6 Money Making Skills that Made Me a Millionaire in My 30s Starting From 0

Here's the truth in my opinion you only Need three things in order to become a Seven figure entrepreneur at any age It's easy you need a strong mental Muscle that's your mindset you Absolutely need that number two is you Need millionaire habits and behaviors And number three are these six skills That I believe every entrepreneur needs To have and trust me I've learned them The hard way so let's dive in skill Number one is business idea validation I Cannot stress this enough I have seen Hundreds of entrepreneurs coming to Market with products or services that Nobody wants to buy and it's not their Fault because they're in love with Whatever they're bringing to Market but They fail to check and validate whether That business idea has viability and Sustainability in the market and I used To be one of them that's how I know this I've learned it the hard way I brought To Market about 13 years ago a product That was absolutely incredible and the Feedback from the market was great and There was a great fit between what the Mark packet needed and what I was Offering but it had the wrong pricing Model and because of that the product Couldn't go very far and obviously it Didn't because I failed to do that Validation as a consequence now I check Every single project that I get involved

In every business idea that I have every Partnership that I am asked to get Involved in based on a set of criteria That I will always follow and based on This I now managed to have maybe not a Hundred percent success rate but very Very close to that because I've Developed this business idea validation Framework that I try to stick to and Make sure that I choose the projects That give me the best chances of success Without necessarily being stuck into What I would like to offer what kind of Service I would like to do or product I Would like to sell but look at what Impact that product or service is going To make in the market and what problem It is going to solve for my future Clients number two on my list is another Really critical skill for any aspiring Entrepreneur and that is being Absolutely Stellar at sales and Marketing and here's why on the Marketing front you want to understand Very intimately very deeply who your Ideal customer is and be able to create A connection with them you want to Understand where they are and where they Want to go you need to know what are Their biggest challenges and pain points That you can help address and where they Want to get what are their biggest Desires and how you can help them get There that's what it's about and being

Really really good in marketing will Allow you to express how your product or Service can actually help them do all of Those things when it comes to sales I Have seen so many entrepreneurs being Terrified at selling and I used to be One of them it used to freak me out when I needed to do a sales call because I Felt like I was 4 forcing people to pay Me and that could not be further away From the truth but there is a Distinction that can only happen when You know for sure that your product or Service can actually help them be in a Better position than they are right now Because if that is true if you know for A fact that your product or service is Going to make their life better it's Going to help them get a better job it's Going to help them be a better parent It's going to help them be in a better Relationship it's going to help them buy A house for cheaper whatever it is that You offer then you should have no reason To worry about selling because you can Very easily change your mindset and Understand that you by not selling your Product or service are preventing your Client from having a better life and you Will not feel good about yourself if you Knew that you had a solution and you Weren't offering it it's not about you Forcing anybody to buy from you it's About having an opportunity for them to

Be in a better place and I couldn't Stress enough how important it is to be Comfortable closing and dealing with Objections because any entrepreneur will Tell you that without closing you don't Have a business without that you cannot Sell and without selling you can't have Any kind of business that you want to Start so you have to become comfortable To deal with objections and to be told No and to still be willing to move Forward because you know for a fact that Your product or service can make a Difference in somebody's life number Three is networking and I think it's a False belief that networking is only for Sellers or sales people that could not Be further away from the truth Networking is an absolute must for any Entrepreneur I cannot stress enough how Important this is to be fair most of my Projects most of my current businesses Have come from networking have come from Conversations I've had with people in my Network and from people that I Discovered and I met throughout the Years it is so crucial to build a Network that will be supporting you and That you will be able to give value to And get value from you will be able to Find new business ideas you'll be able To find new clients honestly probably Majority of my current clients come from My network and from recommendations of

My network you will get new product Ideas you will get new partnership ideas And even if it's only as little as Insight about your future target Audience you will still get tons of Value from your network so look into Building a network that will give you Value and that you can give value back The next skill is all about developing Outstanding teams and here's why in the Entrepreneurship world we have this Saying that you don't want to be a Business operator you want to be a Business owner and spend as little time As possible executing on the business And more time leading it and taking it To New Frontiers so in order to be able To do that the only way possible that I Have found and who knows maybe AI will Change that is by developing Stellar Teams and throughout the last decade I've LED multiple teams in multiple Projects and I have done that really Successfully because number one I was Always careful about who I was hiring I'm very particular about hiring very Talented people and people who are Looking to grow and develop themselves Secondly I am somebody who empowers them To give their best and gives them Flexibility and room to grow and number Three is I like to create a vision that Inspires people and that helps them to See a future that they want to work

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Towards this way I have been able to Develop so many successful teams and I've learned that without them it is Pretty much impossible to become a Successful entrepreneur because by Yourself your able to create a business With a great team you're able to scale And reach completely new levels of Success the next skill that I believe Every aspiring entrepreneur has to Master is business optimization and I Know that this might sound pretty Sophisticated and you might be thinking Yeah well it's probably corporations who Need that I'm just starting out I don't Need something that fancy well trust me You do even if you're just starting out And you're trying to sell something Using ads you definitely have room for Optimization be that your conversion Rates your ad spend there are always Areas of your business and funnels that You can optimize obviously when your Business grows and you have retention You have the number of customers that Renew with you you have the amount of Time that your customer spends with you So your customer lifetime and the value That they bring to your company you can Look at optimizing things where related To your employees and how long they stay With your company or how many Applications you get for a job that You've posted there are so many areas

And opportunities for you to look into When it comes to business optimization And over time I have absolutely mastered This from startups to working with Multi-billion dollar businesses and I've Developed an eye for analytics I can Look at data no matter if it's financial Data or business related operational Data and I can tell where a business is Doing great and where a business has Room for improvement and opportunity for Optimization and I believe that you need To do that too and you need to make Numbers your friend if you want to be Successful in any kind of business that You want to start and the skill number Six that I think you want to look into Is developing strategic Partnerships or Creating ecosystems as I like to call it And that is essentially developing an Eye for opportunities where you can join Forces with another business or another Entity another Channel and be able to Bring more value together to your target Audience and you can look at that Through an affiliate marketing lens so Let's say leveraging an audience that Somebody has built and adding more value To that audience through the services That you are offering or through the Products that you're selling or you can Look into creating Partnerships between Your business and another business that Sells something that's complementary and

Then together you are going to offer a Lot more value to your customer and this Is going to differentiate you in the Market and it's going to make you so Much more money and bring you so much More demand than you can imagine Alrighty guys that was it for today Thank you so so much for watching I hope This video was helpful and if you're You're looking into becoming an Entrepreneur I absolutely recommend that You start building and developing these Six skills because I promise you you Will not regret it until next time go Ahead and watch this video over here Like this video if you liked it be sure To subscribe if you haven't done so and Also share with a friend who might also Be looking into starting on the Journey Of Entrepreneurship thank you again and I'll see you next time bye

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