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The Amazing Screwdriver

Anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who would probably love a real sonic screwdriver that worked the same way as the Doctor’s does. Technically, the sonic screwdriver isn’t actually a screwdriver at all, but a glorified lock pick. However, it can also scan and track alien life

Home Page Vs Squeeze Page: What Works Better to Build Your List?

Getting more traffic to your website is always on a business owner’s mind. Higher volume traffic helps with list building and improves your chances for finding new clients and filling your pipeline. But once you start to get a steady stream of visitors, what’s the best way to build your list?

The Mistake: Forgetting To Create A Safety Net

When investing in a celebrity to endorse a brand, it is essential that the brand manager not only optimize the opportunity with a detailed plan in place prior to activation, but also have the forethought to safeguard against potential blunders that could occur. Celebrities – and the brand campaign – can find themselves in hot water through a bad decision or a simple oversight. But marketers should not avoid celebrity partnership due to fear of the unknown, as celebrities are proven sales drivers who strongly influence consumer engagement!

Why ">Marketing And Consulting Go Hand In Hand In Today’s Business Environment

Today ">marketing and consulting are an extremely important part of the overall success equation. Let’s take a look at why ">marketing and consulting go hand in hand and suit how successful businesses are utilizing both.

Becoming The Right Small Business ">Marketing Consultant

In the past a person would have found it hard to become a small business ">marketing consultant. In present day the use of the internet has changed that. You can start your own business if you know how to do the following things.

The Mistake: Not Figuring Out What The Goal Is For A Strategic Promotion

One of the best ways to engage consumers through entertainment is with a partnership with an entertainment partner such as a feature film. A comprehensive promotional platform that utilizes the brand’s planned media and retail footprint provides not only brand differentiation in a crowded marketplace, but also: • Soft and welcome introduction to an already receptive fan base of the entertainment partner. • Interesting, engaging and ‘cool’ content to leverage brand advertising with.

Holy Moly, What Is ">Marketing And What Does It Have To Do With The Airplane Method?

If you just started your business or are thinking about starting one, you will definitely want to read this article. Getting your products and services out in the marketplace is crucial to your success so you will definitely want to know what is ">marketing and how to apply it.

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