5 Minute ChatGPT Faceless YouTube Videos ($40,000/Month FACELESS MEHTOD)

In today's video I'm going to be showing You how I created a faceless YouTube Channel for artificial intelligence how Two of these very few channels that have Caught onto the same AI is now making Anywhere between 11 000 and 40 000 a Month another YouTuber in the launch Jacking and affiliate marketing Niche Making anywhere between 2.3 and 8 000 Every single month all using chat gbt The new artificial intelligence tool That is taking the World by surprise Created by Elon Musk this tutorial that You're watching right now is going to Take chat gbt one or two other Artificial intelligent tools and build An entire faceless artificial Intelligence YouTube channel which you Can monetize in three different ways if I take the average CPM of 10 to 15 which Is what this channel is probably earning They are earning anywhere between 11.5 And 40 000 every single month running Videos on their YouTube channel that is Ran by artificial intelligence this Channel over here which is quite a bit Small taller but in a much more high Paying Niche being launch jacking and Affiliate marketing they are probably Earning anywhere up to eight thousand Dollars every single month and between Fifty and ninety thousand dollars per Year plus this is just YouTube ad Revenue never mind affiliate commissions

That you can run on affiliate marketing YouTube channels never mind fitness Programs that you can sell as an Affiliate on Fitness faceless YouTube Channels there is over two to three ways To monetize any YouTube channel in the Artificial intelligence and faceless Niche step one in creating your faceless YouTube channel ran by artificial Intelligence is to have a platform that Will give you unlimited ideas for your YouTube videos that will last on a Long-term sustainable basis this being Answered the republic.com so if you Click on your country you can click on United States and you want to go and Search any topic brand or product if You're into the fitness Niche health and Weight loss education how-to videos Gaming Financial advice you can choose Any Niche or question that you need to Answer into this tool so I'm going to Use the example of how to lose weight I'm going to go and click on click on Search and this artificial tool will Generate an entire wheel That looks like this which will give you Questions on why can when how which who What are where and will over 79 Questions that people are asking on the Internet on a regular and daily basis Related to the keyword how to lose Weight you can use these keywords as Video ideas for this artificial

Intelligence tool so for example which Protein should I use to lose weight Where to eat to lose weight where to Lose weight during pregnancy how can one Lose weight with yoga how can one lose Weight in a week can you lose weight how To lose weight without exercise how can I lose weight in 10 days what to eat When losing weight and there's more Ideas over here how to lose weight in Seven days how to lose weight for kids How to lose weight for wrestling how to Lose weight with intermittent fasting All of these are ideas that you can use On your faceless YouTube channel as a Title and topic idea that is trending Come over to vidiq.com and go and add This extension to your Chrome browser Which will look like this on the top Right hand side of your browser on your YouTube dashboard click on this menu bar It's three little lines click on keyword Inspector and paste your keyword and Click on search and it will give you top Trending videos in this search term Which will allow you to go and piggyback These already viral videos and it will Give you very high searched terms Related to how to lose weight in seven Days so for example how to lose belly Fat how to lose weight fast how to lose Weight in seven days how to lose weight Reduce belly fat full body workouts burn Fat in one week these are all very high

Search terms some of them getting Millions and hundreds of thousands of Views every single day let's use the Keyword best ways to lose fat this is Currently training and getting some These videos are getting over 1.3 000 Views every single hour now that we've Got a trending keyword and topic for the Idea this is where the magic comes in With chat GPT come over to openai.com There's going to be a button over here That says try chat gbt it will take you To a chat page where you can enter a Keyword and there's artificial Intelligence tool will respond with an Entire how to list and ways for you to Lose weight so let's come back to YouTube make sure we copy best ways to Lose fat type this in the response Section best ways to lose fat click on Send and this AI robot is going to Respond to you with the best ways that You can lose fat what's pretty cool About this tool it actually types out And responds to you instantly in live Time and it will give you a sufficient And more than enough in-depth response That you can actually follow to lose Weight now what we have over here is a Done for you YouTube video that we can Go and post on YouTube Tick Tock Reddit YouTube shorts Instagram reels Facebook Reels and any other platform that you Can think of the following step is we

