Affiliate Marketing is a LIE

What's up man how you doing I'm all Right very well yeah I heard you said Something about affiliate marketers I Think they're all liars You know especially the ones on YouTube Wait what so believe it or not this is An actual conversation I had with an Actual individual right so I introduced Myself to Joseph as an affiliate Marketer and the next thing he told me That I hate affiliate marketers because They are all liars he even told me about A friend of his who makes his money from Speaking at an event and he poses as an Affiliate marketer right he can explain Everything about every marketing but he Has never made a dime for my affiliate Marketing now this is the truth there's A whole lot of people like this on YouTube right but I think it was a lot Different for me because when I started I was already making money online so it Was easy for me to actually jump in and Teach exactly what I know but what I'm Going to be doing in this video is Because I want to clear the doubts of People like just that Joseph because Making money online with affiliate Market is actually real and that is what I do on a daily basis so this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna be going to my Laptop screen right now and I'm going to Be showing you guys Um numbers from my affiliate account

Different affiliate accounts right I'm Gonna go to the role I'm gonna go to Bluehost I'm going to go to Um digistore I'm going to go to a whole Lot of fiber Affiliates and a whole lot Of other affiliate products that I Promote I'm also going to be going to my Paypal account and showing you guys Affiliate commissions that come in on Your weekly basis from different Affiliates products that I promote so I'm going to go to my screen right now And get the video started this is what I'm going to be doing this month November I'm going to be releasing a Whole lot of affiliate marketing videos So this is what I'm gonna do in those Series I'm gonna go on my laptop show You numbers from a specific affiliate Product that I'm promoting that I'm Going to be showing you guys exactly how That menu how that money was made and The whole idea is that you can do the Exact same thing and of course get the Exact same result if you are excited About that let me know in the comment Section if you have ever made money if My affiliate marketing let me know in The comment section if you are Struggling to make your first one dollar Online without feeling I get it also let Me know in the comment section but I can Assure you this affiliate marketing is The it and the best way to make a lot of

Money on the internet so let's go to my School right now let me show you guys Some numbers so the first hotel we're Going to be looking at is So I'm an affiliate for builderall and If you come to the affiliate come Together and come to our affiliate here I'm going to scroll down and you're Going to be seeing that any earnings is Any estimate for the next 30 days is 23 Euros and in dollars we have 111.20 Right here now let's go let me scroll Down a little bit you're going to see That all earnings right I have generated Over 2 000 leads and I have made 15 000 Right and 4440 Euros so let me refresh This so that you guys will see that I am Not doctoring this thing in any way so It's refreshing right now everything Remains the Same nothing is Doctor so um That's 15 000 Euros so I'm gonna be Opening the notepad document so you can Take keep track of All the Monies so Here we have 15 926.6 Seven dollars right so I'm gonna put the Dollar sign here or let me just say Dollar USD USD then in Euros we have 440.67 EUR that's Euro right that's all The money that we have made on Builder Rollers and affiliate right so um the Next one we're going to be looking at is Digi store now I'm not going to be Logging into my digital account because

I do not have a VPN installed on my Computer right now but what I'm going to Do is to go to my billionaire account That I used to receive my my um my and I Used to received my digistore engines And I'm going to come here go to Transactions and go to view all right so That we can see the transactions now This is digital incoming payments days And this is digital again this is Digistore this is digital this is Digital so there's a whole lot of Digital payments right here but this is What I'm gonna do I'm gonna come here Right now I'm going to go to custom Range and I'm going to go all the way Back to uh let's say 1 1 20 20 right Um up until today so I'm going to select This up until today uh today right and This is loading up right so this is Digital oh okay we can actually search For digital I think you can search for Digistore24 Uh Ctrl C So click on search here Ctrl V and hit Enter right so it's giving us all the Adhes of 24 payments so this is digital 24 digital digital digital digital you Keep going all the way down come down All right as a matter of fact I've made Over uh fifty thousand dollars we did Install right I wish I could actually Log into my account and show you this is Six thousand dollars this is two

