10 Passive Income Ideas to Make $232/Day (Make Money Online)

In today's digital age there are plenty Of ways to generate passive income Streams and in this video we'll be Exploring some of the most lucrative and Accessible options available to you from Affiliate marketing to selling digital Products will cover a range of Strategies that you can use to start Earning passive income online today so Whether you are looking to supplement Your income or create a full-time Passive income stream this video is Exactly for you so what I'm going to do Basically is to walk you guys through All these passive income ideas and show You literally exactly what you can do to Actually make money online with these Methods so if you see me for the first Time let me turn around making money Online so what I do is I try things how They work and I come right here I show You guys exactly what I've taught and The whole idea is that you can do the Exact same thing and of course get the Exact same result so what I need you to Do right now is to smash the like button On this video subscribe to my channel Most importantly talk on the Verification button so that when I drop More amazing video just like what you're About to watch right now YouTube is Going to send you a notification Instantly so that's it guys let's Jump Right In let me show you guys this

Passive income streams that can actually Make you money online today the 20th Century guys first idea we're going to Be looking at today is starting the YouTube channel now this is my favorite Right because this is something that I've done personally as a matter of fact Everything I'm going to be showing you Guys in today's video is something that I've done by myself personally so I'm Not telling you something that I learned Somewhere or research I did I'm telling You from my own perspective something That I've done and I've gotten results From you that is why can I show you that If you stay with me from beginning to The end of this video You're gonna be Catching the exact same result that I've Gotten doing this exact same thing right So um let's Jump Right In if I come here Right now this is a YouTube channel I Just started a few a few months ago Right it does go monetized and right now You can see that the estimated revenue Is 43.95 right this is a brand new Channel just got monetize last month and In less than a month it has been never For three dollars right so if I can do It there's no reason why you cannot do It now here's the thing I have a couple Of other YouTube channels right and if You watch my last two videos you're Going to be seeing the examine how much I have made in a year on YouTube as a

YouTuber right and the trusting thing is That most of these videos that you make On YouTube they are going to stay on YouTube for a lifetime so that means That they will continue getting views Every single day and the more views that Are getting the more money that you're Making so this is the perfect definition Of passive income you just need to do The work once and you read the rewards Over and over and over and over again Right so I would advise you if you are Really serious about making money online One of the things that I will tell you To do right now is to go get your phone I start recording videos for YouTube but Do not do it without knowledge which is Why I'm organizing what we call the YouTube content monetization training if You click on the first link leave your Description it's going to take you Straight to that training I can be a Part of that training now the first way To achieve the first Pacific Community I'm discussing is YouTube and it's Actually very easy to make money on YouTube just like I've explained right Now that brings us to the second passive Income idea that we're going to be Talking about today and that is Something called I think that's my Desert now I've that's actually the core Of my business and I've made a couple of Videos about affiliate marketing right

Let me show you guys um some of that so This is one of the affiliate products That I promote actively basically if you Look at this place right now you're Going to see that the balance here is 17 And there's a commission of 40 right Here but let's go back in time and say Exactly how much I've made on this Singular platform that I promote so I'm Going to go back to uh let's say January 2020 I think that's when I started this Particular account uh let's go about the January and click on first of January to Date and I hit update and let's see Exactly how much we have generated with This just want this platform alone now This is it right here eleven thousand Nine hundred and fourteen point five Zero US dollars is it busy right and all You need to do is to actually copy your Affiliate link and promote it right I've Made a couple of videos about how to Promote Affiliates uh links and if you Want me to make other videos about this Let me know in the comment section and I Will not hesitate I actually made those Videos for you right if you want it or Foreign Guys and I would not hesitate again I Would not hesitate to actually make These videos for you guys right so the Second passive income idea that can make You money online in 2023 is affiliate Marketing and let's go to the third one

