30 Online Businesses to Start Right Now And Make Money as a Beginner Short

So in the next 15 minutes or so I'm Going to speed through 30 different Business ideas and I'll explain to you How they work and how you can get Started right after this video they are Fairly easy and they'll help you make Money online a few days ago I posted This poll on my channel asking you What's your biggest hurdle in starting An online business many of you were Telling me that you don't know what kind Of business you can start with so I'm Here to serve so here we go number one Is becoming a YouTube thumbnail designer And don't worry you do not need to be a Big shot graphic designer you can simply Use canva the only thing that's Important here is for you to understand How thumbnails work and why they're so Important and what makes a good Thumbnail and then go ahead and reach Out to YouTube channel owners with Examples of what you would do for their Thumbnail don't just send a random email And try to get their attention because Trust me they get hundreds every day

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