Thousand dollars this is you know so Keep going all the way down this is one Thousand four something this is uh I Wish as a way to calculate everything You know somebody who is actually Um uh Somebody who actually pays attention Please go ahead do the mathematics right Watch this video slowly write all these Things down and let us know what he adds Up to in the comment section right the Person that does this might actually win Something from me you know if you take Them I actually do that maybe it may I Would give you something maybe money or Something very very very important right Now the next one what's up we're going To be looking at so for this right now Let's say forty thousand dollars right So let's say uh forty thousand dollars Forty thousand USD right correct me if I'm wrong so I'm gonna come here the Next result I'm going to be looking at Is piggy Fest now a lot of you guys know Begivers I've talked about piggyversed a Lot on my channel right so I'm going to Come here and log into my big invest Account right I'm going to log into my Piggyvest account right now so this is Loading up let's give it a while for This login process to complete So right here it says total savings 5.6 Million I've actually made a lot of Withdrawal switches so this this used to

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Be over almost 7 million naira so I'm Going to click here right now and you're Going to be seeing some interesting Numbers this is the money that I have Saved inside of piggybacks right now This is 364. 700 right but when you come To safe love I have 5 million 311 right It used to be a lot smaller than this Right so And basically what I did was I get I got People to sign up on piggyvers so once They click on my link and sign up on Piggyfest piggyvers gives them a Thousand naira and also gives me a Thousand naira and I grew a thousand Naira to almost 6 million right and Somebody has asked me I said does it Mean that you know 6 000 persons no That's not what it means you need to Understand SEO and that is what we use To make the killing with affiliate Marketing so once people complete Whatever it is that they have to do this Money gets transferred to my Flex and I Can withdraw it instantly right there is No migration I don't do the migration Once my once the people that I invite Finish setting up the account and make a Deposit inside of um inside of piggyvers The money gets sent right here and I can Withdraw it so let's come here right now And you're going to be seeing the moneys That have withdrawn this what I have Right here right now is

1451.62 naira right so let's take a look At okay so um on the 23rd Sunday I will Do seven thousand on Saturday 22nd I Will do 12 000. so interest paid it's Interesting you can do more transaction You see how this money is keeping Dropped into my account one thousand This was a referral bonus for pharaoh Ujj who I referred another one thousand Here for Christopher W who I referred Another one thousand deposit for omolu Umullah D who I referred this was on the 14th of October this was on the 13th of October that I basically almost on a Daily basis right so this is another 1000 for oladi oladipobi who I referred Right these are all referrals so people Click on my link sign up on piggyvers do What they're supposed to do and I get 1000 and they also get one thousand for Using my link that's how it works right And that's what I did and I compounded This money to almost 6 million naira Right so I'm going to come here right Now and let's look at the next website The next website is share sale right and I have made almost a hundred dollars to Share a sale and the funny thing is that I have not been promoting share Excel Right what I've important JSL is those Particular products where people can When all you need to do is generate lead And you get paid so people click and Sign up for an account they don't need

To buy anything and that's how I made Almost a hundred dollars on share Excel And guess what guys I've not been Serious to share yourself right I have Never intentionally made any promotional Material for sure yourself and I've made I've made close to a hundred dollars we Share yourself so I'm going to come here To impact impact is another one I've Made 8 000 naira for okay I'm not Writing them again so this is about six Million so I should we should write this Down 6 million Naira All right let's see ngn NG and Nigerian Right then share itself they just say Hundred dollars you know for the ease of Calculation so let's say 100 USD Right so impact 8 000 naira let me just Say eight thousand naira impact uh eight Thousand ngn right so another one is Fiverr affiliate right so let's come Here and go to report is it reports yeah There should be reports uh go to reports Or is Implement okay no let's go through Here balance so total I have been paid I Have end Um total 11 461 and I have been paid Eleven thousand four hundred and six Right so and this is the balance right Here I can withdraw this money right Here if I want to so eleven thousand Four sixty one let's write that down Also 11