Which is selling a cup right you can Send a course you know so anything that You actually even help today actually Not knowledgeable in there's some Somebody we need to learn that thing From you trust me right there's somebody Willing to learn that thing from yeah Actually as a matter of fact I know Somebody that created a course on how to How to create a PayPal account in Countries like Nigeria where PayPal is Not is not allowed right and he was Selling that ebook and he made a lot of Money selling that it was actually Saying about 10 000 if you have sold at Least a hundred copies of the same ebook Right that would have been the easiest One million error he has ever made in His life if you want me to actually make A video show you how to create ebooks And sell it you know let me know in the Comment section and I will not hesitate To make that video for you as well right So A lot of the platforms I use is a Platform called udemy the cdb made on my Laptop screen right now and this is my New day new revenue report I'm going to Refresh this right now I'm going to be Seeing the fact that on this dashboard I've made Um this is loading up let's give it a Word I have made uh 5659.70 US dollars easy busy right so

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What I did was I created a course I put That course on udemy right people were Paying and buying this question either With the same cost and I was sending it Over and over and over again and that's How this money happened right you can do It that thing that you have knowledge About we know how to solve mathematics People who want to buy mathematics Course on udemy right and the other Platform as a matter of fact I've Actually sold more courses on my own Personal platform as opposed to using Udemy video was actually the first place To force me the sold courses right so if You combine all the core sales I've made It will run into hundreds of thousands Of dollars right and you can do this Anybody can do this is one of the best Passive income ideas and this is passive Income because you just have to do the Work once and you rip the reward over And over and over again is it busy right And the next passive income idea that Can make you a lot of money in 2023 Basically is to create build a light Followership on social media right so People don't understand this thing and I I think I don't know why don't get It in this Asia time this is this is a Good man why it seem good I have a Hundred thousand followers on YouTube a Hundred thousand followers on Instagram On Tick Tock at this that is a good map

A lot of persons don't understand it and It is very easy to do especially a tick Tock right so if you want to grow your Followership on this platform again let Me know in the comment section and I Will not hesitate to make a free video On YouTube right here showing you guys Exactly how to do that it is very easy For you to do and one of the things that You need to do is to pick a niche and be Consistent drop content the more content You put out the more opportunities you Create for yourself for groups that is What a lot of person don't understand so How do you make money on Instagram for For instance I'm going to be showing you Something very practical so I reached Out for you to a few Instagram Influencers you know and this is Somebody Um I think her name is this is hybrid's Card basically uh this is a block food Lifestyle influencer at the kitchen Muse Energy blog and they give first their Presence for Instagram and for YouTube Apparently this is the owner of the blog Right and um this is how much he charges To post content on Instagram this High Rate full video recipe product recipe Video full production recipe video is 7 000 naira that's what you pay her to Actually make that content for you and Post it and guess a lot of brands are Paying this trip up on a daily basis to

Make content and put on their platform Because they have a full version which Is basically Um Eyeballs right so they are getting paid For adverts basically right so if you Come down right here you see that IG Recipe video 500 000 error brand Mentioned Instagram reels and product Review YouTube you see the price of YouTube and All of that and you go to the next one The next one is naijafudi.com right they Come here then you see the statistics or Monthly page view for their blog is this Facebook page is this Instagram is this And all that so you come down to their Prices right see their prices right here Content created 200 a composed post Recipe creation 250 dollars a video Recipe creation 500 and this and this Other so you see all the monies that They collect on a daily basis right so Advice for people and there are times That you contact them and they say that They are fully booked for the for the Next two weeks so you have to wait for Any slots three weeks after Right so that's a lot of money that These guys are making and these things Are very easy for you to do an Interesting thing is that you build this Block once you peel this YouTube channel Once you peel this Instagram account

Once this ticked off account once and You keep reaping the benefits over and Over and over again another person I Researched is this past particular Person here this is her followership Strength fresh video content creation 900 000 naira without showing face You guys Um if you want her to attend your events You pay 1250k Instagram live video and All of this as a matter of fact I think I'm actually going to reach out to they Have your favorite YouTube influencers Right now not cheating not YouTube right Now okay your favorite social media Influencers YouTube Instagram and Actually get their rate card for you Right so that you see exactly how much These people are making when they post Content for people on their platform That's a video you want to send them in The comments I mentioned the names of The people that you want to know their Price their rate card right so I can Reach out to them get this get this red Card and actually make a video compiling All of that and putting it out here on YouTube for free for you if you want to See that video in the comments and I'm Not hesitate actually do that for you so This is how much this you could charge This person Brad inflation for three Months is 30 million error brand Influencing for uh six months 5.5

