6 Best AI Business Ideas To Make Money With ChatGPT Online! (Easy Ideas)

Over the last week I've extensively been Using chat GPT in my online business and It's absolutely changed the game for me This thing is crazy if you have a Business it can help you make a lot of Money online now if you don't know what This is this is a huge Trend right now It's blowing up everybody's using it and The reason is is because it's absolutely Insane how advanced this stuff is and The stuff you can tell it to do it's Crazy you can literally tell it to do Anything and in this video I want to Show you five of the best business ideas You can start right now using chat GDP Now if you're doing anything online this Can probably help you in any sort of way Possible whether it's in your own Business that you have right now or Whether you want to go ahead and start Making some money online you could Potentially use this bot to do this now I'm going to take you through five basic Ideas that you can go and start right Now if you follow this video all the way To the end you should have a good little List of ideas you can go and start right Now you can use this chat bot to go Ahead and make money online with these Business ideas I've been running Businesses online for many years and Honestly this time right now and next Year is going to be crazy for AI I've Never seen anything like it and I'm

Super excited to get stuck into this Even more and learn more about chat GPT So let's jump into this video and I'll Show you five of the best business ideas That you can start right now to make Money online using chat GPT alright guys So this is chat GPT this is the home Page so all you need to do is you can Just Google to go and find this and just Sign up and you can start using this AI Crazy chatbot that I've been messing Around with but let's jump into how you Can go ahead and make some money with This so business idea number one is Really really cool you can actually go To a website called problogger.com and On this website you can go to something Called jobs now on the job section it's Going to take you to a page that looks Like this now I actually use this Website all the time I pay to post um Job listings to hire people to do stuff For me and in particular write articles For me and now I look for the cheapest People possible and and who knows they Could be actually using chat GPT and Sending me these articles but what you Can actually do is you can go and apply To have a job as a writer on Problogger.com now it could be a good Idea to let them know that you are using A chat bot most people don't actually Mind it if they're getting the content From really really cheap and you can go

Through and edit it anyway so usually It's like a mix but if you want to go And find some writing jobs you can go to Problogger.com because there's so many Writing jobs on this website that you Can apply to to potentially go and write Content for people or websites with the Chat GPT bot and that is problogger.com Now the next one is one of my favorites And this is really easy to do and I'm Going to show you some examples right Now where you can actually use a website Called fiverr.com and we can list Services doing product research let me Show you how that works these are some Examples that I've actually done I went Into chat gbt and I put in give me five Products in the dog Niche that I pop Popular and it did the five products in The dog Niche that are popular for me And then I also did give me five Products in the fitness Niche that are Popular on Amazon resistant bands Fitness tracker exercise mat protein Powder dumbbells so it gave me exactly What I wanted now what I can actually do Is on Fiverr I can go and list myself as A service saying I will find the top Selling products on Amazon for you and Then I will go ahead and send it to These people that purchased that service From me now keep in mind you are Probably going to have to go and do some More research and make sure this is

Correct okay so you're interested in the Wrong information that is pretty easy to Do you can go and use chat GPT to go Ahead and do these services and you can Also do stuff like so you've got Amazon Products you can do Shopify as well so You can do like let's go Shopify Products you can do Shopify product Research and stuff like that I'll find The top selling Um one see here I will find top trending Shopify Drop Shipping winning products So you could go and do that and that is A great way to go and make money with Chat GPT now another way and one of my Favorites is to do video scripts now What I want you to do is go to a website Called backlinko.com here's the actual Thing here backlinko.com templates slash Marketing slash video Dash script and What this is going to do is give you a Completely free video script that you Can use so I'm going to click on this Open as a Google Document Now it's going to go make me a copy Because when I make a copy I can then Edit that document now I have this Script that I could potentially use and What you can do with this script is it's Just a template it's like a bit of a Backbone to get started with a video Script now you can sell these video Scripts anywhere Fiverr online you can Start your own business or website

