$50 Million Shopify Brand In A New Market

Let me share with you a 50 million Dollar Shopify brand in a brand new Market this will be a great lesson on Marketing angles and conversion rate Optimization so let's get into it the Store is called rebello and they sell Sustainable tech devices which is a Massive Niche and a really great Marketing angle for people who resell or Fix devices they talk a little bit about The circular economy and how E-Waste is The fastest growing waste stream Damaging our planet so this is a massive Issue that somebody needs to solve and That's exactly why they're raising so Much money and when I say raising a Bunch of money I mean 50 million and Above it's also worth noting that this Company is out of Singapore which is why I mentioned a new market this site has Some of the best landing pages I've seen So many great conversion optimization Things to take away from so make sure You go study them I found out about this Brand through the research we do at Akemi lab Lincoln bio

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