$10 In 2 Minutes (CRAZY Tweet Trick) *LIMITED*

In today's video I'm going to show you How this one particular tweet has made Me over 11 814 In one year At its peak it was making anywhere Between ten and fifteen dollars every Couple of minutes as we all know the Recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk Has caused it to absolutely Boom at an Average of over 2 million extra users on The platform every single day that means Wherever the trains are there's money to Be made in today's video I'm going to Show you how you can go and use the Trend of Twitter to go and make money Online by posting one simple tweet Without further Ado let's dive straight Into it Foreign People of YouTube Jay here your nobious South African online entrepreneur coach And Trader documenting my journey on my YouTube channel called the millionaire Mindset YouTube channel on various ways That I used to make money online in Today's video I'm going to show you some Updated progress that I've been using on Twitter to make over 11 000 in a year as You can hear eleven thousand dollars in One year is nothing huge but it is Definitely a great side hustle at its Peak at one point it was making anywhere Between 10 and 15 every couple of Minutes I'm going to show you exactly

How I set this up on Twitter each and Every step for you to easily understand So that you can go and replicate this And do this yourself and start earning Some money on Twitter before we dive Straight into my PC if you want to get a Notification from me every time I upload My latest way that I use to make money Online make sure to go down below to the Millionaire mindset YouTube channel And Subscribe with the red notification Bell On so that I can do so also go and Comment down below your most favorites Or motivational quotes I love seeing Motivation and positivity in the Comments so that would be great so I Would really appreciate it if you can go And do that but without further Ado we Are going to dive straight into my PC And get straight into this come over to Trends.google.com and enter the Twitter Search term on the search bar over here By typing Twitter and you'll be able to See over the last couple of months with The recent unbanning of multiple famous Icons around the world on Twitter Twitter has absolutely been blowing up Over 2 million users added every single Day at its peak so this right now is Obviously a trend also what it is Helping with that is the recent takeover Of Twitter by Elon Musk which allows us To catch onto this trend and find ways To monetize and make money on Twitter

And that is exactly what I'm going to be Showing you in today's video but I Really wanted to show you this analytic To show you how much potential there is With us right now throughout the entire Year Twitter has had one or two spikes But averaging anywhere between 60 and 70 Out of 100 total score on Google Trends Recently we had up to 94 and nothing has Been under 90 over the last couple of Months simply because it's a train right Now the first platform that you need to Come over to is not actually Twitter It's a website called thieve.com if I Come over to thieve.co that is T-h-e-i-v-e dot Co it'll take you to a Website like this which simplifies and Categorizes all the current trending Products on Instagram Tick Tock and Other social media platforms into one Simple Marketplace for you to go on Dropship so for example right now as you Can see over here all these products are Trending Whether it's on Tick Tock whether it's On other people's Shopify stores and you Can go and piggyback these products that Are trending to get tons of sales in Your own unique way what we're going to Be doing is we're going to be pairing This up with a Twitter strategy with one Simple tweet and this is how I made over Eleven thousand dollars in sales of one Product doing this so you can take a

Look over here you've got a kids U-shaped toothbrush which is kind of Like a tool that you just put on your Teeth and it automatically brushes your Teeth for you which you can go and buy For cost price at 2.50 you've got a Smartphone video rig which kind of has Its own built-in microphone where you Can plug in your phone your own lighting For 11.95 currently marked down from 26 Which is really not a bad price for Product like this the whole idea of this Is we're going to be pairing up the Current trend of Twitter which is going Viral at the moment and all of these Products well not all of them you can go And choose one unique one that you think Will suit you and we're going to go and Pair up this trending product with the Trend of Twitter so we kind of hitting Two trains at the same time which forms An ultimate Sweet Spot which really There's a lot of money to be made there Online so what you can go and do is you Can go and scroll through this website I Recommend what worked for me I'm Actually going to show you my exact Product as well I remember I came over To go and search necklace in the search Bar of the dot Co and you'll see over Here there are tons of different Necklace products that you can go and Use and this is the exact product that I Used so you can see over here this was

My tweet this is the exact necklace that I used for my Drop Shipping product how You create your Tweet can make or break The strategy so it's very important that You follow exactly how I'm going to Instruct you and how to structure and What to type in your Tweet once you've Found a product I'm going to go and Choose this one over here which has a Initial on a necklace which you can go And choose your own initial you need to Go and click on Buy on AliExpress this Product on AliExpress only cost 99 Cents And you can go and choose any initial That you want to all the way from A to Z In silver and gold and this is the Perfect kind of product that we're going To be using on Twitter because the way We're going to be structuring our tweet Is something like this my boyfriend got Me this initial necklace that opens up To say You are my sunshine I'm so in Love this is the marketing hook that We're going to be using for our tweet But we're going to get to this later and This is how it's very important to plug In your product with the way you need to Type your Tweet how are we going to be Making money off this is adding this Product to our own online Drop Shipping Store at about 500 to a thousand percent Markup so anywhere between five dollars And ten dollars you can go and resell This necklace for the best part is about

