8 Mind-Blowing Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Hey it's released in this video you'll Learn a useful and interesting websites You'll use some days starting with the First website have you ever wanted to Know what a website looked like back in The days for instance what did YouTube Look like in let's say 2006 well here it Is you've got YouTube and during its Early stages you can check out what it Looked like and you can search up any Website and its history using a website Called Wayback machine think of Wayback Machine as the Time Capsule of the Internet all you need to do is type in The URL let's say youtube.com which We've already searched and then where You see the blue bubbles you can Basically take a look at all the screen Captures that it's taken on that day so In this case we've got 12 snapshots and Once you've clicked on any of those Dates and captures you'll see the web Page and you can go through the timeline By simply hovering over and then Clicking on any of the areas so let's Say May 30th 2011. so now we're on YouTube but on May 1st 2 2011 and check Out what it looked like back then so Wayback machine is not only useful if You want to check out the history or Need to do a bit of research but you can Also use it if you're bored or if you Simply want to have a little fun Checking out a website's history next up

Have you ever wanted to remove the Background from a video well there is a Tool it's called unscreen what you do is You simply drag and drop your video file Directly on the web page letter process The video and in just a few seconds it's Removed the background as best as it Could what you can also do is change the Background so let's say this ice rink or We can upload our own background and Once you're ready to download it simply Hit the download button canva also has a Built-in video background remover as you Can see right here if you click on the Video that you've uploaded click on edit Video you'll see background remover However it is for pro members only and That's the downside of it moving on to The next website have you ever sat down On a Friday night for instance and You're thinking about what to watch or Your flicking through Netflix or Hulu Whatever well there's a website called a Good movie to watch and once you're on There you can actually see the most Popular movies and it's categorized Based on the different types of services Let's say Netflix and now you see a list Of popular suggestions on Netflix you Can see and also sort by popular top or New now how this website actually Categorizes popular shows and movies is Based on the IMDB ratings so it's got to Have a score of at least 7 out of 10 on

IMDb and combined with a 70 critic Approval score on Rotten Tomatoes so if You're like me endlessly scrolling and Browsing through Netflix to decide on What to watch so it's worth my time then Check out a good movie to watch the next Time you go on Netflix or any of the Other services next up we've got a Website or more so a tool that allows You to put artificial Lighting on any Image of yours it's called relight by Click drop and all you need to do is Simply drag drag your photo so I've got This one right here of mine once it's Uploaded what you can do is add these Lights so you can change the direction And changing the colors too so if you Don't like green you can change it to Something like yellow and that will Change everything as you can see you can Delete the lights let's say you do not Want the light 3 we can click on light Three click on delete and there we go Otherwise you can add a new light and Place it where you want change the color To something like purple which we Originally sort of had we could also Change the amount of light going to the Photo now here's the before and after so If you don't have any lights handy RGB Lights that is then you can use click Drops relay tool to add that artificial Lighting as you can see moving on we've Got a tool that allows you to isolate

The voice from any music tracks so it's Called vocal remover all you need to do Is grab your audio file I've Got My Demo Audio right here and I am simply Uploading it dragging it to to the Interface all right so the audio is Uploaded and what I'm going to do is Play it so you can hear what it sounds Like in its current state so a few Seconds of this using this single tool I'm about to present here you can create E-commerce stores such as this ebook Store all right so you can hear the Music and also my voice in the Background right there so you can Actually reduce the amount of Voice or Music and vice versa right so for click Play using this single tool I'm about to Present here Now it's just the music so I can Basically adjust the amount of vocal or The amount of music playing so let's say This music is quite Loud Let's reduce it Down somewhere around I don't know 20 Here and play it types of digital Products in this case we are selling Evenings customers so that's vocal Remover in a nutshell there are other Tools that you can use on vocal remover Such as a pitcher cutter Joiner recorder Karaoke and key beats per minute finder How are you liking this video so far let Me know by giving this video a quick Thumbs up now let's continue with the

Video next up we've got a website that Allows you to see the best time to buy a Particular product for instance I search For Logitech Brio 4K webcam and now with This website I can see what the highest Price is and when that was priced at and When the lowest was so 121 on August 20th 2022 the website I'm referring to Is called camel camel camel set three Times what it'll help you do is it'll Give you notifications of any price Drops it also show your price history Charts so if you've got a couple of Things on your wish list make sure you Use camel camelcamel.com and then the Best thing to do is enter your email so When the price actually does drop by a Certain amount then you can track it and Get alerted next up this tool allows you To create a custom avatar like this Right here you can customize the gender You can customize the face and the shape The hair the eyebrows you can see the Range of different eyebrows eyes down to The mouth clothes as well and you can Change the nose as well we can add a Beard like so and people actually create This and they actually sell it as nfts It's just one idea otherwise if you Let's say want to create an anonymous Bio or a profile online then you can use Ava maker to create one once you're done Creating your avatar simply click on Download download as a PNG or SVG

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Alright and finally this next website Allows you to download over 60 000 free Ebooks it's called Project Gutenberg and It's free because it's in the public Domain but for instance this classic Book this self-help book called the Science of getting rich is freely Available you can download it in any of These formats let's say you simply want To read it online you can select the HTML form and here it is the science of Getting rich and simply scroll and read Through the ebook with over 60 000 free Ebooks I'm sure there's at least one Ebook that you can start reading today Alright all in those are the eight Useful websites let me know in the Comments which of these websites you Enjoyed or found interesting I'd love to Know in the meantime thanks so much for Watching and I'm looking forward to Sharing the next video with you

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