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Guys this is going to be the easiest way Of using chat GPT a free AI tool to make Money online just like I have done over Here as you can see in the past seven Days I have made over 850 dollars with This method just working 15 minutes per Day we will be selling High ticket Products so we just need a few sales to Reach these numbers and even more we are Going to use high quality traffic and The main money will be in the Retargeting that I am going to show how You can set each and everything up for Absolutely free and start making money With this method you just have to watch The full video and we are starting right Now Foreign Do like this video And subscribe to the Channel for Unique new money making Ideas jumping straight onto the video The first thing we will do is we are Going to use chat GPT that is a free AI Tool to create a lead magnet a free Value that we can offer to our audience In order to attract them and get the Sales and start the sales process I am Sure you must have heard about chat GPT It has been in a lot of hype and for Good reason just search on Google for Chat GPT login click over here and you Can just create your account for free Provide your email address and the basic Stuff this will be the page that will

Appear and all you need to do is you Just have to type your query over here And chat GPT will find the answer from The whole of Google and it will scrape All the websites and everything within Seconds and it will provide you an Answer like what Are the best niches For marketing you can just search over Here for anything and they will give you An answer as you can see it has started Typing out many things so you can make YouTube scripts from over here you can Make eBooks from over here you can make Email sequences from over here so this Way chat GPT will do a lot of the heavy Lifting will do a lot of the work for You for absolutely free and it is very Very good definitely you will have to Make some two weeks some changes and you Will have to use the content they Provide in your own manner but a lot of The heavy lifting a lot of the work is Already done now for this particular Method We are going to create very simple Ebooks using chat GPT using AI software And that ebook will be copyright free we Can do anything with that ebook and we Are going to use that in our promotions So what you need to do is over here like I've just searched Ebook outline for the title here you can Write plenty of different things

Anything how to make money online how to Lose weight for this particular method I Used mainly three niches dating and Relationship health and fitness make Money online so on those topics there Are plenty of things that you can search For ebook outline for title this will Remain the same you just have to you can Copy this and paste it over here and the Title can change how to lose weight why My ex is leaving me why the number of Divorces are increasing how to control The rate of divorces how to increase my Relationship with my spouse how to make Money online with affiliate marketing Like I said what are the best niches Uh for affiliate marketing so on all of These topics you can create an outline For the ebook an outline is like you can See over here an introduction all the Different points and now one by one you Can create different paragraphs you can Create content on all these sub topics That chat GPT has provided like I've Done over here ebook paragraph on Strategies of promoting affiliate Products as you can see this is a topic Uh over here Strategies of promoting affiliate Products same way whatever outline chat GPT has provided copy this and you can Just search over here for the same thing Ebook paragraph on Copy this paste it over here

And here you go you can enter the Different topics and it will provide a Paragraph it will provide the content That you can use for your ebook then to Create the ebook you can simply open Google Docs click over here click over Here and go to docs click on blank Document and over here you can just one By one Copy like a eBook like a book you see so You can just copy this from over here Paste it over here before this you can Just give it a proper title whatever the Title of the topic the ebook is you can Give a catch you title like 10 ways to Make money online within the first month Learn how X person made ten thousand Dollars with these uh affiliate Marketing strategies scientifically Proven formula to lose weight fast and This these can be the titles of your Ebook depending on the topic after that One by one you can just Uh copy this part Because it is the first point and you Can just go over here you can make this In the middle increase the size increase So you can just do all of these uh Beautifications all of these adjustments All of these uh presentation things on Your own it will take five minutes and Then one by one on the different topics You can start copy and pasting the Paragraphs chat GPT has provided now

Once you have prepared the ebook in this Manner now this is our free gift free Attraction that we are giving to our Audience in between all of these points All of these paragraphs we need to Insert our promotions our money making System our affiliate products that we Can make money from So for that you can visit different Affiliate marketing websites where you Can find products that you can start Promoting and if they purchase you are Going to make commissions so ClickBank Is the world's largest affiliate Marketplace where you can find products On many different niches I use digistore For a lot of my YouTube videos because Many people have issues in creating ClickBank account so if you are one of Them you can simply use DJ store 24 Equally good perfectly fine and as you Can see there are so many different Niches on which you can find products Now like I said in the beginning of the Video that we will be using a bit medium Ticket to high ticket products that Means uh 150 commissions 200 300 Commissions because the traffic we are Going to get will be limited but it will Be super super high quality so we need To make the most use of that traffic and We are also going to set up retargeting That I am going to show how you can do For absolutely free first let's select

