7 Secret ChatGPT Examples You Didn’t Know Existed 🤯

Let's start with number one so I will Paste The Prompt we will see the magic Together and then we can discuss it in 10 seconds so enter It will ask you to provide some text I Will copy any text I'll paste it here Enter See now what will happen this prompt Will help you analyze fix and improve Your writing in seconds look how Efficient is this it will show you the Original text the revised text to Analysis that changes it made to your Text it will help you improve your Writing understand your mistakes it's Really awesome just give it a paragraph It will fix it and show your mistakes Don't worry about the prompts they are Somehow long and so on don't pause the Video and copy it or so I will give you Everything by the end of this video Let's now move on to product number two Let's paste the second prompt and this Somehow funny this prompt will help you Translate sentences or words into emojis Let's say I love you as a sentence enter and you Will see now it gets the best emojis That fits your words this is very Important in cases like writing Instagram captions and marketing maybe Writing headings subject lines email Subject lines or maybe Twitter threads Or any social posts you need to get the

Best emojis that fits your text this Will help you achieve this in seconds Let's move on to product number three Since you mentioned social media and Twitter threads look at this prom cha GPT now is an expert in social media I Need a 10 tweet Thread about a certain Topic let's say about prompt engineering From Engineering the thread should be Optimized for virility and contain Hashtags and emojis and it should not Exceed 280 characters which is Twitter's Limit let's see look at this You now get a Twitter thread in a couple Of seconds that you can just copy maybe Fix a little bit and paste and this way You can generate social media content Easily I know it sounds dangerous Maybe But chargeipity is here to help you Assist you save a lot of time creating Threads and Daily Posts and much much More let's now move on to prompt number Four when you create a blog or a website Or anything there is a task that you Should do always it's somehow boring Creating common pages especially for Those bloggers who just started up they Start searching for tools free tools Generate privacy policy and terms pages And so on now we can do this in seconds With charge EPT with this awesome prompt Let me show you this here is a prompt You just enter your website URL here the

Type of your website and then enter and Here we are this says the privacy policy Let me show you this small trick you can Always add this at the end of your prom To mark down and format your output with Headings let me copy again the same text And paste to show you the difference you Can see now we have headings H2S at H1 On so you can copy and paste directly on Your website of course I prefer you read This you want to change something and so On maybe the email address the date and So on maybe add something but this will Help you a lot to generate a privacy Policy or terms page easily and publish On your websites and by the way on each Super tools my free website we have here The privacy policy generator tool you Can do also the same if you want you can Enter your website your website URL and Get the HTML version and text version And copy to your website anyway let's Move on now to prompt number five please Now Focus very well because I will Reveal some secrets about using prompts Like this one and number five to build An online business please Focus So this one is somehow interesting this Prompt will allow you to summarize any Book you just need to enter the author Of the book let's say Paulo cuello here And the book title which is The Alchemist for example an ebook title With the book author and just now copy

This from I will paste in charge EPT and See what will happen summary of The Alchemist by Paulo cuello main topics Key ideas chapter titles takeaways and Conclusions authors background Comparison to other books target Audience reception and critical response Recommendations and take away everything You need with this simple one prompt Please now Focus think about it I will Give you three seconds What can you do with this prompt and Similar ones if you if you are following Me like two years ago I published a Website called in quick sticks this Website is about book summaries you can Read books in 10 minutes so here is some Book summaries and self-development Think about it instead of reading books And reading summaries and creating these Summaries for people to read now you can Create a simple tool with one prompt Using AI to generate book summaries let Me explain more if I copy this Ctrl C I Go here to open AI tokenizer this will Show you how many tokens this prompt Will cost It's around 187 tokens and let's see the Output I will copy the output So together is around 800 tokens less Than 1 000 token if you go now here to Charge EPT API pricing it is 0.002 per 1000 token so each book summary will Cost you

