right approval of a hundred percent Okay now that is a good offer okay so Everyone that's clicking on this is Getting Um is getting a commission now if you Have a look here you can see that this Product's been around for a while Because they've got notifications right One notification was 2021 November the Other one was 2022 in April all right so Um this product's been around for a

While and the approval percentage is a Hundred percent this is one that's Definitely worth jumping on let's have a Look at the landing page Okay get rid of the body toxins and acne Without any hassle now great thing about Advertising the Philippines not only is It cheap you can do it in English right You don't have to worry about Translations but again you want to be Able to check out the ads that are Already running so make sure if you Don't already grab and Strikes the Coupon code to get a discount on that is In the description all right so we could Promote dermaty and this is my number One recommendation for you check out Dermatite right it's not your usual Weight loss offer but that doesn't mean You're not going to make a lot of sales All right so dermatite is number one and Let's go back and we'll have a look at The next lot okay now if you've been Promoting and following my videos for Any length of time you know that one of The ones that tends to work is diabetes Related products so let's go and have a Look at diabetes and for diabetes we Have a product called Diabek Stan okay and look at the payout 17 bucks all right again for traffic That is under a cent a click okay so We're gonna go die back stand have a Look at this what's our approval rate 46

Now don't let this put you off don't let A lower approval rate put you off Because the lower approval rate doesn't Mean that you're not going to make sales It just means that the product's been Around for longer and what's going to Happen naturally over time is you're Gonna get uh approval rate that's Decreasing the reason you're going to Get the approval rate decreasing is Because the more clicks you get the more Likely it is that some of those clicks They're going to sign up and they're not Going to complete the purchase that's All it means don't let this worry you Okay and we can see again Um 2021 okay now let's uh have a look at The landing page we've got for this one Okay nice all right manage your blood Sugar safely and naturally regulates Blood pressure balances blood sugar Levels nice Tech sales page all right But it's uh you know it's kind of direct So it's kind of saying like buy now Straight away and if you're sending cold Traffic to this you might be a little Bit worried about whether you can make Conversions right so what you do is Instead of sending them to the landing Page you send them to the pre-lender That's already designed right that's Another great thing about Terra leads They have pre-lens for you so let's have A look at this prelander look at that so

You've got a nice pre-lander here with Information and it's got a link to the Product page which will be cookied with Your affiliate link if you send them Through to the pre-lander as well all Right and so this is my recommendation For products number two to promote is Diabetic stem to the Philippines okay Now number three let's go back and let's Have a look Now number three let's go down and have A look the number three product I Recommend you go with is dietica all Right that's a 13 payout and that Appeals to a wide audience that's just Simple diet and weight loss right so You're going to capture a lot of people With this let's have a look at the Details Okay approval twenty three percent again Don't let the approval rate worry you Naturally over time the approval rate is Just going to go down that's normal okay This product is actually being Advertised into dialogue so let's have a Look at the landing pages look at that Now don't let the language thing put you Off either all you need to do is grab Ants tracks you can go in you can swipe Ads are already working for this Particular product and you can promote So you don't have to do any translation You can just get someone else's ads and Start running okay so

Um the products that I recommend you Promote on Terra leads the ones you Should jump on are dermaty diabetic sand And dietica jump on these Terror leads Is easy to register with just go to Terror leads.com so check out Terra Leads start promoting these products you Don't once you're approved with Terror Leads you can just promote any products You don't have to apply for promote Mission individually with the products Because all the products are owned by Terror leads so it's a little bit like Being with ClickBank you don't need to Get approval once you're on the network And start promoting these I recommend You start with push because you're going To get the cheapest traffic it works on Native as well but of course native is Going to be a little bit more expensive So get going promote these three Products and you're going to have Success and if you want direct help with Your affiliate marketing from me all you Need to do is become a channel supporter Click the join button under this video Or the first link in the description Sign up to be a mega affiliate and you Can join us on weekly live Zoom sessions And in a private Facebook group to start Making money with affiliate marketing For 2022 and Beyond so all you need to Do click join under this video first Link in the description become a mega

Affiliate and we're looking forward to Seeing you on the inside and if you want More videos about affiliate marketing And how to make your first sale today Check out the video that's on the screen Right now thanks for watching guys don't Forget to click like And subscribe and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Next video

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