Need to take our title and keyword that We have just found our video content in Text and turn this into a Done For You Video all using artificial intelligence Which is going to come up in the next Few steps if you're enjoying this video So far I would really appreciate it if You can go down below and comment down Below what your opinion is on the future Of artificial intelligence and chat gbt And other tools that may release in the Future just like this one and leave a Like down below as I really do get Pumped up when making videos like this For you guys I will be posting a lot More on my YouTube channel as the last Two weeks I've been busy with one or two Things off of YouTube that I'm actually Going to show you at the end of this Video but let's continue with the third Step is now putting our video together The third and most important tool that You'll be needing in turning this text Into a done for you YouTube video with Artificial intelligence is one of my Favorite tools called in video dot IO I Just want to log out my dashboard to Show you what the home page looks like It will look like this big text saying Unlock the power of video which is Exactly what this tool is it allows you To copy and paste text into this tool And will automatically turn that into a Done For You video the best part is they

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Do offer free plan which will be more Than enough the only downfall is is that They do have a little brand watermark Over your videos but you can come over To pricing and they mostly and the Cheapest package really isn't over the Moon expensive at 15 a month you will Get no watermark 60fps full HD videos You get 10 istock media premium stock Photos over 1 million premium media and You can remove 20 up to 20 backgrounds And you've got a seven day refund policy So I'm going to go and log in with my Existing account click Text to video and It will suggest some of the best Templates for you to turn this text into A done for your video now since is our Video Is about weight loss and losing belly Fat we want to find a theme that has to Do with exercise fitness because we want To keep the theme together this being a Good theme over here of this lady Running obviously if you're going to be Choosing Finance advice you could maybe Choose this theme over here that has Money in the background so I'm going to Click on the first one over here I'm Going to choose landscape click on use Template on the left hand side you want To go and paste your entire script From chat GPT Into the script generator over here Click on auto suggest images and videos

Click on create scenes in a few minutes It will create each and every scene you Can see where there's eight scenes in Your video which is now transferring This text into the Done For You video One thing we do need to change is the Background content which is really easy Click on videos on the left hand side And go and search wait Loss or gym or anything that's got to do With exercise we can choose this one Over here and replace this seal image Click on ADD take a video of slicing Lemons which goes hand in hand with the Eating diet section so we can just drag It onto the section click on ADD and it Will replace the current video Come over to your third scene this the Scene is about exercise so ideally here You want to have a video of someone Exercising so we can drag and drop this Onto the video Click on ADD our fourth scene is about Consistency so we want to drag another Video of perhaps exercise people cycling People running jogging lifting weights Anything that's just relative to the Specific scene and then sleep so we can Go and search up sleep for scene five You can drag this video of this person Sleeping over here it's just simple Stock video images and scene number six Is drinking so we can go type drinking Water or drinking juice drag this video

Onto this scene click on ADD for Patience we can add this video of this Guy drinking a glass of water And our last and final scene Um a lost and final scene it is Important that everybody understands What works for one person may not work For another so we can just go and search Up any other Fitness video that is just Relative to this as long as your videos That you're adding in your different Scenes are relative to the text that is Busy speaking we can then come over too This video over here of this person Running and drag this over here and Click on add the last and final thing You want to do is add voice over so Click on add voice over in editor and You can go and add a voice over for each And every scene which is pretty simple Click on voice over click on automated Text to speech And just like that it will automatically Extract the text from your video into The voice to text section click on Play Click on generate voice over and it will Automatically generate for you click on Preview you can click on ADD automated Vo voice over for all scenes click on ADD just make sure to right click on Your audio click on Volume and drag the volume down so that You can hear the voice over and just Like that using chat gbt and nvidia.io

