Foreign [Music] And I'm back with another video with Another amazing opportunity that are Available from a company called Lyft you Have to be familiar with ride sharing Apps that majority of us are using to Earn additional income side hustle even Some have turned these apps into Business full-time income by creating a Whole business out of these apps has Definitely been beneficial for so many People when it comes to earning Additional income and providing various Opportunities so if you are familiar With Lyft and you know the basic thing They started out as a ride sharing app And now they are allowing people to Deliver food from restaurants to Customers and you get paid to do this But Lyft also offers Mobility as a Service they offer ride hailing vehicles For hire motorized scooters a bicycle Sharing system rental cars and food Delivery in the US so they are part of All these things not just in food Delivery or ride share okay so if you Are not familiar with Lyft I highly Suggest that you look up this company And get to know them to know everything That there is to know about this company They do have some remote based Opportunities that are available on Their website so I just wanted to bring

That to your attention if you're someone Who's interested in any of these jobs They are currently available now I'd Like to call these opportunities High Demands with low competition and Basically that means that these Opportunities are in high demand that Many companies post but have a difficult Time filling those positions and the Reason could be that not many of us will Qualify for these positions and you'll See why that is in a second okay so Because of that they are in high demand These companies are possibly in Desperate need of hiring individuals That qualify that meet the Qualifications for these jobs okay and It's low competition because the Majority of the population may not Qualify for these positions one because They require High degrees and many years Of experience and I share videos on my Channel that apply for so many different Individuals if they're entry level no Experience than those types of position Are definitely going to get a lot of Candidates so those are high competition Positions when it comes to remote Opportunities okay so every now and then I'd like to share mix it up a little bit For those who may qualify for some Higher paying positions that require you To have advanced agrees or Advanced Skills in years of experience so let's

Check out some of the jobs that lifts Currently have available so that you can Get some ideas on what they offer so all You have to do is go to lyft.com and Just visit their career section to see What it is available their openings and Once you do this you can select under Location section us anywhere you can Filter your job search so I would Suggest going to their all locations Section right here and click on that Where you will see a drop down menu and If you live in Canada Ontario Canada you Could click where it says Ontario Anywhere Toronto Canada meaning that They may have positions all over that Area everywhere in that area available And If you are in the US anywhere so That's what I selected to see what jobs Are available for U.S residents but if You live in any of these other locations Listed here like in the Ukraine then Definitely check out positions that are Available in those locations so if you Are in the US we're going to look at Some opportunities that are currently Available on their job openings section So as you can see there are various Categories in which they have some jobs Available okay so in their account Announcing and financing section they Have a position here in the US that's Available anywhere in the U.S for Financial reporting manager and majority

Of these jobs I consider non-phone-based Jobs because they're not dealing with Customers you're most more so working Online and communicating with the team Behind the scenes so these are Non-customer non-phone-based Opportunities so for example their Financial reporting manager position the Responsibilities you can read you will Be assisting in the preparation of SEC Filings and supporting documents Including form 10K 10q proxy statements And other required form filings so these Are non-phone-based types of Responsibilities manage preparation of The statement of the cash flows research And drafting perform regular Benchmarking analysis up here Disclosures provide and present analysis On various accounting issues for Earnings call preparations Etc assistant managing assists in Managing external audits assistant Various ongoing ad hoc projects or Initiatives as needed so sounds like you Would need to have some working within a Team Dynamic experience for that team Dynamic experience as well so if you Scroll to their experience section it Does state that you will need to have a Bachelor's degree in accounting finance And CPA is preferred it's not required But it is preferred they also mentioned Six plus years of experience in

Accounting including big four public Accounting experience Strong project management skills strong Organizational verbal and written Communication skills are a must Accounting research strong quantitative Qualitative and then analytical skills Ability to build strong relationships Etc etc so I had to chuckle because Again these types of positions are in High demand because majority of these Job posts are sitting here for months to A year to maybe two years still hiring Because again they may not be getting a Lot of people that qualify for these Positions as you can see the Requirements the experience the years of Experience that you need to have the Degrees that you need to have in order To qualify for these positions will Eliminate a lot of competitors okay so If you meet any of these qualifications I highly suggest that you go ahead and Apply for these positions and of course You will get the best chance okay at These jobs if your resumes are up to par So make sure you check out my resume Revamping Services if you meet the Qualifications if you're into accounting And you have six plus years of Experience or even five plus years of Experience then definitely take a shot At this position but again this is a Remote-based job so you definitely want

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Very important to have a cover letter Included with your resume application Okay and again your resume must be on Points so I specialize in resumes as Well as cover letter revamping I offer That service so you can shoot me an Email if you're interested in taking Advantage of that service if you would Like to try my resume templates that I Offer they are in the description Section below this video you can check The links out for my Pro resume bundle I Have a bonus that I included recently Based on your request for a full resume And cover letter guide it will guide you On how to construct your resume to get The best possible chance of Landing a Position And it will get attention of a hiring Manager okay so you can check out my Resume bundle again templates or you Have the option to have your resume and Cover letter revamped just shoot me an Email melissia at home gmail.com Melissa Is spelled exactly how it spouts on my YouTube channel melissia at home Gmail.com and that information is also In the description section below this Video okay very important especially for Positions like these that are high Demand again with a very low competition All right so how much exactly does this Position pay you can go through the Benefits the benefits are just amazing

Of course great medical dental and Vision insurance options mental health Mental health benefits family building Benefits okay 401K 18 weeks of pay Parental leave Etc etc all the goods so let's go to the Pay range the expected pay range for This position in the US is around 122 000 to 160k per year salary range and it Is dependent on a variety of factors Including your qualification your Experience where you're located okay so Those are the things that will be Factored into how much exactly you get Paid so you're not going to get paid the Same as someone else who's also applying For this position so just keep that in Mind because if you are in a different Location from the next person you're Paying me be different from theirs okay But the pay range is pretty good with Between 122k to 160k for this position And this is for their financial Reporting manager now majority of the Jobs that they have listed here that's The normal average pay range for all These jobs now as you can see makes Sense you have jobs in data analytics And business and intelligence where They're looking for business operations Analysts senior business operations Analysts they have job in their legal Section legal operations program manager Okay and marketing people section you

Can find Opportunities the product Section public policy software Engineering and of course they have this University section and these are Internships okay so they have some Internships available for summer of 2023 This year so if you are someone who is Currently studying in any of these areas That you see of Interest then I will Definitely check them out okay so again This is Lyft this is coming from Lyft And they do have careers available High Demands low competition if you meet any Of the qualifications for any of these Jobs then you are in luck they are Currently hiring so you can go ahead and Get your applications in and start Working for Lyft all right so if that's Basically what I want to share with you Make sure you check out the links in the Description section for opportunities That are posted and I thank you so much For watching and for your supports your Support have helped me over the last 13 Years on YouTube and growing this Channel and reaching millions of viewers And those who are interested in finding Legit remote-based opportunities so Thanks again for watching and I'll speak To you soon bye

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