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And so far he was able to make 655 Dollars today and you can do the same by The way and it's super fast what's going On guys in today's video I want to show You a fast cash method to make over 500 In a single day now in this method I'm Going to be focusing on helping you Generate fast cash online you can also Spend very very quickly Before Christmas If you want to buy any gifts or you want To just buy something for yourself this Is the exact method for that now to make Fast cash online they're actually two Different ways you can actually do this The first one is you can actually Generate fast cash and then wait like Two weeks to actually be able to Withdraw the money into your PayPal Account or your bank account you can Actually spend this money or the second Way is actually you can generate the Money quickly but also you can spend the Money yourself very quickly because it's Not going to be held in your affiliate Account CPA account or somewhere else Like on ClickBank and in today's video I'm going to be focusing exactly on the Second method which is going to help you Generate money fast but also you are Going to be able to spend the money Yourself out very fast because you don't Have to wait the weeks before you can Actually withdraw the money and before We get started with this one don't

Forget to smash the like very fast Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Already and comment down below and tell Me what would you like to receive for Christmas and with that being said let's Get started with your tutorial guys now In today's video what I'm going to show You is first going to be a method that You can actually use to make money fast But also withdraw the money fast because If you're going to make let's say money On ClickBank we are going to be using PayPal in just a second but if you're Going to let's say make money on ClickBank you can generate money there Fast very fast actually but then you Need to wait like a week or two Depending on how old is your account to Be able to actually withdraw the money From ClickBank and be able to spend it So first I'm going to show you what kind Of website you can sign up to to make Money fast but also be able to withdraw It very fast you can spend it from your PayPal or from your bank account and Then the second part of this method are Going to be multiple ways for you to Actually generate this money in your Account very fast okay so as you story For the first one now to actually Withdraw the money from the website we Are going to be using you either need Like a PayPal account or a bank account If you don't have a PayPal account just

Again go to paypal.com and then click Sign up right here this is really Focusing on beginners because I know Most of you guys actually have a PayPal Account so I'm just going to show you Like generally how to create one just go To PayPal click on sign up and then you Can just use the personal account and Then click on get started and then you Need to verify where are you from so you Select the country you are from and then They are going to send you an SMS so you Can verify it they're going to ask you a Couple of details it'll just enter your Real name real all this stuff and then You're going to have a PayPal account Now the second thing that you can also Use if you cannot use PayPal is to use a Website called wise.com and this is like A borderless virtual bank account you Can receive money too but also you can Like get this little card and you can Also spend the money from this account Right away the reason why I do recommend It is because it has the lowest amount Of fees but you can also compare it like Here if you're going to compare it to PayPal there you're going to to say like 40 pounds on a thousand pound uh Transfer but also they have like the Best currency conversion so for example If you are not from country that has US Dollars they are going to keep it in US Dollars and you can spend US dollars so

These are two ways of actually getting The money so either wise or getting a PayPal account okay so now that you have These we need to have a network or Someone that's going to pay us and also Send us money very quickly now for that What I highly recommend is going to a Website that's called capmob IO this is An exclusive private Invitation Only CPA Network that can get you approved too But also this is the best part you can See choose when you get paid request a Payment and get paid as soon as in one To two business days now this doesn't Mean it's going to take few business Days for you to make money on the Application but it means when you're Going to make the money there it's going To take like maximum two business days For you to receive the money and be able To spend it and this is the one of the Fastest ways I can actually tell you how To make money because there's so much Many networks out there where you can Generate money fast but they are going To take some time to actually pay you Out with this one you just wait one to Two days now just go to Dev map IO and Download this application on either app Store or Google Play and then once You're going to be signing up you want To use this exact code 8964 you'll actually get approved Because that's the only time consuming

Or difficult process because most people Are not going to get approved because This is only Invitation Only application And if you're going to use my code Chances are you're going to get approved Very fast okay now once you have the Application you just want to open up Your smartphone and go to the Application and then go to the payments Right here and you can see currently I Have 1.7 thousand dollars on this Application I still have the money there I just need to withdraw it but you Actually request the payment you click On request a payment and then you need To add a payment details and you can see I currently don't have any payment Information so you want to click on this Plus icon and then either select the Wire ACH PayPal or other now if you're Going to select PayPal it's pretty Self-explanatory you just put in your PayPal account if you're going to select The wire you put in your bank account Details or the bank account details from Wise.com they are going to give you like Bank Account Details you can put in here And receive money there so now that you Have your Fast Cash application set up I Want to show you how to actually Generate Fast Cash on this one so for Example if you're going to make 1.7 000 You need to First generate it and then They are going to pay it out very fast

