$0 – $1,000,000 Pro Funded Trader In 2 Months (How You Can Too)

I do believe that this is the future of Trading I just went from a zero to a one Million dollar funded Trader in just two Months using one prop firm and one Simple I'll go in today's video I'm Gonna reveal every single step that I Took my entire journey of going from a Zero to a one million dollar funded Trader in just two months as of Yesterday I made my profit Target of Twenty five thousand dollars to pass my Phase two of my last 500 000 account in This journey I've taken on two 500 000 Accounts which makes a total of a one Million dollar funding challenge which I Passed my last five hundred thousand Dollar account yesterday by hitting my Profit Target of twenty five thousand Dollars for phase one of the second five Hundred thousand dollar account you need A profit Target of eight percent which Is forty thousand dollars which I hit in About four days time at a total of sixty Six thousand dollars that has allowed me To pass phase two of my five hundred Thousand dollar account which I will get The login details tomorrow morning zero Emotions hardly any risk not trading With your own capital and very Profitable system that I'm going to Reveal to you in today's video this I Believe is the future of trading simply Because funded trading takes away all of The idea of emotions all of the stress

Of trading with your own Capital if you Lose it all you can just restart another Valuation and pass another Live account So the risk the emotions the stress is All 10 times less than that of trading With your own capital and in today's Video I'm not only going to show you how You can get funded I'm going to show you How you can remain profitable long term And scale as many fund accounts as you Want to what's going on awesome people Of YouTube Jay here your no BS South African online entrepreneur coach and Trader documenting my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I Use to make my online in today's video I'm going to be talking about how I Revolutionized my life around using prop Firm trading and one simple algorithm That has been able to keep me profitable Long term and sustainably on my problem Accounts there are many different prop Forms that you can go and choose to get Funded from the two most well-known Being ftmo and my Forex funds today's Video I'm going to be talking about Specifically first class forexfunds.co As you are allowed up to one million Dollar in funding with this company Which is a total of two 500 000 accounts That you can copy trade come over to First class forexfans.com and click on Start evaluation and there are many Different account sizes that you can

Choose from ranging from twenty five Thousand dollars all the way to five Hundred thousand dollars all of these Include a two-step evaluation and a Profit share of up to ninety percent for Any evaluation that you pick you need to Reach the target of the following eight Percent in the first 30 trading days of Whichever account you choose for example If it's the 25 000 account you need a Target of eight percent which is two Thousand dollars phase two will consist Of a target of five thousand dollars Which is a thousand two hundred and Fifty dollars Once you've passed phase to your login Details to your live 25 000 account will Be sent to you I took upon the challenge Two months ago to become a one million Dollar funded Trader with this company To pass two five hundred thousand dollar Accounts which have finally passed my Second one yesterday and this is exactly How I did it tradingview.com is the Website where all of your analysis Happens come over to tradingview.com Click on products and click on charts Regarding your evaluation whether it's With my Forex fans ftmo or first class Forex funds I always recommend stick to Gold and Forex markets on these Particular Brokers or us30 or NASDAQ Those are the only markets I ever trade On my funded accounts I don't trade

Stocks I don't trade crypto only us13 NASDAQ Forex and gold simply because They have the best spreads and they have The least slippage so right now you can See over here at the moment using this Exact same system I called in a us30 Trade pretty condensation this morning At about nine o'clock London's decision Opens at 10 o'clock firstly the two Indicators that you need to add to your Chart is the sessions D you can come up To indicators and just go and type Sessions and it's this one over here Called sessions Asian London New York Um colored chart you need to click on Settings you need to enable the New York Session one add the same indicator again And add the London session this is very Important because I only trade two Signals every single day that is the First trade of the London session and The first trade of the US session two Trades a day that is it that's all you Trade and just those two trades a day Alone will bring a lot of consistency And a lot of profits over the months Secondly you need to come over to Indicators and you need to go and search Smart money concepts by Lux I will go This is an indicator that just gives you An idea of what the current order flow Is happening at the moment so right now You can see over here the biggest reason I entered this buy was because we had a

Change of character it left open a Demand Zone reacted off this demand Zone At the same time I got my buy indicator Which is a great way to pair up trades With this but we're not going to be Going and trading every single Arrow of This particular indicator that tells you To buy and sell there's only two Specific trades that you need to take Every single day so the third and final And most important indicator of the System is you need to come over to Google go and search up Elite I'll go Click on the first link at Elitesignals.com and this is basically An indicator that tells you when to buy And sell now I know people say do not Trust indicators or learn the markets Based on indicators etc etc why not if You've developed something profitable And it works why not use it so you need To go and click on and get access now Over here I'm not an affiliate for this Website I don't make any money talking About this I use it myself and that's I Recommend it once you click on get Access now on the checkout you will need To enter your trading view username Which you will find on the top left hand Side the indicator will then be added to Your chart and this is how it works Simply Five minute chart on the five minute Time frame that's all we're going to be

