Affiliate Marketing 2023: How I Made $10,794.50 With ZERO Investment

So if you look at my screen right now You're going to be seeing the fact that We have done over ten thousand dollars Actually Ten Thousand Seven ninety four Point five zero US dollars right right Here and this is all Affiliates a Commissions so what I'm gonna be doing In today's video is basically show you Exactly how this monies were made using Affiliate marketing so this video is Basically an affiliate marketing Tutorial I'm going to show you guys how I made Ten Thousand Seven ninety four Dollars with civil investment at all Right I didn't spend any money to Actually make this man I'm gonna be Showing you exactly how so let's go back To my screen if you come here right now And refresh this you're going to see That everything Remains the Same right Nothing is changing nothing is adopted Everything stays the same over 330 000 Athletes over the 33 000 Um restrictions over four thousand a Commercial rate 10.51 percent first time Buyers 495 5494 and commission ten Thousand so on 94 uh US dollars right And you can do the exact same thing if You actually pay attention to what I'm Gonna be teaching you in this video Because I'm going to be showing you Exactly what I did step by step so I'm Going to be leaving no stone unturned

But before we drop right into this Affiliate marketing tutorial let me Quickly introduce you guys to today's Sponsors which is once up Allow users to complete surveys and get Paid by sharing their opinion on Different topics these are topics like Fashion technology car industry politics And so on you also have the options of Sharing your internet connection in Exchange for cash Bitcoin or even gift Cards the app is available on any device That runs Androids windows Mac OS or Linux now this is a great site income Source that's available for anybody Anywhere in the world so these are very Easy to complete and they require just a Few minutes of your time while the Internet sharing option does not require Any input from you the user all you need To do is to agree to share your Bandwidth and that's all is Focused on security and privacy for all That's involved all traffic is encrypted And this app does not access any private Data at all such as your local storage Your email your contacts and any other Thing or these are private and Actually respects that each client goes Through a rigorous vetting process Before they are accepted into the Porns.r program and let's go to my phone And let me show you guys exactly how to Actually set up an account on pause that

App and actually use it so what you need To do is to click on the first link in This video description and once you Click on it it's going to bring you to The website right and what you Need to do once you are here is to click On download for Android right here so This app is available for Android users So I'm going to click um download for Android and you can download this app on Your phone isn't it right as you can see Right now you can download this app by Clicking install right here and this app Gets downloaded into your phone it Starts that simple right so what I'm Going to do right now is to click on Open right here and the app opens on my Phone right so it says Sports app ready To start earning of course you want Channels that in the money online and That's what this app actually helps you Do okay so uh once we are logged in You're gonna click on start earning Click on start adding and of course Click sign up to actually set up an Account if you don't have one so go Click on sign up put your email address Stays here your password confirm your Password then coupon right that's the Code showing right here right now this Code showing up right here right now put That code in this space and click sign Up at the bottom of the screen but I Already have an account so I'm just

Going to log into my account So I'm going to click on login here and Put in my email address right here uh Gerald Email address right here and my password Goes in here and click on login right so The points are allow you to make money By sharing your internal connection and They pay you for you to do that right You can also share your opinion and Surveys and all of that and you make Money on this particular app right so These are ways that you can make money On this app so I'm logged into the Points app right now so and um So he says my everything shows 0.00 USD Right now and if you look at this place You're going to see that the minimum Payout is five dollars so you can you Can sub two surveys you can invite your Friends right so let's let's do that so We're going to survey right now enable Your location continue right while using The app so it has access to my location Right now so random survey so it is Survey right here right now is going to Be giving me this coverage one will be Giving me 0.01 US dollars if I actually Complete this survey right now share Your opinion on things that matter I'm Gonna hit start survey okay so your call I agree counting back from five what Number follows four cut it back from Five fourth number follows four four

Five four three so three should be the Answer for this right what is your year Of birth so this survey has been Completed so he says survey completed You and 0.01 this is easy you can Withdraw your earnings once you get to At least five dollars so I have just Made 0.01 and if you do the exact same Thing you're gonna be getting the exact Same result so if I come to compute it Right here they're going to be seeing That they have this hasn't completed I'd Have n 0.01 now available with just one So you can you can refresh and check Back once in a while to actually see Um if they have more offers more surveys Available for you she invite your Friends if you come here I'll copy this Link right here write and invite your Friend to actually join uh pawns app You're gonna be getting one dollar and Your friends are gonna be getting one Dollar as well An average user makes one dollar a Computer survey and 0.2 dollars per Gigabyte for each device running users can utilize an unlimited Number of devices as long as each device Is on a different network with a Different IP address users can also take Advantage of the affiliate Program and make money by sharing your Your affiliate link to your family Friends your well wishers on social

