3 NEW Ways To Make Money On Fiverr – Fiverr Paid Video Consultations

You can now get paid to talk on Fiverr This is of course through fiverr's new Paid video consultations feature and the Real beauty of this is that I think that A lot of different Freelancers add a lot Of different skill levels are going to Be able to make some money through this Fiverr's paid video consultations Feature allows Freelancers to connect And sync their calendar up to Fiverr and Then it allows new clients to book time In that Freelancers calendar best part About all this is that these are paid Meetings Fiverr sellers set a price and They get paid for these meetings that People book all on their own but in Order to really make money from this new Feature you need to think about this Like a pro and be strategic about how You leverage fiverr's paid video Consultations to make you a lot of money Lucky for you I'm a pro and in this Video I'm going to show you three great Ways that you can leverage fiverr's paid Video Consulting station feature to Create an entirely new income stream for You the first way is to sell paid Consultations before someone buys your Gig you can leverage this new Consultations feature to make even more Money every time someone places an order For one of your gigs by charging them For a consultation before they place an Order for one of your gigs think of it

Like this it's probably pretty realistic That like nine times out of ten a client Is messaging you before placing an order For one of your gigs they have questions Concerns they want to chat they need Advice whole bunch of stuff many of Those clients that message you and have These conversations with you are Probably spending quite a bit of their Time and most importantly quite a bit of Your time asking for free advice before Placing an order but nobody works for Free so if you're having conversations With certain clients that you notice Have pretty complex requirements or a Pretty complex project or you really is That they're asking questions that imply That they really have no clue what they Need what they want or how to go about Doing this they might be a great fit for You to upsell them a paid video Consultation with you your expertise That you're sharing with people before They place an order is valuable it's Worth money and why not charge for it This has been something I've been doing Well before Fiverr rolled out this new Feature pretty much every time I have a Client that's talking to me that really Wants to work with me but has no idea Where to start what they need or you Know really doesn't understand how I can Help I either sell them a 30 minute or 60 Minute consultation paid with me over

Zoom I sell it to them and we talk about Things like their business what their Goals are what type of campaign they Want to run campaigns they've run in the Past any questions they have about Working with me and believe it or not Every time I do this it actually results In them placing an order for a more Expensive gig of mine because the Consultation gives me an opportunity to Really uncover their needs and upsell More expensive services to them the Second thing you can do is sell Consultations as a standalone service Let me ask you have you ever met a Full-time consultant before Consultants Are people who provide expert advice to People and businesses who need help on a Very specific topic or thing and and a Lot of the times Consultants do have a Very narrow focus of what they're good At and where they can offer value and Because of that Consultants are usually Able to charge quite a bit for every Hour of their services so if you're a Fiverr seller who sells a very specific Skill set on Fiverr and you're an Absolute expert at that skill set then You can probably offer some of your Knowledge available through consultation To people in businesses who need advice From someone like you for example if You're an expert graphic designer better You can sell consultations to companies

That need advice on whether or not they Need to do something like a total Rebrand if you specialize in something Like video editing you can sell Consultations to YouTubers and content Creators where you spend time reviewing Their content with them to get to give Them advice on how they might be able to Improve their edits or different content Strategies they might want to consider Or if you're a copywriter like me you Can sell consultations to businesses Where you explain to them the value of a Copywriter review some of their existing Marketing campaigns and and really help Identify areas where they can put some More Focus as it pertains to copywriting And marketing there's a lot of options Here and the beauty with all of these Options is that when you sell Specialized advice in the form of Consulting it's very common to see People charging anywhere from like fifty Dollars an hour to 250 an hour or even More and buyers are expecting that the Third thing thing you can do is to sell Coaching consultations do you ever get Messages on Fiverr from beginner sellers Who are you know really begging to Become your Apprentice your intern or to Do work for you for free I do I get These a lot and the reality is for me it Absolutely doesn't make sense for me to Bring anyone on like this without me

Charging them for the time it really Just takes way too much time out of my Day to bring on someone like that who Needs a lot of questions answered and Really doesn't know how to do things the Way that I know how to do things it's a Learning experience for them but now With the new paid video consultations Feature you can actually grow a little Coaching business on the side and Anytime someone messages you asking to Be an apprentice or to you know be a fly On the wall or learn from you you can Have them book in 30 or 60 Minute time Slots directly into your calendar Whenever works for them where you can Have one-on-one time with them to coach Them it's a pretty great option prior to Videocon consultations you would need to Sync up with some third-party service or If you're selling services through Fiverr you'd have to like sell the Service then do the zoom call save the Zoom recording upload the zoom recording To Fiverr as like the deliverable in the Fiverr order it was just a whole lot Messier process now with this baked into Fiverr not only is it a way more Streamlined process but it's so much Easier people can book directly into Your calendar it's synced everything's In one place I think it's really great And I think it's going to be an Opportunity for a lot of people to make

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A lot more money didn't I tell you this Video was going to be quick if you liked It make sure to re-watch the video to Figure out which of the three options I Presented are the best option for you to Really monetize fiverr's paid video Consultations for your own Fiverr Business and of course if you have any Questions at all I'm here for you in the Comments keep crushing it everyone until Next time cheers

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