3 Side Hustles To Make Money Online using AI

Today I'm going to share with you three Side hustles using AI technology now the Great thing about all of these methods Is not only can they make you a lot of Money and a side hustle over time can Become a full-time income for you using The AI That's available nowadays it's Just speeding up the entire process for Everybody because something what would Have taken you know a long time Previously it can take minutes nowadays Using Ai and the great thing is people Still believe it or not people still Don't know these different softwares Exist and it doesn't matter which Software we are looking at using so I Found this article over here and this is The best AI writing softwares and this Is of 2023 and you can see we've got Jasper copy AI soda right there's many More there's Sonic obviously you know This chat cheap BT and many more but it Doesn't matter whichever one you're Going to use for this now for me I have And I use this one over here so I'll be Sharing this one with you today but Again you can go ahead and use any one You want if you want to check this one Out this Jasper there's a link down Below you can try it out you can see Down here you get 10 000 words Completely for free with this okay but Like I say if you are using if you are Using chat GPT then you can go down that

Route as well now what are the methods Okay so there's a lot I mean it is Literally I'm going to share three with You today but we could literally do About 50 different variations of this Video but I'll share with you the three That I think have the potential to make The most money and the three which are Relatively simple and you'll see why as We go through this video okay so first Of all let's come over onto Let's go to Fiverr okay now over on Fiverr I've just typed in product Description now if you don't know five Over here this is an online Marketplace Of Freelancers so basically people are Coming onto Fiverr and they're putting Their services on here for a fee and as You can see down here you can see the Prices okay now I'm you I'm best in the UK so these are UK prices so we've got All these different things that people Will do for this so you can see here Look I will write a top Amazon listing Product description starting at this Amount of money over here and look at This it's had 1 000 feedback for this We've got this one over here we've also Got someone with Shopify product Descriptions and lots more now here's The thing okay People like in terms of writing a Product description you know people Think it's time consuming they think

It's boring or they just don't have the Time for this especially if they're you Know and doing Amazon or Shopify or Drop Shipping they want to focus on that part So a lot of the time they will Outsource The work for product descriptions and It's not just platforms like Fiverr Where you can do this you can even take These simple services and you can put Them on platforms like upwork and again On here I mean you can see like a 30 can 100 can 4K there's lots of people on Lots of different platforms making as You can see now it's getting very good Money from this year so this is nerd as Copywriting essentially okay so we'll Start with the first one over here which Is Um this over here which is product Descriptions okay so if I'm gonna go to One of these listings okay so let me go And let I'll just click on this one So we'll go in here look I will write Essay Amazon listing product Descriptions that sells okay this is This is what the person who buys this Gig for what they want they want to Ultimately improve their sales and Experts so for this package over here Look I will write a Title Five bullet Points and a basic description I mean This person's not even including any SEO In this this stands for search engine Optimization but you will get 300 words

In total For that amount of money which seems Insane on there and they've already got One order in the queue if I click on the Standard package we've got this Blaming and then this one over here it Just continuously goes up so how can we You know use AI with this so well really Simply I'll come into here And you can see inside of this one here This Jasper we have got all of these Different templates so basically I could Just come into e-commerce like so and You can see in here look Amazon product Description so this will write a full Amazon product description it will even Give us products features inside of here And you can go through all of these Different things in here oh what you can Do as well as you can come over to the Left hand side and click on chats down Here and you can see I've been using This for a few different things but if I Come down here all I'm going to do is Where's the search bar down here I'm going to write here right like this And you'll see how quick it works writer Product description Sorry I am typing a little bit slower Today because my finger is still in this This um bandage right a product Description for a new listing On Amazon I'm just going to say the Product I'm sorry the

Product is I don't know why should we go With the product is a New I don't know handbag I'm literally Just got off the top of my head the Product is a new handbag Available In Many Colors something like this and I'm just going to do this as basic as I Can at this moment tab to see what it Gives us okay so once I've done this I'm Just going to help enter okay And again I could have probably been a Bit more specific with this but I'm just Going to share with you what it outputs On here okay Introducing the hottest new handbag on The market perfect the day-to-day use of Special occasions like this spacious bag Is available in the rev my ballet Handbag as you can easily find did it There so you can see here it's giving us All of this so it's pretty good okay and Then I would say something like Um Give me give me Bullet points For the above Let's see if it goes ahead and does this And all I'm doing here is I'm literally Just giving it prompts and the software Will create like you can see on here Look sir straight away here I've got a Description down here for this handbag I've just made up I've then got bullet

