15 Side Hustles that Will Make you a Millionaire in 2023 (Make Money Online)

Happy New Year guys so this is actually Coming late this is a video I should Have made like one word ago you know but Of course there's a better late than Never right 2022 has actually been an Amazing year and we're in 2023 and um The mistake a lot of persons make is That they forget the fact that failure To plan life is actually a plan to fail So you must have a plan for 2023. I want To help us with a plan for 2023 in Today's video which is why I'm going to Be discussing 15 side hustle that can Actually make you a millionaire in 2023 Now some of these things are things that I personally do right now are some other Things so some of my things that I've Done in the past myself and these are Easy side hustles that can make you a Millionaire in 2023 and I'm gonna be Getting you through all of them in Today's video so again it's important That you stay with me from beginning to The end of this video because one of This side also might actually be the one That is going to change your life and For those of you who will come and say Chill out I've watched your videos and I'm not getting their result you do not Get results by actually watching my Videos you get results by taking action So action makes it different right so You better take your pen and your paper Right now sit down and take notes while

I go through this while we go through This video together now if you need to Go through this video again the second Time please come back to it and go Through it the second time and if you Want to help your friends right take the Link of this video and send it to them Now if you have seen me for the first Time my limit Gerald and I make this Around making money online so what I do Is that I try things out the work I come Right here and show you exactly what I've done and the whole idea is that you Can do the exact same thing and of Course get the exact same result so That's it guys let me show you 16 side Hustles that can make you a millionaire In 2023 guys so number one on my list Right it's something that I talk about So very much right I had a lot of Trainings on this particular topic last Year and I'm glad when I see students Like diamond who has actually put their YouTube channels and they are making a Whole lot of facts right now making Money put on the affiliate side from the Sheet side and of course YouTube ad Revenue and I'm so inspired to keep Doing this for you guys so the first Thing I'm going to be talking about is YouTube channel so become a YouTuber Which is what I'm doing right now right So you create products on YouTube or YouTube page you can actually doing that

And there are seven other ways to Actually make money on YouTube and I'm Gonna be discussing that at the end of This video right I have a YouTube Morning secretary that is going to be Coming up on the 18th of February 2023 And I'm gonna be giving you more info at The end of this video it's actually if You actually want to be a part of that Training it's going to be happening Online and like I said I'm going to be Sharing the details at the end of the Video so it's important that you still From beginning to the very end so number One is becoming a YouTuber now who is a YouTuber before I answer that question Let's go to my screen right now and let Me show you guys let me show you guys Any how much for one of my YouTube Channels made for me last year now mind You guys I have I used to have about 10 Channels I've sold like four right now So I have about six and I'm actually a Few of them more new ones that I view to Flip again are probably going to sell Those ones you know once it gets to Where I want you to sell my spirituality Channel me channel I sold it at 20 000 Subscribers right so I view these Channels and I saw them and most of the Channel do not have my face on there so They are what we call faceless YouTube Channels and that's what I'm going to be Teaching in my training guys but for now

Let's go to my screen and let me show You guys how much one of my YouTube Channels actually made for me last year So these are my YouTube channel is right Here and this channel made me a hundred And fifty thousand dollars last year 2022 right and I'm hoping that each Child actually does a lot better than This because I'm putting a lot of work Into this faceless YouTube channel right And I want to show you guys exactly how To do that so this is what you're going To be doing right now right to become a YouTuber find a niche something that you Are actually comfortable talking about Right maybe you are a teacher you're a Math teacher as a student of mine that Are telling my training last year the Guy helped me talk about this thing that He started a YouTube channel where he Teaches mathematics So inspired right so you are a sales Person you sell cars you can start a car Review channel right and what's going to Happen is that when you come to the Psychology of marketing people Just need to trust you they buy you to You and they will buy from you now these Are the example when I was doing website Design actively what I would do is to Come on YouTube and make videos on how To actually build an e-commerce website Now what's going to happen is that People are going to trust me and they

