5 USEFUL AI Tools You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

In this video you'll learn five useful AI powered websites and tools you Probably didn't know existed starting With number one this one's called mocha And with mokai it not only removes a Background from any image you're also Able to generate different backgrounds For it in this instance we've got this Wine bottle and you can select any Background so let's do it simply upload Any product image and then it'll Generate the product image with a number Of different backgrounds and you can Very well select a template and choose Different types of backgrounds so you've Got surprise me you've got cozy Sunset Cabin outdoor patio golden hour and much More with this sample product I selected Live softly and this is what it's Generated it's even created shadows as You can see making it look more Realistic so by using mocha you can Create realistic looking product images In a matter of seconds next up are you Short on time but you want a summary of That 10 minute YouTube video well There's a browser extension by glass Called YouTube summary with chat GPT all You do is install the plugin and then it Will be on your browsers bar next open The YouTube video that you want a Summary of in this example I've got Angela duck Lewis really popular Ted Talk on grid so once you've installed it

You'll see this plugin it's called Transcript and summary click once and Then it'll grab the transcript from the YouTube video what you do next is click On the chat GPT icon right here so it's Called view AI summary so click that Once and then it'll paste in the Transcript into chat GPT and then prompt It for a summary so automatically all Done for you now you've got the gist of What this particular video is about so By using this plugin you can continue Learning even if you're strapped for Time on to the next AI powered tool and That is an AI powered video editor here I've got my original video that I Recorded on my iPhone I'll play it hey This is a real it's testing out wise cut Let's leave a little pause here Now I'm continuing and talking as I Normally would and let's switch scenes Now to see how this cuts Foreign This is my pair of headphones that I use On a daily basis and let's end it right Here and now this is the edited version After I put it through wisecut and this Is a real it's testing out wise cut Let's leave a little pause here now I'm Continuing and talking as I normally Would and let's switch scenes now to see How this Cuts okay next scene this is my Pair of headphones that I use on a daily Basis and let's end it right here and

There we go not perfect because the Captions are noticed weren't perfect but It did cut those silences and those Pauses and when I turned my phone but Let me show you how wise cut Works once Your video is uploaded you're given These options such as adding Smooth Cuts Auto cut silences smart background music Auto ducking punch in and out you can Also do and enable background noise Canceling and also burn in captions Which is what I did wasn't perfect but You can always fine tune that in the Editor now when you move forward you Land on this storyboard board where you Can make those fine adjustments as you Can see under settings you can enable or Disable those settings that we saw Previously customizing the subtitle text As well once done click on preview and Export this is where you can preview the Video Once More hey this is a real it's Testing and then you can click on export Video so by using wisecut you can remove Those awkward silences and pauses and Produce more polished videos next up We've got an AI powered survey tool Called holler what you can do with Hollow is create a short survey such as How was your experience with our product Today and then you get a link to share It with your customers your subscribers And your audience it's really easy to Create a survey simply click on new and

All that needs to be done is to type Your question that you want to ask to Your customers or subscribers and then On your dashboard when you get enough Responses in this example we've got this One right here this is a sample it says We'd love to know more about your recent Experience with Acme so just a dummy Company there's 48 responses and these Are all the response is now this is Where AI is integrated into Hollow if You look right here on the left corner You can see prompt ideas such as what Were the overall impressions of Acme From respondents so let's try that out And it says overall respondents had Positive impressions of Acme they found Their software to be user friendly Intuitive and customizable so it's quite Specific and detailed but of course you Can very well use the chat prompt right Here to ask a specific question such as Make a list of the key action points That should take priority so let's give That a try and here we go it says Increase the loading speed of the Software improve the reliability of the Software to prevent outages and more so Conventionally with survey tools you'd Have to export the results and then Tally up to see what's popular and What's not and make decisions based on Those things but with holla it's AI Powered so you can get the results right

Away by asking holla or the AI you know What's popular and whatever prompts you Want to use all right the next tool is Called Twitter fire it essentially Twitter fight allows you to summarize And create Snippets of longer posts such As posts from Facebook Instagram and Linkedin so for example I've got an Article on medium.com called five ways To find focus in a multitasking world You can see all my points I copied and Pasted the entire text or the article Into this section here it says text and Then select the tone of this tweet or Like a personal select a language for Your Tweet so I'll keep the original Language which is English scroll down You're given some other options such as Using mentions and hashtags but I'll Leave these all blank and then down Below you see create also other social Posts I'll select Instagram and click on Twitter file and here are the results so Out of the 4 to 500 word article that I Pasted in it's produced this so as an Example it says being an entrepreneur is An amazing adventure risk bring rewards And Stepping Stones to success what's The secret ingredient to success hashtag Focus and success so you can basically Just copy and paste these down below is A convenient way to copy it underneath That you'll see show other social posts Because I selected Instagram this is

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What it's come up with and by doing this You can repurpose existing content Creating different variations and of Course saving you time having to write New content all right all and those are The five AI powered tools let me know in The comments which of these you found Interesting I'd love to know in the Meantime do stick around to watch these Next relevant videos Foreign

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