4 steps to grow an online audience effectively

If you're trying to grow an online Audience here's the exact four steps you Need to take step number one get a piece Of paper or a spreadsheet and try and Gather insights about your perfect Customer you can do that online and you Can do that in person I recommend you Interview at least five people this is Super important because this way you Really are sure that you generate a Product that solves a real need step Number two is to Define your value Proposition and the reason why this Comes after step number one is because Otherwise you're just guessing what you Want to give them and not what they Actually need step number three is Defining your offer and this is Important because you need to decide how Are you going to present your offering Is that a master class a mastermind an Online course maybe an ebook or maybe Something that you're gonna do in person Step number four is identifying the Channels that you're gonna be using to Promote your offer the reason why this Is so important is because you make sure You don't waste your money promoting Your offer on channels where you won't Be able to find your ideal customer

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