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Yeah and so far I made 1.7 thousand Dollars just on this one single account Let me refresh that really quickly 1.7 000 what's going on guys in today's Video I want to show you a super simple Seven minute trick on how to get paid Five dollars and fifty cents every 10 Minutes over and over again on complete Autopilot Now using this method you can See right here using this application I Was able to make one point seven Thousand dollars already and in today's Video I'm going to show you exactly how You can do this and set this seven Minute trick up even if you have no Skills no experience or this is the First ever video you are watching about Making money online but before that if You're new to the channel welcome on This channel I post daily videos Actually buy daily every other day Teaching you how to make money online Completely for free and also without Ever showing your face online so if That's something that you like don't Forget to smash the like on this video Let's try and get to 1 000 likes on this One and also to never miss out on any of My future uploads make sure to subscribe And hit notification Bell so I can Notify you whenever I upload a brand you Might make a video and also stand till The end of the video and comment down Below and tell me if you actually like

This video and tell me where are you From so I know if you like these kinds Of methods or I should be creating Another method and don't even bother Reposting these kinds of videos so yeah Just tell me if you like it where are You from and also what is the problem That you are not able to set this method Up properly I would really like to know That because I'm on a mission to help as Many people as possible to make money Online so yeah if you can just give me Some feedback I would really appreciate It okay guys so I want to show you this Method that's going to be paying you Five dollars and fifty cents exactly Around every 10 minutes now I know That's not maybe it doesn't seem like a Lot but five dollars and fifty cents if It's every 10 minutes that means you are Going to get paid six times per hour so That's going to be around 30 dollars per Hour that you're going to be making this But this is actually on autopilot Because you can set this up in just like Seven minutes and it's going to be Working for you 24 hours per day so this Is per hour up and if you going to Multiply that by 24 that means you are Going to be making close to 800 per day Possibly with this method and if we Multiply that just by like four that's Over three thousand dollars you can make In like four days now I don't think

You're going to make let's be completely Honest you are not going to be making This amount of money in the next four Days but this is something you can Definitely expect to make in the next Month if you're going to be using this Method okay so the step number one you Want to go to website that's called tap Mop IO and download this completely free Application now this is pretty much an Exclusive CPA Network in white only that Has a very good affiliate offer CPA Offers actually that we want to be using And I'm going to show you why and if you Don't want to be using that I will show You another alternative now you want to Just go to tap mop i o and just download The application on either app store or Google Play and then you want to pretty Much enter this code 8964 when you are Going to be signing up this is my exact Referral code that's going to help you Get approved on tap mob okay because This is invite application only so you Need to have the referral code or you Need to have a large social media Following if you have large source to me Social media following then just tell Them where are you from and just give Them all your details but if you don't Have large social media followings you Can also sign up using this link Incognito money.com tap mop and also use This code 8964 and that's going to help

You get approved okay now once you're Going to log into your application I Want to show you exactly what to do here And the reason why we are going to be Doing this you can see that on this Account I have 1.7 thousand dollars Total owed that I made on this network So it's real it makes money and you Don't have to be scared about anything That you want to go to the offers right At the bottom left section and this is All the CPA offers they currently have That you can be promoting and making Money with them now if you're going to Notice and I'm going to show you a live Example you're going to see that these Offers they have extremely high payout You can see six dollars for a CPA offer This is is unheard of now what you want To do is you want to scroll all the way Down and currently we are looking for This cpf right here which is called Survey voices it's called survey voices And it's going to be paying you 5.50 for a conversion now this is for an Email submit okay for an email submit All they have to do is just submit an Email address complete the registration And you are going to get paid five Dollars and fifty cents and this traffic Is only from United States this is Actually very important okay only United States traffic now what you want to do Is this link right here the sponsored me

Eight nine six four four five you want To copy and paste it into your laptop or Do the entire method on your phone you Can definitely do the method on your Phone but I highly recommend doing it on Your laptop because it might get a Little complicated later on and just Remember this payout you can see it's 5.50 5.50 okay okay now we have the link Right here it's pretty much right here Server voices CCP offer link now if you Don't have tap mob or you cannot get Approved because they have a lot of Registrations going in so they cannot Process everyone another thing that you Can use you can use a CPA grip okay but I'm going to show you why I want you to Be using tap map because on CPA grip Just log in sign up for an account then On the left hand section go to the my Offers select United States and then you Want to then you want to search for Subtle way okay and this is the CPR we Are looking for but on this network and This is the same exact TP offer you are Going to get paid two dollars and 43 Cents now that's still good amount of Money you are going to be getting paid Just for a super simple email submit Where people all they need to do is just Go to page like this enter their email Right here you're gonna start now two Dollars and 43 cents for this is

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Extremely good but five dollars and Fifty cents I think that's unheard of And this is hidden gold mine so that's The reason why I recommend using tap pop To get approved use the code 898964 it's going to help you it's my Code I will receive some Kickback if You're going to be making money but this Is what's going to help you get approved Now the next thing what you want to do Is you want to visit this link and this Is how it's going to currently look like For me because I'm from a different Country so it's going to redirect me to Some kind of opinion page where there's Some some content about the CPA offer But the next step what we want to do is You want to go to canva.com and I'm Going to show you a super cool traffic Source that's going to be sending you Hundreds and even thousands of people That want to sign up to that website and Once you're going to see that you'll be Like oh that's unheard of and I'm going To use it right away now you want to Create a custom size of 300 times 250 Click on create a new design and don't Worry we are not going to be creating Anything complicated okay so first of All just go to the page that you have Landed on and you just want to copy and Paste some images from this okay and the Reason for it is because we want to make It congruent so this one says get paid

