Affiliate Marketing 2023 – STUPIDLY EASY $800 a Day DOING NO WORK Yourself!

So the challenge for me today is to show You how you can make money with Affiliate marketing without actually Doing any of the work yourself you could Be on holidays you could be out with Your friends and even while you are Sleeping you have the opportunity to Make money with affiliate marketing in 2023 and I'm going to walk you through It and show you this entire strategy Step by step you see it starts by Knowing how to promote the right Products and which products to promote Which is where this website comes in Called CB so what you want to do is Come straight over to this website and Create an account for yourself once you Do that it's going to bring you over to This page and what you want to do is Scroll down to the left hand side over Here and click onto Rising products what This is going to do is show us new Products on ClickBank that you can start Promoting and products that have a good Gravity score that you can promote and That people are getting insane results With what you want to do from here is Come over to here where it says gravity Click onto this and what we're looking For is we're looking to start ranking These products with the highest gravity First as we can see the highest gravity Product over here is this one over here

Called Alpalene so what you want to do is take A look at all these products you can Click onto these products and see what They're about you can scroll down and See if there's anything in a particular Niche that you can like that you like But what I want to show you is how you Can start doing this and promoting every Single one of these products it doesn't Matter what Niche this is in I'm going To show you how you can get somebody Else to do all the work for you and get It outsourced if that sounds like Something that you are interested in all I ask that you do is that you smash that Like button in appreciation make sure You subscribe to the channel because I've got some more awesome content Coming your way a and just go down the Bottom and comment let me know that You're excited about this strategy Because you're going to absolutely love It but as always I'm going to show you Two ways that you can do this so that You've got more options of making even More money so what we want to do from Here let's just say that we want to Promote this products to start off with You can see here that the gravity score Of this at the moment is absolutely Insane it's 2281 I mean that is massive that's the First thing you want to look at the

Second thing is take a look at this the Average sale of this product is a Hundred and thirty nine dollars you can Promote this product once and make Thousands of dollars with the free Traffic strategy that I'm going to show You on this video so you can imagine how Much money you can make if you get a lot Of traffic and I'll show you how you can Do that so from here what we need to do Is we can click onto this product once We click onto it it's going to give us a Little bit more data about this product That you can go through and have a look The next thing that we want to do is we Want to generate this hop link this is The link that we're going to use to Promote this product so quite simply Click on to generate hoplink this is Where you're going to enter in your ClickBank ID and then you're going to Generate that link the other thing that You can do as well if you wanted to is You can quite simply copy this okay sign Up to ClickBank once you sign up to ClickBank as an affiliate it's Absolutely free to do that you can come Straight over here once you're in our Marketplace paste that product inside Here and then just click onto search as You can see what this is going to do is It's going to bring up the product this Is where you can find a little bit more Information about this product and other

Thing you can also do is go to the Affiliate resources page if you need it The strategy I'm going to show you today You're not going to need any of that but What you can do is come straight over to Here click onto this product so you can See what this product is about and find Out a little bit more information as Well you can scroll down and click on to Promote once you click on to promote you Want to click on to generate hoplink This is the link that you are going to Be promoting or using to promote this Particular product so you want to copy That and I'll show you where you are Going to place that link from here what We need to do is we need to start Generating this free traffic and the Best place to generate this free traffic Is on YouTube and I know what you're Thinking Alan I don't know how to do YouTube I don't want to start creating a Channel I don't want to show my face I Don't want to use my own voice I don't Want to use any sort of AI software That's fine you don't need to do any of That with the strategy that I'm going to Show you on this video and I'm going to Walk you through everything right now There's a few options that you have I'm Going to start with option number one And then I'm also going to show you how You can do the SEO for this to get your Videos to rank without you ever having

To do anything on camera and it quite Simply means that what you want to do is You want to come over to platforms like and once you're on Fiverr What you want to do do is you want to Search for things like video review There are people that will actually Create these videos for you and I'm Going to show you in a second how much Money you can make so if you can invest Twenty dollars on a video that could Potentially make you 200 to 10 000 would You do something like that I mean it is An absolute no-brainer so what you want To do when you're on Fiverr is you quite Simply want to type in video review and I'm going to show you in a second why These videos even if you have a tiny Channel with barely any subscribers or No subscribers can still get a lot of Views so once you type in video review What you want to do is you want to Scroll down and you want to look for Somebody that can create this video for You you can see there are people that Will do this for not even a lot of money There's somebody that'll do it for 16.46 There are people that charge a lot more You can actually set your own budget all You need to do is come over here to Budget so you click onto that you can Scroll down and you can set your budget Between say fifteen dollars you can just Click onto it Go fifteen to thirty