Will call me to actually do this website For them you can use YouTube to Market Your brand you can use YouTube to Promote your product and Services I can Use YouTube YouTube actually pay you for Creating those content just like you saw My ad revenue on this local channel Right and I still get sponsorships and Of course good luck of other things on This particular channel is about 5000 Subscribers right now inside I've made This one is about 5000 subscribers right Now and it's making 150 000 for me in Just one year right so do that Mathematics and tell me how much that is In naira right so be the YouTube video YouTuber is actually very profitable and Nigeria is a virgin market so whether You're in Nigeria or anywhere else in The world I'm sure that there's Something that people are interested in That you can talk about I'm not going to I'm not going to go into details to show You I'm showing you how to pick your Niche you know what is a profitable Niche and all of that that's what I'm Going to be doing in my my YouTube Training that's happened on the 18th Right so the next you're going to be Talking about is affiliate marketing Which is actually the core of my Business right so affiliate marketing is Very simple it's just you promoting Other people's product and where the

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Sale is made from your marketing Therefore to get a commission now think Of it as a real estate agent right Somebody owns land and is looking for Buyer so you get a buyer you bring the Buyer to buy this land from this for This land and you get a commission from The from the president the client that Is how that is how affiliate marketing Is right we are doing it online so let Me show you guys an example so this is One of the products I promote actively Right so I I have an account on impact And I promote impact uh product so I'll Try to have a balance of 36 000 error That has cleared and I have a pending Balance of the 5000 which is which means I have made over 70 000 naira you know With this right the product is not my Mind you the product does not belong to Me so the only thing that I did was to Create an account on impact copy my Product link and got some other person To actually sign up on impact using my Link and that is all that is all that I Did right and look at the balance right Here you know So this is something that you can do and I'm gonna be making series of videos on This particular topic as a matter of Fact right so if you are not so yes Subscribed to my Channel please go ahead And subscribe to my Channel right now And also turn on the verification button

So that when I drop more amazing videos Right on all this topic I'm going to be Talking about today YouTube is going to Send you a notification 6. I want you to Succeed this year 2023 right I want you To succeed I don't want you to come and Send me a message at the end of the year I said Gerald I have not made money and I want to make money online and how We're going to be doing that again I'm Going to be dropping quantity content Right and all you need to do is to take Action right I will show you how to set Up an account on these platforms I will Show you how to copy your affiliate link I will show you how where to promote Your affili and where and how to promote Your video click for you to make the Kind of sales that has seen on my screen Right now let me show you guys another Product that I promote actively okay Share Excel I promote this passively not Actively right I think this is just Passively and I just like now I saw that I have 896 dollars A sale account right you know so share Excel is something that made a video on Most of the products right here you you Just need to get somebody to click and Sign up I have not sold anything on on Share yourself I don't want people to Actually click on my link and sign up so They have a lot of those kind of offers You just when people actually click and

Sign up you get paid for it right so if That if that's the video you want to see Let me know in the comment section of Course I'm gonna be prioritizing making Videos based on what you actually want To see so if I come here I'll talk about In fact if I come here to build a road I'm going to be seeing the fact I don't Build a role here as an affiliate I've Actually promoted I've actually promoted I've gotten people to actually sign up Computer world and this is fifteen Thousand sixteen thousand dollars made 416 euros and zero Brazilian Brazilian Whatever Brazil uses right so uh this is What I've direct sales is this this is a Euro and this is tier 2 sales right and This is what I've been paid I've been Paid I've been drawn six over sixteen Thousand dollars I've This is what I've requested this one to Be paid right and this is what the Spending review so as soon as this team Passes review it's gonna come to Available and I can now request for you To be paid and it's gonna be paid to me Easy peasy right so 16 000 on Buda Road Right so easy this is sales affiliate Marketing I do not own good at all what I just did was to promote you the role Somebody kills on my link says won't Build a road I knew that will give me a Commission from that sale I can show you About a hundred particular platforms

