$100 Million Niche Shopify Store

I'm going to share with you a Shopify Brand that's worth this much that's Doing something really genius the store Is called altitude Sports and they sell A bunch of winter gear and Outdoors gear As you see from their traffic Distribution they are popping off and in November they reached 6 million monthly Visitors They got a whole range of interesting Products that make for pretty good Product ideas if you're looking to start Some sort of outerwear business but Here's something really genius that they Do they have a partner site called the Last hunt And it's basically the exact same store Except everything is discounted as you See right here Now this discounted version of the brand Is still getting 2.4 million monthly Visitors which is pretty crazy I've Never seen any brand do this so I had to Share it with you guys I think it's Genius especially considering that you Could basically just put all the stock That isn't selling on discount on a Separate store without tarnishing the Brand reputation

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