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The products if you just come on email Marketing you can go for dating and Relationship health and fitness whatever You have created the ebook on and like I Said I worked on all these different Niches so you can have multiple ebooks And promote different different products So all you need to do is just copy the Link of this particular product from Over here and this is your affiliate Link that you need to start promoting But like I said that the main money we Are going to make will be in the Retargeting because we are selling High Ticket products so so the people might Not purchase the product on the first to Go we need to remind them again and Again we need to provide them different Different follow-ups so that they Purchase for that we are going to set up Our email marketing in the past two Weeks I have collected almost 120 125 Emails and from that I have got four to Five sales that have made me around 800 Just in the past one week so email Marketing collecting emails and then Retargeting them is very very important Because that is where the main money is For high ticket selling so you can use Plenty of different email marketing Softwares convertkit is one of them get Response MailChimp systems dot IO each Of them have a free plan that you can Use definitely the free plan will be

Till a certain limit as you can see till 300 subscribers but the beautiful thing Is that till you reach this point you Will already be making money so then you Can maybe upgrade or you can create Multiple accounts for free and use the Free plan again and again as you wish Just click over here on sign up for free And create your account when you come on Convertkit go over here on grow click Over here on landing pages and forms Click over here on create new and we Need to create a landing page where we Can collect the emails of the people so You can just use a very basic very Simple uh landing page we need to use so Let's say we choose this one over here And now over here we need to write Catchy things what I mean by that Don't just write subscribe to our Newsletter definitely not uh do you want To learn how X person made ten thousand Dollars in just two weeks with this Special method A special method to make money online Right now uh newly discovered special Formula to make money online right now From which thousand people have already Made money thousand people are using This method to make money online do you Also want to learn this things like that Catchy things like that regarding your Niche then you can change the background As well click over here on this uh

Landing page name go over here and you Can just click over here on you can Cancel this image and you can click over Here on upload to upload a appropriate Image for your Niche if you go to Google There will be plenty of images health And fitness background image make money Online background image you will find Plenty of them so you can make the Landing page as beautiful as you want You can click over here on this image as Well and you can just edit this you can Maybe upload a Uh before and after weight loss image or Some screenshot of making money online Something like that as I said all of This will be available on Google so you Just have to make a very simple very to The point landing page But this is very very important so that People can submit their emails another Thing that you need to set up is that if You just click over here on settings Once the people have subscribed once the People have given their email address Now we need to redirect them to an External page and this external page Will be our affiliate link so that the Traffic will come on the landing page Once they have submitted the email then They will go to the affiliate sales page Of the product directly So you can just come over here copy this Affiliate link

Go back and paste it over here click on Save you can click over here on publish And this is the landing page link that You need to Paste in your ebook because the ebook is The main thing that we are going to Attract our audience with the ebook is The main thing where the people will Land so on the ebook over here you need To place your convertkit landing page Link and for that you can just Uh write to different catchy lines like You have written on the title of the Ebook like learn how X person has made Ten thousand dollars in just two days do You want to learn the new formula from Which thousand people have already made Money this way you can Write the catchy line just highlight This Click over here on this icon to insert The link and here you can insert the Landing page link click on apply this Becomes a clickable link that is your Landing page link so this you can paste After every four to five pages Throughout your ebook once you have done This your ebook is all set you have Created the valuable content over here From chat GPT and you have pasted your Landing page link where you are going to Collect emails so you can just click Over here on file click over here on Download and you can download this in a