I've created a faceless video for YouTube which you can post on YouTube Monetize in the following ways that I'm Going to explain to you by clicking on Export on the top right over here Click on export and this one I'll export And download to your PC I didn't record A single piece of content I didn't say Anything into a microphone all of this The text the context was generated by Ai And the videos was also all generated by AI give it a few minutes for your video To render and you'll be able to download This completely for free on your free Accounts or if you have the paid account You obviously will get more extras such As better quality on your videos and the Watermark will be removed the video is Now complete click on download for free With Watermark and this will download to Your PC on the bottom left side of your Screen step 4 is to go and create your Faceless YouTube channel on YouTube Firstly you need a good YouTube name I Recommend coming over to Google and Going in search Business Name Generator click on free business name Generators by name licks one of my Favorite sites enter a keyword weight Loss or Fitness click on generate Click on auto click on next Randomness

Keep it medium and balanced for brand Info just click on generate And it will give you all sorts of names For your YouTube channel such as narish Bevy slimming fatsane crayon weight mate Maintain weight Tufts Tuckford Slim foot might lose weight Fast sane lift Boutique tummy lift wasp Fat cat Peter weight loss there's all Sorts of names that you can use over Here and you can actually click on one Of these for example let's do Wait Nate and you can save this logo by Clicking on it you can click print Screenshots on your keyboard Come over to paint on Windows Paste this over here Click on rectangle crop tool and click On crop Click on file save as JPEG image or PNG Image and save this as logo and you can Now go and upload this as a logo on your YouTube channel it's really easy to make A channel Banner come over to camera.com And go and search YouTube on the search Bar and it will give you a channel Banner template which you can click on You can click on any one of these for Example Let's go choose for example this one Over here click on customize this Template double click on the text and Just change this to wait Nate your

YouTube channel name that you've just Generated and change the text to Weight loss And gym Click on share And you can download this your PC upload This to your YouTube channel and your Videos are now ready to go and post the Last and final thing is making money off Of our videos other than YouTube Monetization which is actually really Easy you can come over to a website Called clickbank.com if ClickBank is not Accepted in your country go and search For the same product on Digistore24.com I'm going to use ClickBank because I've got an account on ClickBank you can sign up and start here If you don't have an account but I do Know it's not accepted in every country In the world however digistore24 has Basically all the same products and you Can sign up anywhere in the world over Here so I'm going to log in with my Existing ClickBank account on the ClickBank Marketplace click on health And fitness go and look for diets and Weight loss and you can go and use for Example the smoothie diet 21 day wrap And weight loss program if I click on This product the landing page check out Payment system automatic emails and Delivery to your clients and viewers on YouTube is all done for you these people

Or the creators of go smoothie diet have Specifically created this funnel and Taylor Made it for you to promote and They will pay you 25.87 every time you Get a sale to their specific product so You can go and click on promote on the ClickBank page click on generate hop Link and this unique affiliate link that Will generate over here you can go and Copy and include in the and include in The description of your bio in YouTube Instagram Tick Tock or whatever else you Want to post this video to get as many Clicks and sales as possible channels Doing this exact same thing such as 20 Rich foods protein if you're broke it's All stock videos made the exact same way Is getting thousands of views every Single day some of the most popular Videos blowing up to millions of views Their most popular video which was all Generated through a tool and voice over Text just like Chachi T and the tools That I showed you got over 18 million Views in just two years five foods to Quickly eat and gain weight and muscle Very similar to our title that we Generated called how to lose weight in Seven days ten minutes of jump rope Every day will do this to your body and All you do is you come over to chat gbt And go and type how does jump roping Benefit your body and it will give you All the takes that you need for your

Video that you can then go and put into Invideo.io to turn into video content For your YouTube channel for those of You that are new to my channel you would Know for those of you that are new to my Channel my name is Jay I'm a full-time Two million dollar funded prop foam Trader of YouTube and I've just created An entire Discord Community where I post My live trades I pass funded accounts For people in two to three hours we Offer first class Forex funds rocker 21 Ftmo and my Forex fans I post all of my Live trades in the Discord where last Week we actually had an all-win week not A single loss and many others posted Their results and what they're earning From my signals I also offer to get you Funded in two to three hours with ftmo Rocker 21 first last Forex funds and my Forex funds over here we passed a ten Thousand dollar rocker 21 account in two Hours first class Forex funds 200k Account was passed in two hours for this Client and we are constantly passing Funded accounts for Traders in this Community you can find exclusively in This Discord which I will leave a link Down Below in the description

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