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Media and all of that and you're going To be making money as well now where the Person signs up on points DOT app with Your wife in this link you're going to Be getting one dollar bonus instantly And of course 10 percent of their Earnings as long as they continue using The app so let me give you a practical Example we have James who joined in April of 2021 while it is Still just a bandwidth sharing app in a Year he made 64 dollars by sharing his Internet connection on his phone James Has a data plan of unlimited bandwidth So he just lets the app run in the Background and that's all whenever he Has a few minutes James checked the Available surveys and completes the ones That are available just like you saw us Do a while ago and this activity brings Him an additional one dollar per survey For 16 per month on the average he also Used his affiliate link already in ABR Morning subreddit a single link brought To you prior and 22 referrals and Another 89 which is a total of 453 Dollars now that's more than enough Money for a nice trade like a few new Video games a new pair of sneakers or Even the latest gadgets now currently is running a special deal Register Now using my special link in This video description and we are going To be getting one dollar into inside

Your account instantly now This deal will not last for long so it's Important that you click on the first Link in the video description that's my Official link I set up an account on instantly now coming back to Our affiliate marketing tutorial right Another question you are asking is how Did Gerard make this 10 over ten Thousand dollars I just showed you guys Right now that I did that actually made With zero investment that's all let me Show you guys so what you need to do so Click on the second link leave your Description as well bring you straight To Um video IQ right for keyword research That's the first thing you need to you Need to do and like I said Um this is a step-by-step tutorial so It's important that you stay with me From beginning to the very end as I'm Gonna be leaving no stone unturned so Let's go and do our keywords research We'll come here right now I made that Money with affiliate marketing on Fiverr Affiliate right by promoting Fiverr Basically that's all so how did I do This let me show you so let's go to Keyword research I'm going to come to Video cube right that's the second link It is in the description click on it It's going to bring you to this Interface before set up an account and

Come here and type 5A write a hit enter So I'm gonna come here and clinical Related keyword and it's going to show Me a lot of these related keywords now Fiverr gig this means that people are Searching for five ID the right and it Has very low competition and there are 35 660 person that is searching for Fiverr gig on YouTube rightly in the Past one month right so what I need to Do right now is that okay this tells me That this is actually a very good Keyword for me to go for 5 ID is a good Keyword for me to go for now this one Also has uh over 12 000 msv which is Monthly search volume and five art tips People like searching for Fiverr tips to Actually make money on Fiverr basically Now if you can't hear you see 5x Fiverr Tutorial however for beginners so let me Search for Fiverr tutorial let's say I Want to go with other tutorials for Instance right so I'm gonna come here And click on favorite tutorials then Select and reset keywords but of course Uh take forever tutorials right here I'm Gonna uh highlight for my tutorial Ctrl C all right click and copy this I'm Going to go to YouTube right I'm gonna Go to YouTube and search for Fiverr Tutorial right this is me doing my Keyword research I found a keywords let Me actually work on that keyword I see It is a keyword that is what my time so

I'm gonna come here to YouTube us and Visiting Fiverr tutorial and hit enter Let's see what's gonna happen right now So this first tutorial now this is a Video I made three years ago and is Still ranking for Fiverr tutorial on YouTube now this is not a coincidence There are things that I did actually get The videos to write and I'm gonna be Explaining some of those things in Today's video I have to proceed now this Is my video right here right now this is Another video uh right here from me Again for Fiverr this one says how to Create a gig on Fiverr right and this Was three years ago 2021 and it's still Ranking right here and if you keep going That we are going to be seeing soap how Did that make the money this is another Video for me how to make money on Fiverr 2023 without skills now how was this Money actually made right that's the Question you are asking right now and Let me explain that concept to you right Now so here's the thing when people come On Fiverr right when you saw one Pokemon YouTube and they search for things now YouTube is the second biggest search Engine in the world second to Google Right so people come to YouTube and they Search for things using this particular Keywords now vdiq has given us the Keywords that people are searching for Right and I have made videos on YouTube

I optimize those videos that you really Write for those keywords that's Basically what I what I did right so how Do you now optimize these videos to rank On YouTube that is a question I'm going To be answering as we proceed in this Video so the first thing you need to do Is to do your keyword research with Video IQ and find a variable keywords Now this is a viable keyword for Tutorial because he has low competition And he has a very high search volume Right and that and the fact that I made Video three years ago and this video is Still ranking for this keyword means That there's an opportunity for you that Actually make fresh video fresh rules Are needed in this particular keyword That's what I mean right if a Three-year-old video is still ranking Number one for this it means that fresh Videos right actually needed for this Particular keyword So I'm going to open the notepad Document here and put throw in our Keyword which is Fiverr tutorial that's It that's the main key one what I want To actually go for right so let's look At our competition so this is your Biggest competitor for this particular Keyword right now and this video is over An hour long an hour 27 minutes long so For you to even begin to compete you Have to make a video that is at least