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So for this one what you want to do is Go to the offers and these are CPA Offers where you are going to be getting Paid like six dollars actually which is Like unmatched payout 40 CPA offers you Are not going to find any better payouts Anywhere else you're going to see that These are going to be paying you out This amount of money but also what you Want to do is you want to get a couple Of these CPA offers now the what you Want to do for them is you just want to Get the links for them so for example This one PlayStation 5 just click on it And currently we are focusing on Giveaway CPA offers you can pick up any Of them that are going to be giving away Something for example like the 100 pound JD Sports or 50 pound dominoes or 750 Dollars chain or iPhone 14 whatever just Something that's giving away something For free so for example the PlayStation 5 you can see these are the links and This is something you want to put into Your laptop okay so verifywinds.com 8964 35 so this is going to be your link You want to save to your laptop then if You're going to scroll down and this is Something very important you want to Pick up you want you are going to see That these CPA offers they also have These creatives and these are pretty Much done for you creatives you can use To promote these offers I'm going to

Show you how to actually take advantage Of this and make some very easy and fast Money using these creatives so also when You are going to be picking up any of These CPA offers you want to make sure That you're going to find some that have These creatives okay so you can see the PlayStation one has plenty of them okay So there there's plenty of them also the IPhone one if I'm going to go right here To the iPhone this one has also plenty Of them okay so you can see this one Right here so Bam Bam Bam all of these Creatives is something you can use to Promote ECP offers I'm going to show you Exactly how to take advantage of these So you don't have to come with anything Yourself and make money with them so What you want to do is once you pick up The CPA offers you also want to make Sure they have the creatives because for Example let me just check out this one The match to win maybe this one does Yeah this one doesn't have any okay so This one the match twin doesn't have any Of these creatives you want to make sure You're going to pick up a CPA offer That's going to help them so let's go With iPhone 14 and let's pick up any of These creative for example I don't know Uh this one okay now the next part you Can do it on your phone as well but I Think it's much much easier to do on Your laptop or at least to explain it on

My laptop so then you can use it on your Phone very easily so you can see this is Going to be my CPA link for iPhone 14. You can also just change up your ID Right here and it should give you the Same exact link just make sure you're Going to use yours one okay so this is IPhone 14 and then this is going to be The creative so PSA tip if you are in The need of iPhone 14 this popular site Is hosting this survey for eligible Users swipe up okay so now that you have These two things you can make very easy Money simply by using them now one of The ways to do that you can simply go to Instagram for example and then you're Going to search Okay click on search and You want to search for like funny videos Or funny video page or like a meme page Then you're going to come across Something like this which one is called Funny videos right here that has 970 000 followers now this is just the one That I came up from from the search and What you simply do is going to message Them right here you're going to message Them and you're going to ask them for a Super simple bio shout out with a link Now because this page has 970 000 Followers in a final video Niche the Shout out is going to cost you like 5-10 Dollars and because it's going to be Just a story shout out it's going to be Cheap as well so you're going to pay

Like five to ten dollars to this page to Actually post your link with the image That we have just downloaded on the Story and you can imagine 970 000 Followers this page is getting decent Engagement so even if like I don't know 20 50 people are going to complete this That's already couple hundred dollars You're going to make in less than 24 Hours now this is just one page to Actually get more of them because I know Everybody is going to get to this exact Page watching this video what you want To do is click on this little icon right Here this plus with a head and you want To pick up one page or a couple of pages From these okay that I recommended and You're going to see that these ones for Example 4.8 000 followers that's not a Lot you can see they are getting decent Engagement so this one would be very Good as well but you want to pick up a Couple of the suggested ones because I Wouldn't be able to find like the Savage Pranks page if I didn't know already Know about it I know a lot of people are Maybe not on Instagram and you know Which is a good page which is a bad page So to find more of them you just find One from the search and then you're Going to go to the suggested ones okay So for example any of these okay and Then you're going to click on it and Then you're going to go to the icon once