That I promote actively right but we Don't have that time and what I intend To do subsequently in my subsequent Videos actually they make videos on each And every one of them showing you how to Set up an account and how to promote the Next one is Fiverr affiliate not Fiverr.com not the freelancing website They are affiliate site where you Actually get somebody to sign up on Fiverr and once the person buy something On Fiverr you get a commission for it That's what I've been doing and that's How I've met okay right right here I Have 168 dollars pending balance that I Can withdraw right now but if you go Back in time if you go back in time to When I started uh on or 5A let's go back In time where where should we stop where Should we stop where should we stop Where should we stop uh look let's go Rest from back here let's start from Here right I hit update right so you see The statistics on my screen right now so You see that I've made about ten Thousand dollars on five as an affiliate I have no sold anything I've not bought Anything and these are all things that You can do for free right that is why When people come and send me General how Much do you need to set up in the market And I tell them it is zero any platform That needs me to pay money before I join The affiliate program I tend to run away

From those kind of platforms right so This is ten thousand dollars that I've Made in commission right here conversion Rate is 10.88 registration of 4 407 Purposes have registered right so Imagine I'm getting fifty dollars for Each person that registers right and Some of them have not bought anything so As soon as they buy something I'm still Going to be getting that commission even If they buy two years later that Commission is still gonna be coming to Me because I got them to register our Favor that's it that's how you work Right so um there's just a few percent That are actually bought okay about 487 Persons have actually bought something That's how I made 10 000. now imagine if 4 000 persons actually buys something on Fiverr and let's say I'm making like 50 So even 2012 even 30 30 each right so Four thousand multiply by thirty dollars That will give you how much I'm gonna be Making thirty dollars multiplied by four Thousand that will give you how much That's a hundred and twenty thousand Dollars potentially so I could make two Hundred three thousand dollars on Fiverr As it is right now because those people That are actually signed up right they Might buy something tomorrow and once They buy something that commission is Going to be paid to me Have made me uh ten thousand dollars now

Imagine if four thousand persons I could Get I could make the easiest 120 000 of My life right I do I'm an affinity for Payoneer for a lot a lot of other Platforms right referral programs i i i Affiliates with a whole lot of that Right I'm going to be making subsequent Videos on each and every one of the Platforms I promote to help you jump Into those platforms and start promoting It and start doing the exceptions I'm Doing so that I can get the exact same Result if that's the video you want to See let me know in the comment section And of course I'm gonna be making that Video the next platform we're gonna be Talking about is faber.com now Fiverr is Where I actually made the most amount of Money online when I started online right That's one thing that convinced me that Um I could actually make money online I Remember that my target was one thousand Dollars every single month and once I Hit that ticket I used to be very happy Right but the thing with Fiverr is that It is active in comment it's not passive Income I mentioned YouTube I mentioned The affiliate marketing those ones are Passive income I'm so Fiverr is Basically active income it means that You have to actually work and keep Working so you will be getting paid but It is fine you can actually do that so If you come on Fiverr right now and

There are some gigs that people are Selling people ask me is a heater out What what can I sell on Fiverr it Depends on your skill but there are some Things that anybody can do one of the Things I saw on Fiverr for a very long Time was Sports person videos Now what it means is that the persons That manufacture okay this is my book on Amazon these books actually remembered I'm gonna be leaving the link in this in The video description below so go ahead And grab this book so imagine I want to Promote this book right now and I I send This book to you right I contact you on Fiverr I send this book to you so you Just take this book and make a video I Said that you read this book that is the Best book ever when it comes to making Money online in Nigeria with no money Basically right so that's the little Book just talk about the book review do A positive review about this particular Book and what I'm gonna do is that You're going to post a social media or Give it to me I can post it and use it To write out to do ads so that more People can actually buy my book right And you have gotten paid for actually Doing that now that's an amazing way to Make money or Fiverr and there are People that are actually doing make Money by just dancing right let me show You guys something so um let's say for