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Dollars and then click on to apply and Then find people that will create these Videos for you within your budget once You start making a little bit of money Then you could potentially invest in Someone else that's going to create one Of these videos for you that can Potentially be a little bit more Professional so as an example here is Somebody that I found over here that Said I will create an energetic video For you reviewing advertising products Okay and as you can see they look really Really good on camera you can do this as YouTube shorts and you can also do this As long format content and the people That you you're going to get are really Good on camera and as you can see the Pricing starts at twenty two dollars and Then obviously go up to a lot more but I Would recommend that you start off with The basic videos and videos that I'm Gonna cost you a lot now if you don't Want to use Fiverr I'm going to show you Another option before I'll show you how Well these videos actually do on YouTube Now if like I said you don't want to use Fiverr and you want to do this yourself You absolutely can but if you don't know How to rank videos if you don't know how To edit these videos if you don't know How to do any of the production and find Products Etc there is an option and I Can teach you how to do that all you

Need to do is go down the bottom and in The description of this video what you Want to do is you want to click onto the Link where it says income positive where I teach people how to create these Different types of YouTube channels from There you're going to see a page that Looks like this enter in your email Address and your name I'm going to send You my ultimate affiliate marketing Guide as a free gift just for taking a Look at this all you need to do is enter In your details you can get this this Guide alone has taught it has helped me Make well over 500 a day and it's Everything that I do in my business Every single day this is an absolutely Free gift but more importantly what's Going to happen is it's going to bring You over to a page that looks like this You can watch this video over here That's going to show you exactly how I Do this and how I've been able to make Well over a million dollars just on YouTube ad Revenue alone not to mention Everything else that I've made with Affiliate marketing which is well more Than what I've made with my ad Revenue So feel free to come over here and watch This video and this is going to show you Exactly how we use an evergreen views Formula to make over twenty thousand Dollars a month consistently for over The last four to five years once you

Come over you guys and you take a look At this if you decide that you want our Help from there what's going to happen Is it's going to bring you over to a Page that looks like this where you're Going to have over 10 modules of Information and videos that's going to Teach you exactly how you can create These videos step by step and you can Absolutely start crushing it I'm going To show you that in a second on top of That once you sign up what's going to Happen is you are going to have direct Access to myself and Greg that's got a Channel called caffeinated blogger and On this Facebook group you are going to Have access to both of us you can see Here that we've got 846 members actually a lot more than Some members that I've got to let in but As you can see they ask us questions Every single day I reply the group Replies Greg replies and we're doing Everything we can to support you to have A thriving Channel whether you want to Do it in product review or any Niche That you want we're going to walk you Through and show you how to do that at The moment I am having a massive Discount on this course all you need to Do when you scroll down to sign up is Click onto here where it says enroll now And you'll only be paying a fraction of What I'm normally charging this price is

Going to go up people have been asking Me to drop the price I've dropped it and It's time for me to start increasing This price so if you want to get in Right now for the lowest amount possible Click onto that link in my description And from there all you need to do is Watch this video Once you watch that Video you'll see exactly what I do and If you think this is for you then I'll Be more than happy to help you and coach You through everything that you do and So will Greg so now that you know that There is another option and you don't Have to use five if you want to make These videos yourself that is the option But if you do want to use Fiverr like I Was showing you that these people can Help you create these videos all you Need to do then is hire someone to Create this video now let's take a look For example once you're on YouTube if You were to search for something like Alpalene review what's going to happen When you scroll down is you're going to Find all these people that are actually Doing this now you can see channels like This one over here that's doing it Here's another one over here called Gabriel clips and you can see here that She's creating this exact same video you Can see here that just in 12 days she's Had over 12 000 views and inside the Description of this video what she's

Done is she has shortened that link Using cutley and show you exactly how You can potentially use bitly or cutley All you need to do is quite simply come Over to a brand new browser and just Type in cutley as an example And all you need to do you can see here You've got bitly's come up but this is The one over here called cutley and then Quite simply you want to shorten that URL now for example Cutlery at the Moment I think is charging you can see Actually you can sign up absolutely for Free and you can do one of these Shortened links the other thing that you Can also do guys is come over to sites Like bitly for example and once you're On bitly you can see here that you can Scroll down and you can shorten these Links so if you come to over you can see That this is where you can paste that Link so if we come over to ClickBank and We grab that affiliate link so we click On to promote click on to generate hop Link you grab that link quite simply you Come straight back over to bitly you Paste that link in here guys you can see That that's there you shorten that link And you can see that that link has been Shortened you can pay for bitly and you Can pay for cutlery if you want to start You can see here that she has her own Customized cutley URL because the back Of it has the name of the offer so you

Can do that as well now you can see here That with this particular video when you Scroll down you can see here that she's Using all these keywords which is our Plan and she's got alpalene review Etc Because what she's hoping to do is to Rank for a particular word that people Are searching for on YouTube and that's Exactly what we teach you how to do Inside my course but if you don't want To go down the Avenue of the course and You want to do this yourself you Absolutely can I'm going to show you how You can do the SEO as well you can pay Someone to do it as well now when we Take a look at this this particular Channel if we come over to socialblade This channel gets over 1.24 million views every single month And you can see that she has done a Couple of reviews on this particular Product the most recent one you can see Here that she's done five hours ago 9.7 K views now I mentioned that with these Types of review videos you can very Easily rank these videos let me show you Why you can rank these videos then I'll Show you how much money someone like This is potentially making with these Videos so what you want to do you can See on the right hand side I've got this Extension called vid IQ boost and once You have your video created what you Want to do you want to upload this video