For your opinions earn racking rewards Okay okay and then you want to just copy This part for example sample so just Like this just like this just this image Just like this okay and you want to Click on copy and it won't be much Pasted right here into the design okay And resize it accordingly because yeah Depending on what kind of image you're Going to take it's going to resize According to that okay so I'm going to Move this a little bit higher and then I Want to grab another part which is right Here our rewards and this PayPal gift Card is going to get a lot of attention Okay so just like this copy this part And then paste it right here again just Like this let's move this one up a Little bit more and just like this Actually I'm going to retake the Screenshot because I want to take the Entire blue thingy right here so I'm Going to take this screenshot copy this I'm going to delete this one and paste It right there and resize this one so The entire blue color is going to go Through the entire entire image okay Just like this it looks much better and Now this is the important part okay this Image it looks good but we want to make It high converting in terms of clicks And the way to do that is you just click On add a heading and you're going to Write there click here obviously but

This is not all once you move it at the Bottom to the bottom actually right here And then this is going to be the trick That you want to use so first of all Make it bold make it bold make it Underlined and then right here on the Text color you want to change the text Color and this is the color you want to Use because the color is not here you Want to put it here and this is very Important zero zero eighteen f f okay 0 0 18 FF and then this is the color you Want to use the reason for this color is That this is the universal color Universal color for links online or on The Internet so whenever you see a link Pretty much the default color for a link Is this one right here if the page is Didn't change it to something else so if People are going to see this color and Link with this color they know it's a Link okay so this is this makes it much More likely for people to click there Okay so I'm going going to move this one A little bit up move this one a little Bit up and just like this okay and I'm Going to add these little Arrow Signs Right here so now this is much more Appealing for people to actually click On it so just take two images just get Paid for your opinions our rewards PayPal Apple card Amazon and then click Here and then you want to click on share This image click on the download and

Just want to download it as a PNG just Make sure that the resolutions are 300 Times 250 and I want to show you a Traffic Source traffic website that's Going to be sending you highly targeted Traffic people from United States they Want to sign up to these websites that Want to sign up here and for every Single person you are going to receive a 5.50 in a commission on the CPA Network That website I'm talking about is called Edits.com just go to this website and You're going to see that the top traffic Sites on these websites are all of these Now these websites are actually websites Where people can earn cents and pennies For actually clicking on ads now if you Actually know about any of these Websites there's thousands of people There and all they do pretty much is That they make money on these websites Just by clicking on ads just by watching Some videos and doing stuff like that For example like this website right here People can sign up click on a couple of Ads and make like five cents per day so When you're going to actually show them An advertisement that's going to tell Them they can get paid for completing Surveys and they can be making a lot More money yeah they are going to click There and they are going to sign up and For every one of these completely free Sign ups you are going to receive five

Dollars and fifty cents now here's how To actually create this very simple Traffic campaign just create your Account on ad hit then you want to go Right here click on advertisers buy Network ads just click on it and it's Going to take you to this page now just Call it whatever you want for example Tap mop campaign now you want to select None of the above none of the about then You want to create an image ad and you Want to select the 300 times 250 this This is the important resolution and you Want to change the geographic targeting Right here because you want to be Showing your ads everywhere just these Regions only and select North American Okay just select the North America right Here and then click on the next step now For the budget just put it like 10 for Example and for your daily budget you Can put there like five dollars and even If you're going to receive let's say the Worst case scenario like two sign ups Only then you are already profitable by One dollar because you are getting paid 550 for every sign up you're spending Ten dollars so that's like a dollar Profit but only people that are Interested in making money online want To click there and they are going to do That and those are the people that are Going to be signing up now I want to Copy this link right here pretty much

Your CPA link that you have saved onto Your desktop and paste it right here and Destination website name call it sponsor Me December survey okay so something Like this then enter the file or Actually upload the file that we have Created on canva so this one right here That we have downloaded this one and you Want to select upload and Bam this is How our advertisement is going to look Like and you can see get paid for your Opinions earn racking rewards by taking Surveys in your spare time our rewards PayPal Amazon and Apple pay sorry Apple Card Apple pay or apple card and then Click here now this is the reason why we Use the color of zero zero eighteen FF Because now it definitely seems like a Link people are going to click there and If someone is going to see this page They are going to see it on the click When they're going to do that they're Just going to sign up to try it out just For trying it out you are getting paid 5.50 this is why it's so so awesome and Then click on next step and I can just Pretty much just purchase this campaign On ad hits for just ten dollars so Pretty much you just click on I have Read and agree to add its user agreement And then you can either pay with card Skrill or coinbase and your campaign is Going to start showing up on this make Money online website where people are

Clicking just for send so if they're Going to see something better they are Going to try it out just to see how much Money they can be making from these Surveys and from every single one of These synapse you are going to receive 5.50 from tap mop or two dollars and 40 Cents from CPA grip and that's it guys That's exactly how I'm making money on The tap mop these CPA offers on that map They have unmatched payouts you cannot Find them anywhere else so go ahead sign Up to that map use the code 8964 or just Go to CPA grip set this method up and Tell me what did you like about it or What you didn't like about it or why you Are unable to set this method up other Than that thank you for watching it for More videos check out this one right Here we're just going to show you Another awesome Incognito make money Online method right here click here I'm Gonna see you there bye for now

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