Instance I dance I'm gonna sit down for Instance let's say you could actually Make money by you know just dancing Basically so this is this person says uh I will create a tick tock dance with Video and this person has sold 774 And she's selling for 35 dollars so to Get an idea of how much uh what's her Name Dale shanendez has made doing this Multiply 35 by 774 and let me know how Many dollars this lady has made doing This in the comment section in the Comment section below You Can Dance Anybody can dance you can shake your Body right you can get some other person That can dance and monetize that Person's skill that the person knowing What you're doing with it right I've Made videos on Fiverr where people Contact me and pay me money to just take For summer person to tie me up and take With me right and you get paid 50 100 For just thickly nine giggling with it People pay for cough uh videos Sneezing videos yes these are things That I've seen happen right before my Eyes hundred dollar life videos just for You to sneeze on this particular website And of course the operational things Like website design that you can do and All around of those days so one of the Things I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna Be doing a video where I'm gonna be Sharing Fiverr gig ideas that will

Actually make you money right that's Everything you want to see again let me Know in the comment section just write I Want to see the video of fiber dick Ideas you know how to make money online With Fiverr something like that so I put It gosh I'm gonna be prioritizing the One that has most Um demand that's what I'm going Prioritizing in my subsequent videos so Of course Fiverr is an amazing way to Make money online to actually get Started so this is upwork right here Upwork is similar to Fiverr in a very Personal services and stuff so I'm gonna Come here let's build a Creative Design For instance and let's see what people Are doing on Okay so these are graphic designer Series UI ax directors when designers Voiceover artists and the funny thing is That you can actually sell voiceover Okay I think I'm gonna be making a video On how to actually make money with Voiceover right because there's an AI Tool that I actually used to clean my Voice to clean my sound right now I'm Going to meet you and it's completely Free I'm gonna be introducing you to you Guys so you can actually record your Voiceover on your phone use the AI tool To clean it and it becomes like a Professional tool that was recorded Professional voice what I was doing in

This studio and you can send it on this Platform you can send it on upwork you Can send it on Fiverr and all the other Freelancing websites out there so you Potentially become a voiceover artist Right with no money at all and see Justice is that all these things I've Been mentioning right now you don't need One there I don't need any money at all To start to do any it's something that You can start doing right now completely Free so let's search for what what do You search for uh resume just like I Explained in my previous videos not in That video that video showing up here Right now right that's my previous video I raise your man Raise Your Man enter Right so but this is loading up I'm Gonna give it a while okay resume for This person granziana Z Rosemary celorin Who's mail optimization job application Assistance and she has made over twenty Thousand dollars on upwork doing these Services right Sonia Sonia has made over Ten thousand dollars Um this person uh okay top rated faster Around this is Vincent vcenters okay he Suggest this okay Mrs B how she has done over twenty Thousand dollars a thousand dollars on Off work this person has done over a Hundred thousand dollars uvika right This person John I has over two hundred Thousand dollars

Has over forty thousand dollars on Upwork alone right and it's completely Free to staff completely free you know You're not paying any money at all to Start I hope you guys can hear me I'm Gonna bring my uh mic closer you don't Need any money at all to start doing This right anybody can draw enough work Right now set up an account and start And get started so one of the things I'm Going to be doing is to make a video on How to actually set up an account on Upwork right if that's a video you want To share of course let me know in the Comment section again so I'm gonna be a Question making that video so I've Talked about using the YouTube channel I've talked about Fiverr talked about What I talked about affiliate marketing Another interesting way to actually make Money online in 2023 right and actually Become a millionaire is by crypto Trading right I've made a lot of videos On like a lot of crypto platforms on Binance remitano all those platforms now Um these investment is actually risky of Course it's volatile so it goes up and Down but there's a better way to Actually make money on crypto and this Is what we're gonna do a lot of persons Are demanding crypto but you can Actually become a merchant when you buy Ai and sell cryptocurrency Bitcoin usdt And all of that right so somebody wants