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Drop Shipping aliexpress.com does all of The deliveries all the packaging and all Of the hard work you're just the man in The middle promoting and selling the Product and keeping all the profits in The middle so to easily go and get a Free Drop Shipping Store is you can come Over to a website called A2 hosting come Over to WordPress and click on WordPress Hosting the reason we're using this is Because it's very cheap on unlike Shopify that's over forty dollars a Month you can come over to a2hosting.com And spend 7.99 and you can go and create A free dropshipping store with WordPress Which is really easy once you've signed Up with this package and checked out Your login dashboard will look like this Where you need to come over to WordPress A2 optimized you need to click on Install quick install and select the Domain that you want to install your Store onto click on install once you've Installed WordPress click on the admin Button and click on login as admin which Will take you to a WordPress dashboard That looks like this in order to connect These AliExpress products to our own Dropshipping store is actually pretty Simple and all the tools are free so you Can come over to come over to plugins on The left hand side menu bar click on Add new and you want to go and search Ali Express click on enter

And you'll see over here over here There's a tool called Ard Drop Shipping And fulfillment for AliExpress and Woocommerce click on install now and it Will install this to your store and all You need to do is copy the link To this product paste it into this Plugin and it will automatically add to Your store and you're ready to go and Get paid and to go and promote your Product once that is done our online Store is now ready and complete all you Need to go and do is come over to Twitter you need to go and create Something like this you need to go and Create two Twitter accounts I recommend Create any fake account it doesn't have To be one of you just go and use a Random picture of Pinterest name it a Random female name like Lara Megan or Whatever you can use any female name you Want to brand that page into a personal Female page because this is not a Product a guy is going to share this is More something aimed at the female Audience so what you need to go and do Is you need to go and save this image Whether it's this one whether it's one Of these over here you need to go and Save this image to your PC just click on It click on right click open image a new Tab right click save as image and save To your PC once you've done that you Need to come over to Twitter go and

Click on images and go and upload That same necklace image and you want to Go and type the following my boyfriend Got me this initial necklace that Matches with his with a heart I'm so in Love so as you can see the whole idea Behind this is to make a post a Twitter Post that seems like it's coming from a Legitimate person that is just sharing a Random necklace that they got from their Boyfriend and what we're gonna go and do Is we are actually we don't even need to Go and post this we can go and Screenshot this page Come over to paint or you can use any Free screenshot tool you need to come And crop this tweet out just like this Crop out this tweet Click on crop click on file save as JPEG Image against your PC just click on Save The second thing you need to go and do Is you can now go and delete this tweet You need to go and log in with your Second Twitter account Attach that image and screenshot that You've taken of that tweet and go and Type the following Meanwhile my Boyfriend doesn't even exist so now what We're doing is we're making it look like People is retweeting this tweet so what People will naturally going to do is They will go and have a look at the Comments they go and have a look at what People are saying so once you've tweeted

This you need to go and type in the Comments on your main account the main Account that you posted this original Tweet my boyfriend got me the necklace Over here and you leave that link to Your Shopify store that you've created On WordPress so then what's going to go And happen is people on Twitter are Going to go and click on your link to Your store without knowing it's actually Your store and buy this necklace from You so how you actually go and scale With this is I went and used a website Called Shotcart.com where I actually faltered By all the Twitter accounts and I looked For uh love and romance you want to make Sure you click on love and romance and It will filter by all of the love and Romance Twitter pages on Twitter for Example this one with 116 000 followers This one with 103 000 followers you can Go and pay them between ten and fifteen Dollars for a retweet on their page to An audience of over a hundred thousand People so now what's gonna happen is Let's say all of their followers or even A couple of them see this Twitter post a Lot of them are going to go to the Comments you've spent ten dollars which Is literally one sale to make back on Your necklace and then you break even And everything from there is profits all You need to do is is ask them to go and

Retweet this tweet over here the Screenshot that you took with this exact Caption and once they've posted that you Need to go to that Twitter post comment On it my boyfriend got me this necklace Over here and that is exactly how you Scale and blow up with your store is Using all of the influences on Twitter Over here you can go and put posts on All of these pages and that is exactly How your store is going to blow up what I'm going to do is to help you out even More with particularly Drop Shipping I'm Going to leave my entire Drop Shipping Playlist of my best Drop Shipping videos That I've posted in the last two years On YouTube now you can go and take Multiple ideas multiple ways of getting Clients to your store and apply to your Necklace store that you've just created So what I recommend is if you want to Get a ton of more information on this I Could honestly charge hundreds of Dollars for this information in a course But I've decided to put all of it on YouTube for free so make sure to go and Click on the Drop Shipping playlist 2022 Over here and I'll see you over there

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