PDF format this is our free value to the Audience that we are going to give to Attract them also if you are looking for Somebody to personally help you Personally guide you to achieve success In this field like I have done I provide Personal training as well so you can Check out my website from the first link In the description box below my students Are absolutely crushing it I provide Personal help so if you want to get Trained by me do check out my website Now back to the video now once you Another thing that you need to do is Once you have set up your landing page Now we also need to set up our email Marketing sequence so that we can start Retargeting the audience and start Making money So you can just uh come over here on Send click over here on send broadcast Click over here on new broadcast and This is where you can start sending out Emails what I did was I sent out one Email per day after I I had collected Around 30 to 40 emails so one email per Day around six o'clock to eight o'clock That was my time I sent out one email Per day once I had 30 40 subscribers so Here the subject line the content all of This you can get from chat GPT as well Like I said it can do a lot of things so You can write Uh right

A email Sequence for make money online product Another thing you can do is you can just Come back to the different marketplaces Digistore ClickBank and on all of these Different products you will see an Affiliate support page over here as you Can see affiliate support page affiliate Support page so just click over here on The affiliate support pages and you will Get plenty of things email scripts Templates testimonials images many Things to help you the owners of the Products will themselves provide as you Can see email scripts you can see they Have provided the different email Scripts so you can take few lines from Here few lines from here to make a Unique script as well just mix and match Chop and change in order to create your Emails and this way you can just enter The subject line enter the content and You can send out the emails one per day For this particular method Click over here on continue and you can Send the emails to all your subscribers Now that you have set up everything the Only thing left to do is get high Quality traffic on your ebook from that We'll collect emails and from that we Are going to make money for that I am Going to show you a terrific platform That I have been recently using that is Getting 60 million visits per month a

Good chunk of the people are from Top Tier countries and it is super super High quality traffic the name of the Website is Academia Dot edu just come over here create your Free account it is totally totally safe 100 free and all you need to do is just Start uploading the different different Ebooks like I said this is a platform That has over 200 million active users Active readers so it is a terrific Platform for providing information Providing free value and then promoting A high ticket product so all you need to Do is Click over here on upload uh Upload the document that you have Prepared you can click over here on Publish the work that means other people Can see it now the title will definitely Be regarding your Niche like I said Again and again I've provided you many Examples of what you can write regarding Catchy things like learn how thousand People have made money online for free With this method learn how X person is Making thousand dollars per day then Here in the description as well you can Just elaborate the same thing in two More lines I am going to show you a Perfect method of making money online From which thousand people have already Started making money it is changing People's life you can also try it it is Easy to set up just two to three General

Lines about the Niche publisher name you Can write your own name Or you can write random company name Anything uh that you want here you can Write the current year then DOI number You can leave it blank or you can just Go over here and get a dummy DOI number Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't Author let it be your name now here on The research interest as you can see There are maximum 20 tags that you can Write so here anything regarding your Topic make money money how to make money How to make money online all the Different tags all the different things Regarding your niche if you just search Over here for money they will Automatically give you plenty of Different options plenty of different uh Categories as you can see as you can see The number of follows as well so Depending on that you can choose 20 Different categories regarding your Niche once you have done that let it be Add papers and you can just click over Here on Save and finish then you can Just allow this for Uh collabs and everything you just click Over here on continue continue here they Are trying to ask you to upgrade you can Just click over here on no thanks over Here as well you can just write what you Wrote in the description That is just describing your ebook click

Over here on post and this is your ebook That is published that will be getting Views hundreds and thousands of views From over here a few of my ebooks got Around four to five thousand views that Made me the majority of the emails and The money so this will happen to you as Well once you keep on posting a few of The ebooks will get viral will hit and That will definitely make you the most Amount of money so what I did was I Created around two ebooks per day on Different different niches make money Health and fitness and relationship and Dating I had different accounts for each Of those niches and I created two books In total for all of those accounts and I Uploaded them consistently the Retargeting the email marketing is very Very crucial so set that up properly and You can start making money very easily With this particular method along with This if you like my money making methods And want me to personally help you Personally guide you to set up your Digital marketing Empire like I have set Up a seven figure digital Empire for Myself I provide personal training as Well so you can check out my website From the first link in the description Box below my students are absolutely Crushing it some are making money in the First week as well some in the first Month as well live sessions WhatsApp

Support high quality training videos Each and everything is done to help you So if you want to get personal trained By me do check out my website from the First link in the description box below And if you want to learn another way of Making money online with chat GPT click Over here all the details each and every Step is explained on this particular Video

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