Specifically selling video scripts They're very popular but anyway this is An example of what I did with chat GPT I Said write a video script on how to make Money just because I'm in that Niche and It gave me Um you know some pretty good information Here but I thought I want a longer Version so I said make longer and it Gave me more information on on this and Turned it into a video script for me now Keep in mind you're gonna have to edit This you have to play around with it and All that sort of stuff like it's not Just going to spit out exactly what you Want but you can go ahead and you can Use this template to give you the idea So in this video template I'll walk you Through four major parts of an engaging Video script using the hicc formula now The guy that owns backlinko's pretty Good he's very popular he's very good at Ranking videos so this stuff works very Very well but the whole point of this Template is to just get some general Ideas and use this formula and it's free So why not use it now another super Simple business idea for chat GPT is Really easy and you can do this on Fiverr.com as well or any other website Where you can do freelancing is email Subject lines so what happens is people Want to want like email subject lines That are engaging get better open rates

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And all that sort of stuff I've even Paid for them myself and we have some Services here I will write high quality Email subject lines what you do with Fiverr.com is you go and upload your Service and people purchase it from you There's loads of services that you can Do and there's also other websites or You can even start your own website Selling email subject lines and other Things and then go on cold email people And get clients that way anyway let me Show you an example right here I go here Here we go create seven different email Subject lines bought my Shopify store Here are seven different product subject Lines and it gives me some pretty good Email subject lines to be honest Um I had no idea would actually be this Good so discover the secrets of Successful Shopify businesses now I Would edit these quite a bit to kind of Give it my own personal touch if I was Going to be using them personally myself So take your eCommerce game for the next Nibble with our Shopify course learn From the best our Shopify course is led By experts now these are pretty good and I would edit them but you could Essentially go and just do exactly what I showed you you can go and start your Own business selling email subject lines For people who actually need them and You'll be surprised at how many people

Do purchase this stuff because it's just So much easier to pay someone to do it Sometimes than to do it yourself you can Work on other projects so that's a Really really good way to actually go Make money with the chat bot as well now Another way is kind of the the same Thing but blog topic ideas and once Again the chat bot sped out some pretty Good information for me and what you can Do is you can go ahead and what happens Is a lot of this stuff actually can Morph into other things as well so you Can do blog ideas but then you can also Do blog content and all sorts of stuff As well kind of like morphs into other Ideas as you start doing this stuff so I Will develop a blog post content Strategy with ideas headlines and a Bunch of other stuff so you could Literally do like a package headlines Content ideas even content design you Can use that thing for Content design That's we'll do that in another video so Here we go I will create blog post ideas Using the topic cluster model whatever That is they have a specific model that They use but you could essentially go And do this now remember these are easy Business ideas okay we're gonna do Another video on more complicated ones Later on this is just simply if you want Some nice easy ideas right now but once Again let me show you some examples of

This because it's pretty cool so this One here create eight different blogs Titles ideas using the keyword best boat Trailer now keep in mind I just put this Stuff in for this video I wasn't like Really really specific you could get way More specific than this it's really up To you the top 10 boat trailers for any Adventure five reasons why a quality Boat trailer is essential how to choose The best boat trailer for your needs the Benefits of investing in a high quality Boat trailer now some of these were not That good in my opinion but most of them Are actually not that bad and you would Obviously go and edit them yourself as Well but the whole point of a Blog title Is to get people to click and honestly Some of these are pretty good in my Opinion I've had got a lot of experience In affiliate marketing blogs and this is The type of stuff that we use to get People to click and it works really Really well now Guys these are some Really basic ideas like I said there are More advanced ideas that we will touch Base on in another video make sure you Subscribe to get that but what we Covered in this one is we covered video Scripts that you can go and create with Chat bot we did things like product Research which is another way that you Can go and make money and this is Another way on Amazon product research

And then create email subject clients And things like that and on the last one We talked about the best boat trailers Blog titles now this bot is crazy it can Do a lot more advanced stuff than this I Would recommend going and using it it's Free to use right now and just having a Play around you'll be amazed at how Insane this thing is keep in mind I just Did this content just for this video but I've been playing around with this for Over a week now and some of the stuff This thing can do is crazy so make sure You subscribe smash that like button and Hit the notification Bell so you know my Next chat GPT video comes out and that's How you can make money with these Specific business ideas using chatbot GPT

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