0.002 dollars to generate with such Prompts how much time and money and Effort you will save to build a business Like this one Creating and generating book summaries Think about it we have a lot of prompts Like this that can be used to generate Or build online tools that people will Love to use and cheap to build for Example if you go into eight super tools Again my website you will see I have Here the YouTube AI title generator it's The same concept people enter a topic Here I am using open AI API in the back End to generate titles it's very simple And soon I will show you step by step Guide how to build tools like this one In like 20 minutes and how to build a Business with open AI apis don't forget Subscribe and the notifications to get Every new update a lot of interesting Things coming soon on this channel Anyway let's go back to our prom so this Awesome prompt will help you generate Any book summary in seconds in prompt Number six we have two exam levels the Second is very important so please Focus Now I will get this prompt I will Paste in charge GPT this simply allows You to generate email subject line ideas I will tell chagipity AG the Professional email subject line Copywriter I hope you watched my project Engineering course part once you can

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Understand these topics this is called Giving a lot of the model and then Giving details and so on anyway so my First email is about affiliate Marketing secrets that say and now Charging PT will give you Some email subject lines 10 ideas this Is a simple email subject line generator Let's look now on example number two if You watched my video like three weeks Ago I showed you how I built this new Business this website using charge EPT This subject lines database this is a Simple tool or simple website it shows You some ideas with the formula used for Each subject line so now I want charging PT to generate subject lines based on a Specific formula let's say I like this Formula here I will copy this and now go Back to char GPT I will tell it please Generate subject lines based on this Formula so I'm giving it the template or The formula of a subject lines I want to Look like so look now it generated 10 General subject lines let me tell it Again please generate Subject lines With this formula But about A fully marketing secrets you can see Now I am using the formula with my own Topic to generate these special subject Lines three affiliate marketing secrets For expensive growth it's using my own

Formula which has three ways to achieve A goal than an emoji so you can use any Formula from my database or whatever you Want and tell jgpt to format your output Based on these formulas this is very Important maybe there's a formula that's Successful review and you want to Duplicate or replicate it so you can get A lot of ideas based on the same formula If you find something helpful in this Video till now please don't forget smash The like button so we can reach more People and help more people learn about These skills and techniques let's now Move on to prompt number seven now in Number seven I will not tell you what The prompt is about I want you to see This in action I will show you three Examples to see the power of such Prompts and what we can get out of Charge GPT so I will paste this from and In short this prompt is telling charging PT to act as a professional experience Kid Behavior specialist okay Enter now Charging PT is a specialist so the first Example I want to ask it about something Let's say what is your opinion About home Schooling in the AI era now it will Answer the question as if it's a Professional children's specialist basic Example the second example is somehow Interesting now I want chai GPT to tell Me or extract Rosso's point of view in

Homeschooling so maybe you don't have The time to read this book and you just Want Rosa's point of view about Homeschooling so in this way I can ask Judg about it please tell me How Rosso thinks about home schooling based On his book Emil and now it will show you Rosa's Point of view think about it you are Doing a research or you want a specific Idea of a book or a point of view for Someone in a specific field we can get This in seconds now the third example is More interesting I will tell it simply Please criticize this point of view and Be strict and sure Other Strong Views about this topic I know the Structure is not that perfect but the Idea here is to make charging PT go Again and see what it generated and Criticize it so you can get different Point of views this is very important Especially in research let's see now it Will go step by step again to what it Generated about Rosso's point of view And criticize itself this is a very Important subject or Topic in prompt Engineering making charging PPT critic The size itself so you can get better Output charge if it will start fixing Itself in this way you can see different

Prompts different outputs and get the Best out of it I hope you got the idea This video was a second video in our Prompt engineering Mastery series free Course and our next session will be About integrating Python scripts with Prompt engineering to get Mind-blowing results Even if you don't know what is python You didn't write any script in your Entire life don't worry this course is For total beginners I'll explain Everything from scratch we will have Also a small part to learn programming Basics interesting for anyone who want To learn these new techniques and skills In 2023 I hope you enjoyed this video if You have any questions I'll be waiting For you in the comment section below and If you missed my first video The Prompt Dealing course go and check it right now And watch it before following up with The with us in this series see you soon

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