Million branding flexing for a year You're getting covered with how you have That conversation basically right it is Another person the race car at 500 000 800 200 000 550 000 1 million A lot of money right and this is the True definition of passive income Because the job is only done once the Followership is built worse is it busy Right you can do it you can do it so I Mentioned I mentioned selling courses Right selling these two products is also Also like um selling courses because you Can actually automate those things now What are these two products ebooks are Digital products PDF files courses you Know stuff like that these are all Digital products you're selling your Knowledge you can do a video course you Can do an ebook course you can do these Are all digital products and one of the Things I love about this particle kind Of product is that the fact that is the Fact that you have to do them just once Right I have courses that I created in 20 in 2020 that I started still selling Even though I am no longer actively Promoting those courses but people still Buy them right I have books I have Written on Amazon that are on KDP that I I don't promote but people are buying Those and I'm making money every single Day as a matter of fact I made a video This video showing up right here right

Now about Amazon KDP tutorials Self-publish your book and make me notes On Amazon for free it's actually a Complete tutorial I'll show you the Step-by-step how to actually do that Right so you should go ahead and Actually watch that video what I'm gonna Do is that the second link in the video Description is going to take you to that Particular video so you can watch it get Value and of course um learn exactly how To do this so Um and Amazon will pay you to try doing That and you can also automate this and Run adverts and all of that but then it Is because you're actually doing some Work over at over identical to you send It or when it's on Amazon you just leave It there and forget it right Amazon does The promotion that you get paid every Single month you know for having those Things browser is it busy right that is The redefinition of passive income and Again anybody can actually do this Including you and this particular world Is actually kind of funny right because What a lot of persons do have people Actually make a lot of money doing this To it right and it's what I call begging For money online right for this is not Passive in call because you have to Continue begging for money so you can Basically reach out to people you tell Them that you have I get a lot of those

Kind of messages every day you know you Have um you have uh issues and this and This and that and there are some Good Samaritans that are going to you know Which as a matter of fact somebody Contacted me today like having issues With hospital bills and this and this And that actually account number and I'm Going to be sending something to them Whether it's true or not you know but You have to be smart about doing this People do they make money doing it it's Not passive income but you know anybody Can do it actually if you have GDP issue Right you can reach out to people online And of course you know talk to them About it but another interesting thing Is that content creators YouTubers like Myself also have a platform when we back On the internet trust So what most YouTubers do or content Creators they go on virtually and set up An account you know or um that's another Website called buy me a cup of coffee or Something like that so I will tell you Right now that it costs money to Actually build this studio and continue And make this amazing content for you so If you want to support my channel click On that link and make a donation one Dollar to the last 30 dollars four Dollars whatever it is that you can Afford you can go ahead and do that and If you actually give me something right

As a matter of fact the third link in This individual education will allow you To actually buy me a cup of coffee so You want to buy a coffee coin for me Click on that they can actually donate Something right now this is me begging You for money at the internet so when I Talked about selling these two products I also mentioned Amazon KDP but let's Talk about Amazon KDP on what it is Exactly so um if I come here right now We're going to see Amazon KDP what it Does is an apple is used to self-publish Ebooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct publishing I reach Millions of readers on Amazon so this is A platform that that is one by Amazon And what you can do is I can publish Your books ebooks and all of that and Amazon has millions of customers so There is a very high chance of deposit Finding your book and buying this book And what makes this this thing unique Are the perfect example of passive Income is the fact that you only have to Write this book worse right and Throughout the lifetime these books are Selling on Amazon almost on a daily Basis and once somebody buys it you get A commission from Amazon from that sale Basically right so this is really Difficult passive income like I said I've made a video about this as a matter Of fact that's the video showing up