To sell you buy low then you sell High Just like people do when it comes to Forex right Foreign Exchange Market no Their bookies the people that sell Dollar and pounds and so and stuff like That so you can do that with Cryptocurrency so go and buy and set up An account your friend wants to sell uh Ten thousand dollars worth of uh um Crypto you buy it from there let's say You can actually you take the market you Can send it for 750 right you buy it at 7 30. And resell it at 750. there's a 30 30 Naira difference that you have actually Made doing this that's an amazing way to Actually do make money online so the More volume you sell the more money you Make it is that simple right anybody can Do this just a little training go to Your website that's an amazing website I Can actually go to right now and you Know figure these things out just take Like a few hours and read search and do All of that number one website is G Double O G l e vocal.com that's the best the Greatest asset that you actually need to Actually get started now the second Website is y o u t u b e.com which is Where you are on right now so anything You want to learn right just go ahead And search for how to start Cryptocurrency trading you see a lot of

Videos now there are a lot of junks on YouTube trust me but what I do is that I I tend to open the first 10 videos for That keyword I've searched and I take my Time to go through it at the point where Those videos are beginning to meet that Is exactly where the truth is so watch All the videos that you want to watch Before you and read everything you need To read before you jump into that Niche It is very important so you are informed Before you jump in right so crypto Crypto trading is another interesting Way to actually to get started that you Can become potentially become a Millionaire in 2023. now number four is Forex Trading now it is really crypto Trading but this is Foreign Exchange Market right now so you're instead of Buying Bitcoin and the usdt and you know Ethereum and all of that you are buying Pounds you're buying Japanese Yen you're Buying the US dollar you're buying New Zealand dollar you're buying the Australian dollar you're buying the Mexican peso you're buying the you know All these money right the Euro and all Of that so your party we are packing Against each other and you know doing Your stuff that's Forex Trading Basically I'm going to be making a video About Forex specifically for Forex you Know I have an expert you know that can Give you signals and actually sit down

One-on-one with you and guide you Through how to actually set up your Account and all of that right I'm going To be making that video probably next Week so everybody wants to let me know In the comment section of course I'm Going to make another video for you guys Next platform that can potentially make You a millionaire in 2023 is Amazon Kindle publishing Right that's an amazing platform so um This is how it works you can publish you Can become a published author on Amazon Write your book published on Amazon and When somebody pays orders for that book Or Amazon will print that book and send It to them and that's what I did with my Book this book right here Right I sat down and I wrote this book I Published on Amazon and once I put other Amazon will print the book I send it to Them based on demand So it's actually a print-on-demand System right for books so you can write Your book right now for put on Amazon And just promote and Amazon we do the Marketing and the printing and Everything I pay you every day and I Actually made actually made a very Detailed video on Amazon Kindle publish In this video showing up right here Right now so the Netflix I'm going to be Talking about is udemy right I've Actually made about a lot of money on

Using me and what I did was I created a Course put it on udemy for free so I Want people buy that course on YouTube Udemy sends me money every single month I think the first two week I put the First month I published that course on YouTube my first course on YouTube I Made about almost five thousand dollars That's that month so you can create a Course right now it's very simple right What is it that you love doing is it Yeah people actually actually that There's demand for it this is social Media management is it digital marketing Is it cooking whatever just create a Course a video course around you sit Down sit down you know teach Put those videos on your udemy arrange The courses when people buy you to get a Commission and again this is passive Income because you just need to do the Work once and it's going to sell for as Long as you they may exist and that's What makes it amazing now I'm gonna be Talking about another interesting Platform another interesting way to make Money online which can make you a Millionaire now this method has actually Made a lot of millionaires and this is One of the ways that I actually used to Promote my affiliate product right so And that is blogging Now I'm not going to be dwelling on this So much because after right now I'm