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Trading on this is more of a scalping Strategy make sure you click on candle Types and set your chart to hikanashi And this is how it works first signal of The London session which was the cell Which came up on this candle stop loss At at least 20 Pips stop loss above the Previous candle or at least 20 Pips and Your trade must at least run a one to Three nothing less than a one to three Risk to reward ratio this trade Yesterday would have been a full Profitable tp2 hit how you apply risk Management during this trade is what's Going to make the difference between you Failing and succeeding at this what you Need to do is you need to have the Following rules I'm going to type out a Notepad for you every single signal that You take you need to place two positions And two positions only if you are Trading with a one lot size on your Funded account you need to close one Position at 25 dollars that's 25 Partials once you hit that twenty five Dollar partials on a one lot size you Need to accept your other position your Other one to Break Even so it's a risk Free trade using the strategy I've been Able to convert my system from at least A 60 win rate to a 95 win rate if you're Using a two lot size that is fifty Dollar partials if you're using a three That is a 75 Parcels if you're using a

Four that means you need to close a Hundred dollar partials now if you on The 500k account and you're using even Bigger lot sizes such as a 10 then your Partials is 250 Etc same with the 20 being 500 partials a 30 being 750 partials and A 40 being 1 000 in partials so it's Very important to keep note of this risk Management system that I've typed over For you here every single trade you take Times two positions whether it's two Forties two thirties two ones to twos And you need to make sure as soon as one Position hits 25 or the two lot size or The three lot size or the four lot size Hits your partial Target over here which Is your tp1 you need to make sure that You hit the other you need to make sure That you set the other position to break Even because they are most that because Most times when trading this indicator I Would say five times out of ten it does Come back to break even but it's these Partials that add up to a lot of money Every single month that add up over the Days this risk management system is what Will make or break you as a profitable And consistent Trader with so I want you To save what I've just said remember it Write it down save this video to your Watch later watch it five times if you Have to but it's super important that You remember that risk management system

That I've just taught you to remain Profitable at this for example take a Look at this first signal in the US Session so this I would have taken the Buy as according to rules which came up Over here halfway through this candle And you will see over here if I placed a 40 lot size at disco one to three a 40 Lot size Where this buy came up enter the 33375 the highest point was three three Nine zero so this was 150 Pips that Means a 40 would have been about two Thousand dollars so this was a very good Example of a trade where you run it up Into partials let's say two thousand Dollars on a 40 lot size you close those Partials set your other to break even But it came back to break even so what Would have been a loss from all other Traders actually ended up being a two Thousand dollar profitable trade for you Because this happens quite often and This is why you need to understand this Risk management system and apply it Especially because when you get Situations like this when it goes up Into partials you're all happy you're Seeing blue and then boom it comes back To stop loss whereas we closed our Partials position one is set to break Even so that means it's either going to Be profitable or it's just going to come Back to zero but remember you've already

Secured two thousand dollars on partials On position one so that other the way I'm happy with this type of trade and Over here in the morning you would have Had a nice soul I would say the candle pops up over There stop loss above that cattle that Formed and a one to three as you can see This came straight to tp2 this wouldn't Have even been a tp1 trade so this would Have been two wins for the day right There and there I would have been done For the day this would have been perhaps A four or five thousand dollar day on my Funded accounts you really don't need More than that So what I'm going to do is to help you Out even more specifically with scaling Your funded accounts now that you know How to go and get funded how my system Works I'm going to give you an entire Program on how I also trade smart money Concepts liquidity Wyckoff ways the Markets are manipulated by the Banks I'm Going to give you an entire program on My YouTube channel this is honestly Information I could be selling in an Easily three to four hundred dollar Course in a private mentorship but Everything I have talked about so far in My journey I've posted on YouTube Completely for free for you guys to Watch so I'm going to keep it like that I'm going to give everything for you I'm

Going to put everything in one simple Understandable playlist of my best Trading videos compiled on YouTube so Far for you to watch in one simple place What I recommend is if you want to get Your hands on this playlist all I would Appreciate is leave a like on this video Make sure you subscribe down below and Comment down below that you're ready and I will leave this playlist on the screen Over here somewhere I recommend you go And click on this playlist that's Somewhere on the screen and I'll see you Over there

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