Longer than this Right so Um I think that is why a lot of persons Have not been able to attract this video Despite the fact that three years old Because this second video here is 13 Minutes long this is 15 minutes long This is 11 minutes long this world is 18 Minutes this one is 34 minutes long you Know and if you keep seeing the fact That most of these videos here are not Even really bad to these two this one Doesn't have anything about Fiverr Tutorial right bodies drinking this one This one has that tutorial 2023 at the End of the title and it's still ranking For it for this right so there is a Content cap for this particular keyword So this is how you do your keyword Research so the first things first is to Find the product that you want to Promote right so in this product is Let's say upwork upwork has an affiliate Program you'll find you you've seen that I actually want to promote upwork so What you need to do is to take that Title upwork and go to go to Um come to video IQ and type in upwork Or walk right I hit enter Avid IQ is Going to show you keywords that people Are searching for on YouTube around Upwork and also show you the competition And the search volume and let me show You what is what I'm talking about this

One is awkward tutorial for beginners it Has one wire that 7000 msv with low Competition this is a good mile Basically this is a good match so if I Come come here this is up-off tutorial The same thing 60 000 and there's no Issues over registered on the Competition scale Right so there's a very great content Gap for me right now as I'm seeing this Right now so let's say I want to go with Um upward tutorial for beginners it's It's a keyword I want to go for I want To make video for this I'm going to copy This Come here and come here double tap and Paste this in a hit enter let's see What's going to happen opportunity for Beginner so this is me analyzing a Second a different platform right now so This one is uh so fighting this video is Ranking number one for this right and he Has 94 000 views and this video is Um 52 minutes long and guess what guys This thing doesn't even have up-up Tutorial for beginners in his init title So you shouldn't be ranking for this Particular keyword but it's not because There is no other Um video that has been made for this Particular keyword To be that opportunity for somebody who Is seeing what I'm seeing for this right So this is opportunity for beginners

These videos actually be ranking number One for this as a matter of fact but of Course again this video is very long so It's a factor the fact that it's very Long is actually a very good a very big Factor for this now this is another one Nine minutes at least another one they Are for another one create a video by um Franklin right here I keep going you see This good mile so there's an opportunity For you right here right now I'm seeing A fairly big opportunity right here and Right now right for this how to do your Keyword research so let's go back to What we're talking about Survivor Tutorial this is it right here right Over one hour 30 minutes long so your Video should be at least video lens Video lens l e n GT head video land uh To us I have to make a video a video Layer of two hours so this is in first Tutorial right so you actually need to Teach about Fiverr starting from the Beginning to the very end Right so the video lens you need to put That legal situation then just take your Time and watch your competitors video What I'm going to be doing that because It's going to take us take us time find Out what they have done and convince Yourself that you can actually do better Before you start making your videos now The mistake I see a lot of persons make Is I will make videos without actually

Doing this research right so in the long Run you're making videos for yourself Or for your family or for your friends To watch no you should be making videos For people who are searching for Keywords around a particular thing so What I do more steps is that I do my Keyword research write my keyword style Before I actually start looking for Contents that I can type for to a Particular keyword and it works and that Is why my videos are ranking for this Particular keyword so when people come Here and they watch this video right They click on my link okay listen let me Open this video right now all right open This video here And because I was promoting fiber Affiliate and that's how those models Were made if you come here right now I'm Going to show more at the body disc on The description here I'm gonna be seeing Where I say join Fiverr so what happens Basically is that people come here they Click on this link and they will direct Them to set up an account on Fiverr and Of course once they buy something on Fiverr Fiverr pays me a commission that Is why if we come here right now you see The registrations so these people Clicked on that video clicked on my link Registered on Fiverr and that's how I Got 4 000 somewhere that two persons Registered right 494 of them bought

Something on Fiverr I've ever gave you a Commission of over ten thousand dollars Easy money right this is basically what Affiliate marketing is about you promote Other people's products or Services Right so people that are interested in That Services buys or pays for all Clicks on your link and actually takes Action on those products and the orders Of the products is your commissions Because a sale was generated from your Marketing effort that's exactly what I Did and that's how these monies were Made right so if you want to learn more About this particular thing you know Showing you guys exactly how to do this Step by step right I have a training Coming up on the um it was supposed to Be on the 11th of March but I think I'm Moving it to Saturday 18th of March Because we have elections in my country Right so I won't be able I will be part Of the election so I won't be able to Actually teach on that particular day so I'm moving it to the 18th you know the Flyer is showing right here right now so What you need to do is to click on the Third link in the description right now To actually contact me for more Inquiries and to really start to be a Part of that event guys right so until I See in my next video keep winning and Don't forget to chill out actually does Love you guys bye for bigger

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