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Points for this as well so you see Straight away I can use this software Over here to create as we can see over Here on Fiverr oh sorry this one over Here look Title I've got a title I've got bullet Points and I've got basic description Covered all done in what less than a Minute pretty straightforward and simple And literally all we're doing here is we Are putting in prompts down here now as You can see uh on fire over here there Is people selling this service and Literally it starts on the mind and it Goes up so again this is a side hustle Now you wouldn't just stick to this one So we can write product descriptions you Could focus specifically on Amazon Listings you could focus specifically on Shopify listings the process is still The same it's not going to take in terms Of where it's not going to take that Much time because we are using AI Software to speed up this whole thing For us okay now if we come back over Here let's go back over onto upwork and I've I'm going to take this in I'm gonna Have a look I'm gonna type in product Description Products description like this and I'm Going to come on to I'm going to click On jobs for product descriptions let's Have a look and click on enter Now over on here so over on Fiverr for

Example you put up your own Services Your listings Over on sites like Um upwork over here you can see look There's 785 jobs so look at this one Over here they're 10 and hourly rate and What do they need you to do it tells you Basically look we've got this one here Creative copywriter come down here Shopify product listings and basically You can go on to all of these and click On these and it will tell you more about This and then you can apply to it over On this website up here this is up like There's many more there's people per Hour there is guru.com and again you can Simply go on Google and just type in Freelancing websites there's lots of These so that's one of the things One of the side hustles we can use with This is writing product descriptions Okay straightforward and simple the next One I'm going to share with you is this One over here blog article Vlog article And look at this okay so let's just Scroll down here look I will write 1500 Letters five starting at this amount of Money this one scroll down again you can See we've got lots of people offering These Services okay And I mean look at this 1500s for blog Posts this one And again look at the prices let's look At the feedback it's crazy so again I'm

Just going to click on any one of these I'll find one you know a bit cheaper so Let's just go with this one over here For you okay So we can see here basic package so this Person here will write 500 words well Researched SEO article and blog posts Click on standard jumps up click on Premium and it jumps up again okay so Somebody here will write a blog article For us with scr included search engine Optimization well guess what where have I previously you would have to write all Of this yourself if you didn't know or Understand the topic you'd have to go Away and do research on that with you Know with all this AI now it's just Speeding up everything for us if I come Over into Jasper again I'm going to come Back over here and I'm going to click on Templates and I'm going to come over to Where it says blog here And we can scroll down you can see we've Got all these different options I'm Clicking on this one shot blog post so What do I want a blog post about so you Can see on here let's go let's say we Want a blog post about I don't know I Say a blog post about that Best Handbags under I don't know a hundred dollars something I have nothing you know no knowledge About this whatsoever turn a voice

Excited intended audience people who are Wanting let's go to this a handbag Under a hundred dollars and here's a Cool thing as well I'll show you this in A second so I'm gonna come down here and You know what language do I want this in And down here I'm just going to leave This on one I'm gonna click on generate Because what I could do here is I could Offer these Services where I would write A blog post for someone but then if this Is going to list the actual products Which are under a hundred dollars I Could go and find those products online And see so you know see how much they Are sorry see where they are and see if They have Um an affiliate program for this but you Can see over here look the blog title The best handbags are under a hundred Dollars then it goes into the Introduction of this and then it goes Into the actual products over here look The everyday attack the night out I mean I don't know what any of those things Mean but you can see over here it's gone Ahead and done this for us so if I was To say let's just change it up again so Let's just set a blog post about the Best Cameras Cameras let's say cameras cameras for Bloggers or vloggers let's go with Vloggers