Again to to broaden your search okay so Just go for like funny videos or let's Go for like meme page so I'm going to go With like a meme page and I'm going to Find like the main page 1.3 million Followers again I didn't know about this One and then just click on this plus Icon and then you have more of them Right here and the thing is everybody Wants to get something for free the Giveaways are going to appeal to a mass Audience and because you are just going To buy like a story shout out with a Link it's going to cost you very little Amount of money for like five to Fifteen Dollars for one and you really just need Like three people out of 1.3 million Followers to completely to break even And anything after that is going to be Profit now that's the first way to Actually make mine now the second way to Actually do this is you can simply go to Pinterest.com and this is going to be Very very cool because this is Completely free by the way this person Right here is actually doing it and it's Going to be working so well during this Month because a lot of people just want To get something for free so you can see Chance to win Amazon 100 free gift card And it's going to a link tree and this Is something you can do yourself as well All you need to do is again post this One right here on the Pinterest and then

Add your link which is going to be this One right here the iPhone 14 into your Link of the description of your Pinterest pin okay so this is the second Way to do this and what I'm going to Visit it you can see that this is the Link tree of the person that's actually Doing this you can simply just create a Pin click on create a pin let me just Upload it and then you just add your Title and for a chance to win brand new IPhone 14 Before Christmas hey this side Is hosting a giveaway for eligible users To win an iPhone 14 Before Christmas Check the link to join and then again You just as copy your link right here And then you just paste it right here as A destination link and you just do this Multiple times okay you this one the Free one you want to do multiple times And I want to show you the third method That is also free fast and it can Generate you potentially thousands of Dollars if you're going to do it just Doing that I'm going to show you so what You want to do is you want to go to YouTube and you want to search for a Video like funny fails 2022 okay just funny fails 2022 and you Want to look for videos that have been Just uploaded if it's not showing you Some recent videos just go to the Filters right here and just select like Today or this week don't already go for

The last hour because last hour is Already going to show you which of these Videos are popular based off based on The amount of search based on the amount Of views so just go with like today or This week so I'm going to go like this Week for example and then I'm going to Sort them by amount of views okay so on The right select the view count and now I have the most popular funny fail video From the past week okay so 1.7 1.9 Million views seven days ago okay and What you want to do is you want to find A video that's going to look something Like this okay it has 12 minutes and it Has a lot of these different fails then What you want to do is you want to Simply download this video using any Kind of free downloader and then you Want to chop every single one of these Funny fails into a single video using Canva.com okay so you can see this is The first funny fail then there's the Second one so you can see every single Funny fail is divided okay you can see There's plenty of them if I'm going to Just zoom in there's plenty of them so It's not like 112 minute video with one Fail it's like 12 minute video with a Lot of these different fails okay and Then this is what you want to do with These videos once you're going to chop Them up you can see this person is Actually doing it and is making at least

Thousand dollars from just one of these Single videos you can see she only has Like 206 followers then the bio goes Reposting funny videos that make you Laugh you will grateful later free Giveaways here and now here's exactly What she's doing you can see she she's Just posting a couple of videos and you Can see some of them don't get a lot of Views 37 145 141 181 like nothing Nothing significant okay but then this One 15.9 000 views and if you're going to scroll Down and down and down you can see this One right here 1.4 million views and the thing is she Didn't do anything different she just Took a bunch of videos not one but a Bunch of them then uploaded them on Instagram and that's it and you can see The description of this one is earn a Free 750 Walmart gift card visit a link In my bio she is literally promoting CPA Offers by uploading these funny videos On Instagram and hoping one of them is Going to go viral which it will because That's how Instagram algorithm currently Works and then let's take this one I'm Pretty sure from the 1.4 million people At least 500 of them complete the dead CPA offer and if it was paying at least Like two dollars that's already one Thousand dollars she made just from a Single video that she re-uploaded from

YouTube or Tick Tock and that's it guys I really hope you enjoyed this method Now go ahead and take action on this now Quick recap what you want to do is you Want to sign up to tap mop because this Is the one that's going to be paying you Out paying you out actually the fastest Way either to PayPal either to wise.com And then what you want to do is you want To download the creatives from the CPA Offers and then you want to either Upload them on Pinterest with a caption Just like this send them as a story Shout out to any of these meme pages With funny content and funny videos Because the shout out is going to be Very cheap and very very profitable or You simply just go to YouTube and search For funny fails 2022 chop up these Videos into a very simple short form Content and then just re-upload it to Instagram with a bio link to your CPA Offer and then with the caption just Like this that can easily make your one Thousand dollars just from a single Video and that's it let me know what you Think about this video in the comment Section below and for another way of Making money online that is highly Highly recommended for you for you Specifically click here and I'm gonna See you there bye for now

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