Right here right now so click on this Video save it we are done with this one We can go ahead and watch it our Understand the whole process that video Is almost two hours long so I showed you Everything in that video step by step on How to actually write your book and Publish your book on Amazon kdb it is Very simple and again if I can do it you Can do as a matter of fact anybody can Actually do this one of the most Interesting Um passive income idea you know that I Would actually advise anybody to get Into it now this is what what is called Blogging let me show you guys something So I'm going to come to my laptop screen Right now this is a Blog that I own and This is the report for the last month This this blog had gave me um over 10 000 views right and guess what guys I Have not written a single blog post on This blog it over here trust me but it's Still getting views right and of course It's still making me money let me show You guys uh something so I'm monetizing This blog with uh exotic right and this Is it right here I have a 504 dollars Balance right here 19 this month alone Right so far and if you comprise it calm Down if you come down here you're going To be seeing exactly how much I've made Over time so there's one thousand Dollars 6363 won't work higher than 32

It keeps doing up and over and one and One on and guess what guys I have not Beaten any blog post in over one year on This particular blog and the monies are Still coming in because you know there's A whole lot of content there right There's been promoted by Google and of Course you know people are watching it And I'm getting and paid for that Basically right so you should start a Blog the only reason why you should why You are afraid of starting the blog is Because you are thinking about to write In our content writing your articles how Are you going to do that now I have a Blogging course that is coming I'll be Working on this thing for a while me and My brother Daniels also we're working on This thing for a while and we should be Done by the end of next month right this Blog is right it's gonna be costing like One or two dollars I want to make it Free but one people that are actually Interested to people that will get into It so it's gonna cost like a dollar or Two that actually gets that cost so it's Your own was free right and we're going To be explaining the concept of blogging Step by step including how to monetize With Google AdSense or usage we're going To be taking you to everything step by Step if you are excited about that Particular blogging course let me know In the comment section and we can

Actually hurry things up a bit try if a Lot of you guys are actually interested Of course we need to follow things up You know to benefit you now another Interesting thing that you can do which Is actually passive income is crypto Investment right now this is risky and You need to do your own diligence before You actually Jump Right In but one of The best ways that I didn't with crypto In crypto investment is that actually Buy and do a hold for the long term you Know I think it's safer that way than Actually the day-to-day trade it if You're doing the day today it is no Longer passive income but when you buy The buy and hold for a very long time You know I think it qualifies for buying For for for Um who qualifies as passive income so But it's important for you to actually Do this right I always tell people when You are investing like this always do This with people with money that you can Afford to lose because this is handling Full entire market and anything can Happen at any time right so don't just Go in with money that you actually need Going with money that you are prepared To sacrifice right so that if anything Happens you are not really affected in a Very bad way of course you're going to Cry even if I lose one dollar right now I want to cry trust me this is something

Called stock market investing right like I made a video that's the video showing Up right here again you know um okay so You got the message you're going to see This video that says Bamboo is an app that allows you buy Shares of foreign companies right like Apple Microsoft Samsung they actually Buy shares of those companies using this Particular app and I've actually made a Video explaining how this can be done Right that's the video showing up right Here right now and also I'm going to be Linking the bamboo video about Bible Video review in the comment section Below so you can click on it watch that Video and begin to buy those companies So over a long period of time you know As the as they share of those companies Are actually increasing your investment Is increasing and of course you can also Grow your investment at any point in Time right so guys if you've got plenty Value from this video I want to Encourage you to smash the like button On this video subscribe to my channel And most importantly turn on the Verification button so that when I drop More amazing videos just like what you Just watched right now YouTube is going To send you a notification instantly Guys so if you want to know more about My upcoming training about how to Actually monetize your YouTube channel

And make money as a YouTuber in a while Building your channel the video showing Up right here is going to show you guys Exactly how to do that guys so until I See in my next video keep winning and Don't forget to check out those love you Guys bye from here guys

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