4 Business Ideas You Can Start With $0

Today I'm going to show you four Businesses that you can start right now For just zero dollars and I'm gonna show You a live example of each of them so You have a blueprint to follow if we can Get this video to 10 000 likes I'm even Gonna start one of these businesses from Scratch and document the whole thing so Make sure to hit that like button and Let's get started with business number One short form content is without a Doubt one of the most incredible Opportunities of Our Generation with Platforms like Tick Tock Instagram reels And YouTube shorts people are blowing up Faster than ever before but to be honest It'll take a long time for you to Actually make money as a Creator however I believe that there's a huge Opportunity elsewhere to make some good Money pretty quickly what I would Recommend is starting a Content Repurposing agency essentially your job Is to find influencers with a small to Medium-sized audience and offer to edit Their videos live streams and podcasts Into short form content then you can Take that content and post it for them On Instagram reels YouTube shorts and Tick Tock to help them grow much faster Most of my friends are creators and I Can tell you for a fact that everybody Is looking for this right now for Example let's look at my Tick Tock so in

The last couple months I started posting Almost every single day on this account And I've already been able to get 65 000 Followers and 1.6 million likes but I've Never edited or posted a single video Myself at the moment I'm currently Paying my team of editors around ten Thousand dollars to do this and we're Currently posting hundreds of videos a Month across all social media platforms And as a result my YouTube channel has Hit an all-time high in terms of growth This month so it just shows that there Is a lot of value in this service with An agency like this you can easily Charge people one to three thousand Dollars a month just for editing these Simple videos but there's just one Problem with this business idea Everybody is trying to do this right now Every single day I get at least 10 DMS From people offering this exact service To me so if you want to do this how can You stand out and actually get clients What I would do is instead of just Reaching out to people on offering this Service I would show them that you're Capable of doing it so pick an Influencer and go ahead and start Creating some content for them for free The goal of this is to build up a page And show that you're capable of getting Results if you can do that people will Be much more likely to pay you with no

Hesitation for example if somebody dm'd Me and said hey I created a page for you Two weeks ago and I've already got a Couple thousand followers and we even Had a video hit a million views I'm Going to be so much more likely to give That person some money compared to the Guy that's just like yo bro put me on so If you do this properly and build up Some results for them you're almost Guaranteed to lock them in as a client This opportunity won't be around forever So make sure to take advantage of it While you can but for now let's move on To business number two so the thing that I've made the majority of my money with Is e-commerce and for the last five Years that I've been in the game to get Started you needed some money but there Has truly been a Resurgence in this Industry with something I like to call Organic Drop Shipping for the first time Ever you can build a six figure a month Business without spending one dollar on Ads simply by leveraging the power of Short form content so the way that you Would do this is by first finding a Product that is trending recently on Tick Tock or Facebook once you do that You're gonna go on Amazon and actually Order this product so you can begin Creating content for it the way to go Viral is not by coming up with some new Idea or some new trend you literally can

Just go out there and study the videos That have already popped off and Recreate them in your own way as long as You keep doing this on a daily basis It's only a matter of time until your First video hits and you start making Some real money without a doubt this is One of the fastest ways to kick start a Shopify business without spending any Money well except for the fact that you Have to order the product but still you Know what I'm saying let me show you a Few examples of some stores that are Crushing it with this right now so in The last three days this video got 4.5 Million views and almost 400 000 likes Basically these guys just created a Healthy alternative to vaping as you can See see it looks like a vape but it Doesn't have any nicotine or anything Like that and this video is absolutely Popping off you can see they did this Multiple times they got one video at 3.6 They got one video with 4.5 they got Videos with a hundred thousand across The board this is a golden example of a Brand that was kick-started just with Organic content and when we break down The numbers you can see how crazy this Can actually get so out of 4.5 million Views let's say just five percent of People clicked onto the website that is 225 000 website visitors now let's say one

Percent of people ended up purchasing That's over 2 000 customers from one Simple video and based on the price of Their product on a low end these guys Generated over forty five thousand Dollars from just one video and they Didn't have to spend a dime on ads this Is another brand that has done this Successfully they got over 6 million Views in just over a month on this Little five second video that probably Just took them a couple minutes to make It just goes to show that as long as you Have a product that actually solves a Problem and catches people's attention You can easily go viral and make great Money without ever having to run an ad And the best part is you can reinvest The money you make from this back into Ads so you can scale your business much Faster so as you can see this strategy Is the ultimate opportunity for anyone Looking to get started with Drop Shipping the Shopify plan is not free Though it's going to cost you around Thirty dollars a month but if you want To save some money make sure to sign up With my link in the description you're Going to be able to get a free trial and Only pay one dollar for your first three Months so make sure to check that link Out if you're looking to start your own Store but for now let's move on to Business number three did you know you

