5 Part time jobs for introverts that ACTUALLY PAY WELL

The Scientific Marketing Method

As marketers… We wear two hats. We put on our creative hats when we are in the product development stage, when devising a marketing campaign, and when we are getting our messaging just right for the ideal customer.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Media Buying But Are Too Afraid to Ask

In the United States, the advertising industry is fierce, at least according to the numbers. Take for instance the fact that the advertising agency annual revenue is close to $50 billion, while the approximate total number of those working in the industry accounts to nearly half a million. Budgets have indeed changed since the turn of the 20th century.

The Marketing Wisdom of P.T. Barnum

You can learn a lot about marketing from the great P.T. Barnum. His most important lesson, however, may be to continue investing in your own success.

5 Tips on How to Write Copies That Capture Leads

Whether or not copywriting is a skill you are born with or something you can acquire is still up for discussion. However, whether or not you have the knack for it, there are some principles you can follow to make writing a little easier for you. Remember that in affiliate marketing, whatever you write has to convert to leads. Here are some principles to follow.

Creating Demand in a Resistant Market

How do you create demand for a product that an industry is resistant too? Let’s look at the example of Al Youngwerth.

Books – One of Your Best Resources!

How many of you just love to read books? I know I do. They open up the world to me and I can get lost in the pages of a book for hours and hours. Business books and autobiographies are my favorite.

If You’re Going to Be Representing Your Firm at a Trade Show, Don’t Make THIS Big Mistake!

Question: What type of trade show booth or exhibit would you recommend to fit our company’s needs? Answer: The answer to your question will depend a lot on what your goals are. Do you use trade shows to boost retail sales? There are certain companies that rely on trades shows, fairs, conventions, etc., to make most of their sales. This type of company usually sells a retail item such as cookware or women’s make-up that is not available in retail outlets, but sold strictly by independent or a company operated sales force.

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