Like this Okay I'm gonna come on here Take those I'm gonna copy this down here Intended audience Cameras for loggers I'm gonna click on Generate and it's going to again it's Going to spin down here and then it's Going to put the actual article over on This side over here for us but again It's an absolutely awesome and simple Way to speed up this entire process okay Now back over on here You remember at the beginning of this Video we had this didn't we looked at This best AI writing tools as I've Mentioned I use this one over here Because it's awesome but you can as I Mentioned as well you can use any AI Tool that you want so let's come up here And let's have a look at this so look at This one here the best cameras for for Vlogging what you need to know and then It's coming down and look it started Surely the actual cameras of this okay So what I could then do is I could come On here and I could scroll down and Let's just find one of these uh Certainly Alpha this one here I'm going To copy this like so and click on search Google and where is it available look It's available here look at that it's Available on Amazon so I could write an Article for somebody like this and say Look this is the article by the way we

Mentioned these cameras or these Handbags or whatever and these products Are available on Amazon you can get an Affiliate link for them and earn more Money that way so it's awesome so that Was of on Fiverr but again let's have a Look over on look like and let's see Let's have a look if people are looking For why articles And I'm gonna come down here and click On jobs blog articles that's Helen enter Bar and see if there are any jobs Sure enough this 4836 jobs Writing and editing for informational Website using it Malaga using AI write It and actually pay and look 15 to 37 an Hour come down here we've got this one We've got look at this one here this one This one this as you can see look 3K Blog post I need three blog posts this Is how much they're paying 500 and you Might be thinking well if this AI Software is available why are they not Using it yourself people don't know About it some people don't like the Thought of using AI people also think You know a lot of the output from AI is Junk and you know it can be but if I Come on here I'll show you one other Thing really quickly so if I come up Here and I'm going to take this here I'll just copy this What I like to do is whenever I'm

Writing any article we run it through an AI check so let's just type in here Check it I check AI content So you can come on here and use these Checkers so like I writer this one There's lots of these so let's just go Into one normally I use writer or this Copy links up here and we'll go into Here and have a look at this okay so you Can add a URL if you want to check a Website or we'll just paste the text Into here okay so I'm looking for this We've got the let me get rid of where it Says block body let's get rid of that And then also you can see down here look It allows you to check 1500 characters For free okay so you paste your text in Here and if you can't fit all of it in Then you'd run this tool twice so once You've put your text in here you click On analyze and then it will literally Take a minute to two minutes and it'll Go through and it'll tell you whether up Here the percent detection slot it will Tell you whether it is detected AI you Know has written the whole article Sometimes normally what I try to aim for Is a score of 85 or above and then I'm Quite happy with that sometimes I'll Make some edits but like I say you can Run it through writer or any of these Ones okay so that was the second one we Was looking at we've looked at Amazon Listings and we've also looked at

Writing blog posts the third one I'm Going to share with you and it's again Right there writing service is this um Here it is creating a YouTube script Okay Now lots of people are out there working Away on what are known as YouTube Cash Cow channels and basically it's whereby Their outsourced all of the work and Someone does everything from somebody Writes a script someone creates the Video someone does the thumbnail end of A bit and it's very popular it's getting Important in popularity all of the sound So you can see on here look I will be Your permanent YouTube video Scriptwriter come over here look 400 Words then we've got a standard 1200 Words and premium 2 000 words look at That he's got four orders in the queue Already four people are waiting to go Ahead and purchase one of these gigs Over here similar Concepts if we go over Onto here Onto upwork and let's just type in here Oh you can see YouTube scriptwriter There's 1132 jobs for this lot of cash cow YouTube channel for finals like a Professional video well this is a video Editor script and voice server will be Provided let's come down here look Script scriptwriter for YouTube Automation hourly pay 45 to 70 and it's

The same Concepts we would come over Here into the software that we are using And we would have it create a script for Us now in terms of this jassa I could Actually use the one shot blog post for A video script I could also use the chat Feature down here or I could even just Go over to the templates and click on Video and go in here look YouTube script Outline script hook and introduction so Again I can just go in these and I'll Put in the title on the topic up here And I just go through the same process But either way I mean we've unlocked at Three services today and as you've seen There is a huge demand for this whether We are looking at creating product Listings whether we are looking actual Blog articles or even writing YouTube Scripts there's a huge demand for it and You know people are making money so you Know all it takes is some time and Effort use the resources that are Available online and using this AI Software it speeds up the entire process As you've seen so that's today's video If you have any questions let me know as Always if you want more resources for Making money online go over to the Website we've got articles on affiliate Marketing YouTube and lots more so Thanks again have a great day and I'll See you tomorrow Bye


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