$10 Million Niche Shopify Store

There's so many ideas that you could Have when it comes to creating an E-commerce business and today it's a Beautiful day so I figured you know what Let me share with you some interesting Thoughts that I've been having lately Around a brand called mad rabbit now This is an eight-figure brand and it's Very simple what they do is they sell Tattoo recovery creams and stuff like That so super Niche down idea yet Extremely successful right I mean a 10 Million plus store is not an easy feat Of course and it's in a very segmented Niche so this is the stuff that I try to Emphasize a lot to you guys especially Those of you that are trying to start Your stores is that sometimes it's Actually a really good idea to get very Niche down like think of a very specific Demographic so for example with these People they're really going after the Tattoo Community which is actually huge So for example They're selling a lot of these bombs to Make sure that your tattoos heal Correctly they're selling uh sunscreen So that your tattoos don't get damaged By the Sun so instead of just using some Random sunscreen you can use theirs if You are big into tattoos so this is the Power of targeting a very specific Audience I'm covering my face right now Because the sun is like so bright right

Now Um I should probably put my blinds down But that's just gonna make the video so Dark now the next thing I want to talk About here is a trend that I'm seeing so As you see here fake tattoos are Actually pretty popping off right like This is something that is unprecedented It shows that people are starting not to Want to commit to tattoos if we look at The tattoos Trend we can see that it's Actually declining however when we look At the tattoo Trend it is popping off Like look at this this is so consistent So this is actually kind of what you Want to see in some ways when it comes To starting a business because you know There's a a market that you can address So that's a pretty convincing line here That if you create if you're creating Tattoo related products even if it's Literally just tattoo related merch Right like maybe if you make a print on Demand store for tattoo people like it Could pop off it could pop off Especially if you understand what I'm Saying here which is just like appealing Very hard to a certain demographic so That's something I wanted to talk about Is that the fake tattoo trend is also Popping off so that's something to Consider there's another brand called in Ink box that I think we've done reviews Around and they're doing fake tattoos so

That's what they sell and they just Recently came out with a tattoo pen Which is pretty cool like a marker so This could be some sort of winning Product ideas you could maybe iterate on This exact premise and create something Of your own I don't know the next thing I want to mention that I think is Somewhat valuable is an example of why It's actually not a good idea to Necessarily invest in a paid theme on Shopify so if you're going to create a Business more likely than not you're Going to use Shopify for it Um But what I see that a lot of people but What I see is a lot of people get sucked Into buying really expensive themes Thinking that it's going to make a huge Difference on their store but it really Doesn't so what makes the biggest Difference is actually the content that You have in your store so For example the sense theme sense is a Free Shopify theme you can get it with The link in the description shout out Everybody every single shout out every Single one of you that uses my Shopify Link to start your store that's so I Appreciate it greatly the link is right There in the description but what I Really But what I really see with this theme And what I'm trying to emphasize is like

This wouldn't look as good without the Right content right but it's not Necessarily the theme it's the content So instead of investing like 400 bucks In the theme invest that money into some Really good content you can do that Through Fiverr you can do that through Sona that's a brand that does content For somewhat affordable prices that's Reasonable and you know you're going to Be able to create something much higher Converting than just like a paid theme With ugly content it's much better to Have a free theme with great content Than an amazing theme with bad content It's 10 times better now this brand is Going crazy with Community Building they Even have a Discord set up for their Brand which I actually think is so cool I think Discord setups are a really good Idea for any brand and you could just Have your customer service manager you Know uh managing it they have a tick Tock symbol here but it doesn't link to Anything so I I think that's a mistake On their part if anybody from Mad rabbit Is watching this you gotta get that Fixed then they got a huge Pinterest so I mentioned Pinterest in one of my Recent videos and how it's a really good Place to just literally repost all your Content to because you'll start growing A massive amount of monthly viewers Basically not really doing anything so

This is a service that we're starting to Offer at Academy is literally just Repurposing your content because a lot Of people are not doing it it's Something that any successful brand Could use more I mean omnipresence is a Good idea for anyone even a small brand But as you see they're posting a ton of Content so this brand is huge on content And it's probably one of the biggest Reasons why they're successful I mean Having a Content strategy is so Essential nowadays to growing a Community and therefore growing your Business and what's really cool in my Opinion is that when brands do stuff Like this it makes their paid ads so Much more profitable and you'd be Surprised to know just how unprofitable A lot of brands are on their ads but Whenever you're actually taking your Community building seriously your ads Perform so much better and then you Don't actually fully rely on the ads and The ads just act as an amplification Tool you know leveraging machine Learning to amplify your business as Opposed to you know to rely entirely on It now if we take a look here at some Other ads like they're literally doing a Ton of different videos which makes Sense because for a product like this You really do need to explain what it Does like if you just show me a bottle

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Of this product I will not know what It's for so you definitely have to Explain it a bit this is a really good One right here like this before and After I don't know if you can see it but It's really fire I really like this one And then they got a lot of ugc content Basically a ton of content that you Could see on their site or I mean um on Their Instagram page for example so Reels and then you know YouTube shorts They are posting their YouTube shorts That is great to see so most brands are Actually not reposting their content on YouTube shorts so that's why at Academy We offer that as a service because we Understand YouTube we know how to title Things and something so simple as Reposting content every single day can Increase your reach significantly in it Without really doing much work so that's Why it's so powerful and I'm glad to see That this brand actually is doing that Lastly I do see them doing a lot on Twitter so they're pretty active on here Which I also think is a really good idea Nowadays Twitter is getting better and Better I think seeing Elon Musk building Out Twitter or rebuilding out Twitter in Public is pretty cool to see and I think It just makes Twitter an even better Opportunity than before so I hope you Guys enjoy this I just want to give you As much value as I can and basically

Provide you my research I'm taking a Very scientific approach when it comes To e-commerce and online business so we Do a lot of research and that's what Makes it so easy for me to create some Of these videos and soon we'll actually Be publishing some of that research into A nice little product that we're Building so stay tuned for that I'm very Excited to release that and see what you Guys think about it but that's it I'll See you guys in the next video peace

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