And you want to be using words like this Alpalene review and you can see she's Got it in here as well as weight loss Supplement and the reason for this is This is what people are typing into YouTube or they're typing it into Google And these videos can also appear on Google as well which I'll show you now I've got this extension vid IQ which Shows me exactly what tags this person Is using the other thing that I have With vid IQ which you can get you can See here you can type in and You can actually get that extension for Free so you can see a lot of this stuff If you decide to upgrade with vid IQ so You can start doing your own keyword Research you absolutely can it's Completely up to you if you decide to do That what's going to happen is you're Going to have something that looks like This this is a dashboard and you can see I've typed in our plane review over here When you scroll down you can see that Alpine review is searched 129 000 times every single month on YouTube And you can see that the competition Score is really low so if you created Videos on this particular topic or on This particular keyword you stand a very Good chance to get views because YouTube Will start recommending this video and People that type in this particular Keyword onto YouTube will see your video

So you will get a chance to get these Different types of sales which is Exactly what these channels are doing Now when you take a look at this video That she uploaded five hours ago and You've also got this video she's got all These videos that she's uploaded you can See that this person whoever owns this Channel is uploading a lot of videos and All they're doing is uploading Consistent review videos and this Particular video that was uploaded 12 um 12 days ago is 12 000 views so when you Grab your calculator just to have a look At what the potential is With something like this we know that This product sells for a hundred and Thirty nine dollars so out of 12 000 People that have watched this video and Remember people that are watching this Video are actually interested in this Product out of the 12 000 people let's Say that out of them say 10 have clicked On the link remember this isn't cold Type of advertising this isn't something Where somebody has just stumbled upon This a lot of these people are searching For this particular product they want The review they're going to click onto This link so out of 12 000 people that Are interested in this product let's Just say that 1200 have clicked onto This link now let's be even more Conservative and say that out of that

1200 now only three percent have bought The product so what we've done is we've Narrowed down from 12 000 people once This video was made only 36 bought I Guarantee to you there's been a lot more Purchases I know from my own personal Videos that out of these 12 000 it'd be More like a couple of hundred instead of 36 but let's just leave it at 36. now a Few times 36 by 136 dollars which is What this product is this means that This video has made no less than four Thousand eight hundred and ninety six Dollars I mean that is absolutely Amazing now I know what you're thinking Alan but this channel looks like it has A lot of subscribers and this channel Has been doing this for a while it Doesn't matter I showed you that these Videos and this particular keyword can Do really well because of the low Competition score and because of the High search volume so even though There's so many people searching for These videos if you're a brand new Channel you can still get a lot of these Views you can still make a lot of these Sales now if you don't know how to do This SEO like I said if you click on the Link in my description option and you Want us to teach you how to do this We're going to teach you how to do all This SEO in our course the other option That you have is you can quite simply

Come back to Fiverr again and you can Type in something like SEO for YouTube Okay and what's going to happen is There's people that'll actually do this For you and these people that can help You rank your videos you can see that For as little as 16 a hundred dollars Etc you've got people that'll do these For you but remember you're gonna have To pay this for every single video that You do this on so why is this important Well let me show you something if we Come over here and we type in out we Grab this alpalene review and we come Over to Google and we type this up in a Search so a lot of people what they're Going to be doing is they're going to be Searching for this particular product on Google as well when you scroll down what You're going to see is take a look at This the videos are also going to come Up on Google and this is where you want To appear as well this is why the SEO is Extremely important because Google will Also Show your videos and look the Videos pretty much appear after the ad So a lot of people don't like clicking On the ads because they know it's going To be a bias review for example then When they scroll scroll down they're Going to see a few websites okay then What they're going to do is they're Going to start seeing the videos and This is where you want to appear and

This is why good SEO really helps so if You're enjoying this video up until this Point and you're starting to understand Where I'm going with this make sure you Smash that like button in appreciation And make sure you subscribe to the Channel because I'll have some more Videos like this coming out that are Going to absolutely blow you away and Help you make money with affiliate Marketing so that was my video for today Guys really hope they enjoyed it if you Did don't forget to smash that like Button and that you're subscribed to the Channel for the more awesome content That I've got coming your way but don't Go anywhere if you want another amazing Way that you can make money utilizing Affiliate marketing and also AI with AI Will do a lot of the work for you make Sure you click onto this video over here Right now for a full detailed tutorial That I posted the other day I I've done This so many times myself and I've made A lot of money so I highly recommend That you check out this video I'll see On the video until next time you guys Take care of yourselves and goodbye

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