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Can make thousands of dollars a month From YouTube without ever showing your Face I know for a fact that you've seen Channels like this and didn't even think About it which leads me to business Number three building a faceless YouTube Channel essentially you go out and pick A niche that you are knowledgeable on Such as Sports business or gaming then You take a deep dive into that Niche and Find video ideas that have already began To go viral one lesson that holds true Across all these business ideas is that You don't have to come up with the idea Yourself you can literally find what's Working you can take a model of what's Already had success and you can Replicate that for yourself this is the Key to getting your first success in any Business and once I realized this is When I finally started making things Happen so after you found some video Ideas that are going viral within that Niche you want to think of a great title And thumbnail that you can use to get That video to go viral if you need help Coming up with the title there is this Free tool that I use called vid IQ and It shows you the key words that people Are searching for and gives you Inspiration for your titles as for the Thumb thumbnails you can keep them very Simple the best thumbnails are the most Simple ones you want to have a little

Bit of mystery in there but you want to Show them the idea that you're Presenting in the title what most of These channels do is they take clips and Photos from the internet and overlay a Simple voice over to tell the story this Allows you to pump out a ton of videos Without ever having to leave your house And you don't need an expensive mic to Do this I mean some of the most viral Videos I've recorded on my channel I use This stupid little microphone right here So let me show you some examples of this So you can truly understand how this Works This is a channel that I stumbled upon Yesterday and as you can see they've got All different types of videos about Luxury and money now not all their Videos get a ton of views but Occasionally these guys are hitting a Couple hundred thousand even Millions Per video as you can see this video is Extremely simple they're just taking Some clips from the internet talking About the most powerful families in the World they probably just went to Google Found this list right here of the Families went to YouTube found some Clips of these families and then wrote a Simple script and did a voice over and As a result they got over 2 million Views in just a couple months off this Video if we look at their channel on

Socialblade which is a tool that shows You all the numbers of a YouTube channel It's estimated that they're bringing it Anywhere from 1.7 to 27 000 a month and As a YouTuber and somebody who spends Way too much time on socialblade I can Tell you that these numbers are on the Low end I would guess that these guys Are definitely making over 20k a month From this simple Channel another great Example is this channel right here which Was just started a couple months ago by My boy Bia has off of just four videos They got over 10 000 subscribers and got Their Channel monetized and they're Doing exactly what I said they literally Just take clips and b-roll from the Internet and turn it into a full-fledged Video I just showed you two examples but There are thousands of channels on YouTube doing this successfully to make This work you need to pick a niche that You actually understand and get a solid Understanding of the YouTube algorithm I Study YouTube every single day and I Think getting success on here comes down To only two things getting people to Click on your video and getting them to Watch all the way to the end it might Sound like I'm oversimplifying things But that is truthfully all it takes to Get a video to pop off on YouTube this Business is a little slower than all the Other ones but if you do it right you

Can truly build up one of the most Powerful assets out there big YouTube Channels are worth a lot of money and Can provide you so many opportunities Like brand deals affiliate marketing YouTube AdSense I mean truly the sky is The limit with this one so now let's Move on to my final business idea we've Discussed many businesses today but I Truly believe that this one right here Is going to be the best opportunity for Most beginners because there is massive Demand and still a huge gap in this Marketplace as we saw today Tick Tock is Clearly one of the greatest ways for Businesses to get traffic and sales and I predominantly see people using Tick Tock to promote online businesses but It's very rare that I see somebody using A tick tock to promote a local business Most local businesses want to grow and They want to be using this platform but They're either way too busy to post Every single day or they simply just Don't know how to use it so if you can Fill that Gap you can make an absolute Killing which is why I recommend you Start a local Tick Tock marketing agency I live in Miami and even living in a big City like this I hardly see any Companies that specialize in this Service so imagine what it's like in a Smaller City those companies want to Grow too and they want to use this

Platform so you could be one of the only Ones in your city actually providing This service and if you do this right You can literally transform a business Because with Tick Tock ads you can Target the exact neighborhood or city That you want to allowing you to get Extremely targeted customers that are Interested in the exact thing that You're trying to sell whether that's a Restaurant a sneaker store a Chiropractor you can pretty much Drive Traffic to any one of these businesses And get them customers with Tick Tock Because it's not just kids using this Platform anymore people of all ages are Spending hours a day on Tick Tock so I Can guarantee you that if you jump on This opportunity you will be able to Make some good money and with just a Couple clients you can build yourself a Six-figure a year business just by Posting tick tocks of course to do this Successfully you need to learn the Essential skills like running ads Creating viral content and getting Customers but thankfully you've got a YouTube channel like mine to help you Out so make sure to subscribe and I'll See you in the next one

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