Working on a blogging course with my Brother Daniel Romero Daniels are Currently working on a blogging course Right and in that course we are going to Be taking you through the Journey However they actually made millions of Naira blogging right we are going to be Showing you how to actually Choose a name for your blog how to buy Your domain name how to set up your blog Using WordPress how to um write your Blog post how to publish it what to Embed how to do everything your keyword Research your everything that you need To know about blogging we're going to be Teaching it and that was going to be the Most detailed blogging course you are Ever going to see in your life trust me So you are pouring everything that we Have with the lunch over the years from Personal experience into that particular Course and that course is going to be Almost free maybe like five dollars or Even one dollar we've not decided so but It will not exceed five dollars maybe Like one dollar or two dollar or five Dollar whatever wait I could have Gradually be free with nothing yet but We're working on that course and it's Going to benefit you you so if you if You are excited about Apple blogging Course let me know in the comment Section and we can actually hurry it up Now you know another thing that can

Actually actually make you a millionaire In 2021 is has been an SEO consultant Now yesterday I consulted I consulted For two different organizations right Where I sat down I told them what's Wrong with their Um SEO their search engine optimization But this is a skilled area this is Something that you have to learn to be Able to do it and how to get started is To go through the Google Digital Garage Certificate Google digital marketing Training right I made a video about this And that video showing up right here Right now so go ahead watch that video Take that course and get certified and Then take other courses online right if You are confused about the course so Take let me know in the comment section And tell me exactly what you want to Learn and I will respond with the link To the course that you should take right To actually understand it so and that's A SEO consultant you have to learn and Another interesting way to learn is YouTube is a free resource it's the Second biggest search engine in the World I don't know why you are not using It you should utilize it right almost Everything that I know I learn on YouTube all those questions that you Will call you that is ringing to your Head right now you've not heard the SEO Before in your life so those questions

Are ringing in your head right now go on Google go on YouTube and type them into The search engine uh the search engine Bar right and take time to go through The answer that it's going to give you And you understand you figure it out you Are smart man come on you can you can You can do it right I did it you can do It I didn't go to any school to learn Digital marketing or learn YouTube you Know it was just an error you know Researching paying attention to Weaponline teaching trying things out And seeing what works right I didn't Have somebody like me you know like you Have me right now sitting down here to Tell you exactly what to do I never had Anybody like that sitting me down and Telling me exactly what to do but I'm Doing that for you right and you have me And you can reach me in the comments Section and ask your questions and I'll Be here to answer your question right I Think that is a privilege and I think You should actually take advantage of it Another thing you can actually do to Make money online is Facebook ads Consultant a lot of persons are looking For people to run Facebook ads for them Like I meet organizations I sit down With my Consulting business and I Consult with organizations and they are Like and one of the things I recommend To them is to hire somebody

To actually do this work for them and Sometimes I recommend trading I do Training for their staff Write on how to actually do this thing And sometimes actually sit down in their Interviews to help them hire their the Right people to do this job for them so If you are unemployed you do yourself a Favor if you actually sit down and learn Facebook ads it will be be the easiest Way for you to get a job because Organizations have money but they don't Know how to spend it on you on Facebook So one of my Consulting sessions this Was yesterday I was talking to a client And they told me that they stopped their Facebook ads because they were not Getting results you know from the eyes That they were they were spending a lot Of money we weren't getting results and What they were doing is that they were Taking people from the from the ad right To the product they were not collecting Any leads and that that's a complete Waste of money when you are running Facebook ads like that because people do Not buy at first Contact right 99 of People do not buy a first Contact so the Best thing for you to do is to to run Facebook ads and collect leads then Follow up Right because the people that actually Directly at least you collected means That are interested in that kind of

Product so you push it to them Communicate with them build trust before They buy but before you understand these Things you have to actually understand Facebook ads ads basically not just Facebook Facebook ads Google ads YouTube Ads you know everything right they are All the same uh you know how to build The landing page Bridge pages and all of That being a Facebook ads consultant can Potentially make you a millionaire in 2023 trust me another business idea That's going to make you a millionaire In 2023 is actually selling photos right You can literally take pictures with Your phone Right and put it on this particular Website and you get paid once a sale is Made on this same picture so you just Post a picture once and you can sell This a picture over and over and over And over and over again it is that Simple it is that simple one of such Websites is silent me for instance right Welcome to Alami and come all the way Down to the bottom I say selling with an Alami become a contributor I click on it Now what this means is that you can Actually take pictures pictures by Yourself put it on this particular Website and what happens is that once a Sale is made you can gain 50 on any sale Sell your work all around the world join Now and end up to 50 50 of any sale