461 USD right so this is for Fiverr Athlete I've actually made a lot of Videos on 55 and like I said in Beginning of this video I'm gonna be Making videos on each of this particular Website that I promote showing you guys Then what I'm doing and how I'm making Money with all of them right so it's Important for you to stay with me from Beginning to the end of this video so The next website I'm not going to be Telling you guys the name of website Right I'm gonna be making a video about This particular website it's actually Very amazing right and if you see that I've brought in 51 sign ups I've uh they Have they have bought 173 others and I Have made the online Commission of 4702.51 pounds this is going to be this Far this is almost 5 000 pounds all Right made with this particular website You know and um okay so the next one is Payoneer Affiliates right this is where I became an accidental affiliate Marketer I started referring people to Sign up on paying out with my name Before they contacted me and and they Corrupted me into the affiliate program I didn't even know they had an affiliate Program they called me and said Gerald You've been bringing a lot of referrals To us join our affiliate program so that I can get better commissions right so This is how much that they've played me

So far this year 1532 dollars right so I'm gonna put that On our list Um okay so I'm sure I've actually made More money than this right here but I'm Not sure how to get how to get uh how to See all the monies report option filter I'm not sure how to how to see all of That your conversions I'm not sure how To see all of that clicks conversions See conversions over 8 000 right CR days And but I'm not sure how to see all of That so I don't know where to click or What to let's say here Right let's say yeah 2022 yes 2021 There's 2020 yeah you know like so but I Don't know how to say that so I'm going To be leaving it alone for now I I Almost never come here because my money Gets paid into my paying account where I Withdraw it to do whatever I want to do With it right so I almost never come Here so the next question we're going to Be looking at is remitano right so on my Channel I've actually made a lot of Money with affiliate on the affiliate Side right on referral side so I come to The maternal right here and go to no uh Let me click on my name I think this way Should be referral yeah this is the Right one so a referral I've earned over 600 over 600 670 678.71 US dollars right in usdt that's

That's how much I've earned with this Particular website so I'm going to put It here a USD uh this one uh USD right Okay so this is how much that I've made On this and if you click it with details You see the details of people that I Have brought in I brought in this person I brought in this person in 0.00 is here To actually do a trade so let's look at People that actually did you I got 0.01 Usdt from this guy straight right for Bringing him in Um okay so uh this is zero zero zero so People that are not even doing trades a Lot so by the time that they actually Make they do trade eventually right I'm Gonna be getting a commission for Bringing them in so that's how the Remittance affiliate program works so I'm just gonna come here keep going and Uh okay so all these guys are not Trading on okay this guy is 22 I made 22 From it yeah uh this one I made five Dollars from here right and all these Things cumulatively added up to the Amount 678 dollars that I've made this Guy one dollar from this guy uh you see So this is how easy it is to actually Make money with affiliate marketing Right you don't need any money to start You just sign up for an affiliate Program promote that affiliate program And you get paid when people take Specific actions right so our next

Question I'm going to be looking at is The almighty by night that everybody Knows about so I'm going to refresh Binance uh to make sure that I'm not Signed that I think it's been open for a While so I'm going to refresh it and Make sure that I'm not signed out yet Okay I'm not I'm not signed out yet and Guys I've been preaching this bye bye Usdt on finance I've been preaching I'm Going to be leaving my referral link for Balance in the first it's going to be The first link in the video description Click on it set up an account on binance And buy usdt and keep it there right as A matter of fact I'm going to be buying Usdt on buyers as soon as I'm done with This training right and then this is I Have 509 dollars right here right so I'm Going to be buying like a whole lot more Because I want my money in US Due to losing value in your local bank Account right so put it right here so That it can it can be it can be rising With the dollar So I'm going to come here and go to Referral right go to referral and this Is loading up okay so uh this is my Referral link right here so you can get Here copy your referral referral link All right so um it says It says total referral I've referred 60 Percent And these are people that I have

Referred all right this guy this guy This guy I'm going to hit remind all so What's going to happen is that um sorry Finance is going to send a message to Them reminding them to complete their Task so I can get my money basically Right so let's go to Um okay I have activity ends in this and Then let's go to standard referrals I'm Not even sure I know what this means yet I I just started promoting binance Actually you know like a couple of days But like a couple of months back I just Started promoting binance and it's been Good so I'm gonna come here uh let's say Okay so this is how much I've earned Beating BTC you know so the top referral The person that have referred the most People on binance has earned 11.8 Bitcoin now that is crazy right and this Is just what I've gotten just just Justice justice right 59 friends 30 Persons about you started trading right This is so this is what I've done so far And these are the people uh that are That have referred everybody their user ID this is it right here so um binance Is tracking everything and once they Take specific action I'm gonna be Getting paid for it right so this is a Commission I've been earning from Binance so for this person I end this Commission this person I end this Commercial in BNB this is this is all

Commission I've been earning right so Let me go to the next page and this is Commissions that I've been earning from For inviting these people actually Success and all of that so this is Amazing right so there are other sites That I promote which I'm not going to be Showing you guys I think this is enough Right if it's not enough let me know I Can show you more You know I actually promote over close To a few to 50 different products that I Promote right and I like the fact that Affiliate marketing is more or less Passive income in nature so I'm going to Log into I'm going to log into my PayPal Account it's got the PayPal I click on Login right and the login process begins Yeah security prompt so um okay so I'm Gonna uh click here I'm not a robot and A select Bridges this is a bridge this Is a bridge uh this is a bridge this one Looks like a bridge as well okay verify I hope I'm right no I wasn't cars this Is a car this is a car this is just a Car here there's a car here I hope this Works okay it did right so let me show You guys affiliate commission this is Affiliate commission actually that just Came in right I've paid for something Here this affiliate commission from Fiverr International this is affiliate Commission from Kobe this right Um let's go to show more you're going to

Be seeing a whole lot more around Commission that I get on a daily basis You know On on Okay so this is Bay International where They where they paid me remember I Taught you guys the video of Ben International when I sent Diamond to go And write an exam so this is the payment For that start so that moment we went And wrote the exam and they have paid The 20 euros for that for doing that Task so for those of you who stayed out In the bay International whether it Works or not it works right so I showed You guys this another website that I Promote right here see they just paid me 212 Euros Um this is a payment I made on Fiverr Right okay you know what let me click on Status okay payments received go to type Payment received Right so you see payment that I received This is fiber International right a Fiber athletes paid me basically this is Another payment another affiliate Program that I promote another free Program that I promote this is for udemy Right they paid me udemy paid me for my Question udemy this is um this is this Is all monies that are coming in on the On on a continuous basis so Um this is Um uh August 2022 August 2022 so there's

153 dollars here there's 65 here there Is um 222 here there's one thousand two Hundred and fifty to fifty dollars here There's 36 dollars here there's 180 Seven dollars here there is 13 here Right this is just for August right in September these days and days yeah in October there is 245 21 these are all Monies that is coming in on the on a Regular primarily right and this is just The last 90 days you can you can we can Go you can go more than that we can go To go to DCA and uh we'll see you see a Whole lot more Right you can go to like two years ago Or three years ago and you'll be amazed You know what is happening inside of This PayPal account right so this is a Udemy this is a payment 13 475 dollars Um 170 dollars uh this is a 186 this is 1137.44 this is fourteen dollars one Seventy this is 285 dollars these are Monies that are coming in you know every Now and then this is two thousand seven Hundred and twelve dollars right this is A 193 dollars inside my PayPal account You can keep going on and on and on this Is a 145 this is fifty three dollars Right and you can even go I can even go To last year you know a date this year I Can go to choose a custom I can go to Last year all right you know and you're Going you're going to be seeing some

Some amazing numbers as well right So this is last year this have this I Didn't have nine thousand five hundred And ten dollars here we have four Hundred dollars here I thought that was 400 000 Okay so I'm gonna come here this is two Thousand one hundred and seventy three Dollars yeah this is three thousand Three thousand three hundred and eighty Dollars yeah this is 570 this is you Know so um and these are majorly majorly To a very large extent affiliate Commission especially those those very Large ones not very large deposits that All affiliate commissions so next So next time everybody tells you that Affiliate marketers are liars tell them That it's actually a lie so I want to Thank you guys for watching the video From beginning to the very end now the Next time somebody tells you that all Affiliate marketers are liars tell them That there's an exception for every room So this is what you're going to do right Now this video is showing up right here Is going to show you how I made over 54 000 with affiliate marketing right and If it is showing down right here it's Gonna also show you how to make hundred Dollars every single day without Affiliate marketing so that's it guys Until I see my next video keep reading And don't forget that Gerald does love

You guys bye from here guys

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