Become a contributor once you click on This place right now you're going to set Up an account I start uploading your own Content online now I'm going to be Making a dedicated video on audio over 20 websites that I can actually do this On and the interesting thing is that you Can actually put the same picture the Same images on all of this websites Right so I'm gonna be making videos on All of them so we pay out over 1 million Dollars every month to our contributors You can become one of these people that Collects one million dollars every Single month gradually become one of Them but us taking pictures and Uploading this with your website now the Second one that I do that do this that Does the same thing is website shoulder Stock if I come here come all the way Down to the bottom again I'm gonna close This uh come here where it says Um sell your content I'm gonna click on It Right this is loading up so he says Share your work and start and enjoy Shooter shutter stores Global community Of contributors and earn money do you What you love so you come here and Create just take a picture right create Your image submit your image and get Paid and even when you refer people you Actually get get paid some more right That's affiliate marketing right now

More than one billion of paid out Decrease is over in the last 15 years This website have paid out over 1 Billion dollars to our world record Musical contributor and it doesn't Matter where you are in the world you Can actually become a contributor take Pictures and put it on this website you Know make sales and you get paid it's as Simple as that right the next Um idea is that can make you a Millionaire in 2023 potentially is Sprint on Demand right if I go to Websites like prints where I printful or Teespring and that's literally what they Do so you decide your T-shirt where you Can design on camera I actually made a Video about change the video showing up Right here right now right and if you Want me to make an updated video 2023 I Wouldn't mind doing that just let me in The comment session and I wouldn't mind Doing that for you guys so if you um Just go there set up a design right you Can do that we cover export you to this Particular website and what happens is That once people order it you get paid For it so your design can be on a shared On the hoodie or whatever right you can Sell online or other myself so let's Take a look let's say I want to order Explore product you can see the push Product I can actually order right so People can order t-shirts with your

Design knowledge and what happens is That once they pay right Um printful prints your design on that T-shirt sends it to them and gives you Your own commission from the sale that Is made this means that your design if It's very good you cannot be sold over And over and over again now this side This is actually very seasonal if you Want to make sale this is how you work In the increased last period like when The king when the queen died I actually Made a lot of money from printful what I Did was actually designed a t-shirt with The queen and stuff like that around the Queen and I made a lot of sales in that Short short period of time they can go To a shop by women's clothing you can See this smoke right you can put your Design on this smoke you can actually I Can order any of this right now greeting Cards and a whole lot of other things You know see look at this shirt we did Design I can actually have online hustle T-shirts right here and tell you to go And buy basically right so you place an Order right there and you get she gets Sent to you I don't think my Allah logo Right here and all of that so this is a Very very simple and very easy to do Right it's one of the easiest ways to Make money online and again it is Passive income because you just do the Design once and you can sell it over and

Over and over at the very good so long As there is demand you know people are Buying it you're gonna be getting paid In perpetuity now another way to make Money online in 2023 and potentially Become a millionaire selling physical Products now what do I mean by this if You go to a website like Alibaba or AliExpress you'll find out that most of The things you buy in your local area is Actually a lot cheaper on those website Now let's assume that this particular Pen has demand in my area and I see that People are running ads for this and all Of that so I go on a website like jumia Or Amazon and I find out that this pen Is being sold by like by at five dollars Right then I go on Alibaba oil sometimes I never buy a cheaper because you order Like maybe like 50 pieces and you get it For like a fraction of a dollar Basically right so when you factor in The shipping costs it might be landing Up to to you for one dollar or less than One dollar they can now sell it for four Dollars so that is something that I have Practicalized in another video that Video showing up right here right now Right where I showed you guys a product How much is sold on AliExpress and how Much is sold on jumia and Conga and all The other Amazon under the other Platforms so you can actually sell those Sets so you can begin doing that right

Now you buy these things you need them On this website you're going gg.ng and When somebody orders for it you ship it To them right they'll pay all pass your Others through Amazon you ship it to Them or you can actually build your own Website around page and begin to promote This product using Facebook ads or even Organic method of promote promotion Another thing that you can do to make Money online is local Drop Shipping Local Drop Shipping now what do I mean By this let's say for instance you go on Facebook Marketplace and you see a Product that somebody is selling for ten Dollars right and you go on eBay Or digital or digital.ng or with Whatever website at least that same Product for twenty dollars Now what's going to happen is that once You get an order someone wants to buy This product for 20 what you're going to Do is talk The person pays on eBay right Collect their details and give it to the Person who would have report on on Marketplace or DJ this person she unpaid That person their own fraction and this Person ships this product to the person That paid on eBay Right you don't get to touch or see this Product that is local Drop Shipping Another thing you can do is to go to Your local market Right find people that sell shoes

Clothes Handbags and stuff like that Find out their prices perfumes follow Their prices they'll come and start Marketing this thing on your WhatsApp so You have friends you have friends that Watch your video status that might be Interested in this kind of thing right Come and put it right there and start Getting them to to buy those things from You once they pay you you call the Manufacturer the owner of this product And send them their money and the Address of the person that actually need This the real buyer they now send it to Them you don't get to see this product Yourself that is local Drop Shipping Right of course you can actually read The international Dropship where you you List people buy people pay you you pay Early Express and they ship directly to The person well I talk about the last Thing on my list I mentioned the fact That I'm having a training on YouTube Now YouTube is where I've actually YouTube is one of the platforms that Actually makes me consistent money every Single month right I have a lot of um YouTube channels but it's a number of Them and they make me substantial amount Of money every single month right and I Want to show you guys exactly how to do That so I'll start by showing you how to Upload a YouTube channel how to pick Your Niche how to upgrade your YouTube

Channel how to monetize and the Different ways to make money on YouTube Including ads revenue and sponsorship Deals is selling your own product using YouTube for your marketing your own Brand and your own personal business I'm Going to be showing you all of this with No roads but I'm not going to be leaving Any stone as soon and this event is Happening on the 20 on the 18th of February on Zoom is going to be on Zoom Live right it's going to be on zoom and We're going to be having a swell time as I'm going to be showing you guys exactly How to I've actually do this so uh this Is what's going to happen if you want to Learn more about this event what you're Going to do right now is to click on the First link in this video description Once you click on it it's going to Redirect you to my personal WhatsApp Number so you chat with me about it Right so I can tell you how to proceed And there's a fee of 15 000 naira for This particular training I'm gonna be Explaining more answering your questions About the training on WhatsApp right so Make sure you tell me I'm already I'm Always ready and when you send me a Message I don't respond immediately Please chill and do not come and say hi Just click and tell me exactly why you Are here and we'll question that you Want to just go ahead and see and ask

Your question or whatever it is that you Want to say just say it don't write high And wait for me to respond right and When you send a message chill right one Promise that I can make you is that I Will respond to you in less than 24 Hours I will respond to you in less than 24 hours Right so once you send a message you are You chill and wait for me you know to Respond now Um Finally I want to say very big thank you To you for watching the video from Beginning to the very end and if you've Noticed about my channel what you want To encourage you to actually do that ask Me any question you have in the comment Section as I'm not going to be Hesitating to answer all of your Questions that is one and one of the Ways one of the business ideas that can Actually make you a millionaire in 2023 Is by watching this video it's explained It's explained in this video showing up Right here right now and if you want to See how I made over a 195 000 with YouTube alone this video showing that Right here is going to show you guys Exactly how I was able to do that guys Until I see my next video keep winning And don't forget to share out does love You guys bye from here guys

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