AI BOT Makes YOU $2,000+ a Week With Affiliate marketing For Beginners

Guys check this out in the last seven Days I have been able to make over two Thousand three hundred dollars in pure Profits with affiliate marketing using This amazing new strategy that involves A free AI tool and I've also done this On other platforms you can see just Yesterday over three hundred dollars Eighteen hundred dollars in the last Seven days and over nine thousand Dollars in the last 30 days and this I Have made without generating any sort of Ads it hasn't cost me a single Cent and All this has come with free traffic and On this tutorial I'm gonna walk you Through and show you exactly how you can Do this and how you can get your hands On this tool that's going to do Everything for you now before we get Into this video all else that you do is Just smash that like button in Appreciation let's get this video to a Thousand likes and if we can do that What I'm gonna do is I'm going to start My giveaways again but I need your help I want you to go down the bottom and Comment and let me know at the end of This month do you want me to give one Person five hundred dollars or do you Want me to give five people one hundred Dollars go down the bottom and comment Right now and make sure you subscribe to The channel because once this giveaway Starts you need to be subscribed you

Need to be watching my videos so that You can be one of the winners so the First step in this strategy is you need To come over to an affiliate marketing Platform in the affiliate marketing Platform we're going to use today is Digistore24 Digi store 24 is an Affiliate marketplace where you can find A whole heap of products if you come up To the top and you click onto Affiliates You're going to be able to see that they Pay up to 70 commissions they've got Over 8 000 different products in 44 Different niches which means it doesn't Matter you can do this in any Niche and I'm going to show you exactly which Niche you need to pick so that you can Hit the ground running and make some Really good money online so once you're On Digi store 24 all you need to do is Scroll up to the top and log in or sign Up create an account for yourself once You've created an account for yourself It's going to bring you over to their Marketplace once you're on their Marketplace you can see on the left hand Side over here you've got all these Different types of niches that you can Get into one of the ones that I'm going To show you today is a personal Development all you need to do is scroll Down and click onto personal development Once you do that you're going to be able To see a whole range of different types

Of products as you can see here these Products can pay you as much as 80 Percent commissions you can earn fifty Dollars for every single sale that you Make all you need to do is scroll down And find a product that you would like To promote manifestation is a massive Niche a lot of people make a lot of Money in this Niche and you're no Different you can do the exact same Especially with the free traffic that I'm going to show you at the end of Video now guys don't forget if you're Brand new to affiliate marketing I do Have my affiliate marketing guide it's Linked in the description of all my Videos it's yours absolutely free all You need to do is Click onto that link In my description then download it I'll Send you an email with that affiliate Marketing guide go through it you can Keep it so things that I do to make Money with affiliate marketing it's Yours for free all lasting return is That you smash that like button in Appreciation so once you're on this page What you need to do is you need to grab This affiliate link you can see here if You haven't promoted a product before It's going to look like this once you Click on to promote now it's going to Come up with your affiliate link once You've clicked onto it it's going to Look like this so what we're going to do

Is we're going to promote this product As an example you can see here that this Link has now been copied to my clipboard From here I'm going to show you the AI Tool that you're going to need to do all This for you which is going to simplify Things so that you can make money with Affiliate marketing what you want to do Is you want to come over to this site Over here called and this is the tool that's Going to do all the work for you if you Haven't signed in before this is what This site looks like when you Google I Have a link in my description for you All you need to do is Click onto it it's Going to bring you over to this page From here as you can see you can write 10 times faster this software is can Create so many different types of Articles for you and the best part is it Also does a plagiarism Checker so you're Not copying anyone else's work it's an Amazing tool all you need to do is come Over here click onto it and sign up and You can also start to test this Absolutely for free take a look at this Generate 10 000 characters per month Which means you can hit the ground Running with this today absolutely for Free once you make a little bit of money And you want to do even more you can Come over here and sign up to nine Dollars a month and you can do a hundred

Thousand characters so now that you know Where to go to get this software once You have signed up and created your free Account it's going to bring you over to A page that looks like this now this is Where you need to select the type of Article you want written up you Obviously want to select English over Here and then as you can see you want to Select the tone quite simply click onto This drop down box and what we want to Do is we want to select possibly an Informative type of article okay so you Come over you click onto informative but You can see you have a whole heap of Different types of options that you can Test out now what you want to do is you Want to select a use case what this Means is what type of blog or article do You want to create the ones that I Generally use is blog ID or outline as You scroll down you're going to find a Whole heap of other ones that you can Also use this site is amazing it can Also write YouTube descriptions for you It can do a whole heap of things all you Need to do is scroll up and down and Take a look at all the different things That you can do so we're going to select A Blog ID and outline now you can see That you need to enter a primary keyword This is where the AI tool is going to Create an article based on what you Enter in in inside here then down here

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You've got the number of variants that You want to create I'm going to select Three and we're going to choose one then You've got a creativity level with the Creativity level you want to choose how Creative you want this AI software to be You've got optimal low medium high Max And then you've got more factual what We're going to do is we're going to Leave it at optimal and then we're going To come over here and we're going to Type in manifestation and the reason why We have typed in manifestation is Because this product over here that we Are promoting is a manifestation a type Of product if you click onto this Product it's going to take you straight Over so you can see exactly what it's About so if we copy that link come over To Google and paste this you're going to Be able to see what this product is About so I highly recommend that you Take a look at all the different types Of products before you go and promote Them you can see here that people will Come over you they'll watch this video Then they'll be able to sign up and like I said there's a variety of different Products that you can choose from now What you want to do you want to come Back over to Ryder and then once you've Typed in manifestation you want to click On to write for me once you click on to Write for me this is now going to give

Us three variants of manifestation and What we're going to do is we're going to Choose one heading and potentially Subheadings on what we want to talk About when we create this article so you Can see the first one is the Manifestation guide how to master your Goals and create the reality you deserve This is pretty good then you've got an Introductory to manifestation What is manifestation what are the Benefits of powerful so all of these I Really really like okay so I'm going to Leave a few of these and what I'm going To do is I'm going to delete all these Keywords the first one is Introduction To manifestation so what you want to do Is you want to highlight this once you Highlight all this you can see here you Can click onto more now sometimes if It's only got three letters over your Three words you can see it's not going To give you any more options so Introduction to manifestation To help you Manifest okay so it's got it needs a Little bit more Um it leads a little bit more input in Order to be able to write something so All you need to do now is highlight this And as you can see you can now paragraph This so quite simply click onto Paragraph and this is going to start Writing and it's going to give us an

Introduction to manifestation and you're Going to see that it is going to come up With a very simple introduction so That's perfect now what we want to do is We're going to get rid of this okay so We're going to delete this now what we Want to do you can see here what is Manifestation so we're going to Highlight this and as you can see again Because it's only three or four words What we now need to do what is Manifestation And how does it work you just need to Give it a little bit more information to Write about you're going to see that if We highlight this one over here it's Going to work fine because it's got Enough so we're going to highlight this Because the AI sometimes just needs a Little bit more information now we're Going to hit on paragraph and this is Going to give us a paragraph what we're Doing now is we're creating a script I'm Going to show you how to use this script With your link inside it with free Traffic to make money with affiliate Marketing okay guys now as you can see We've got what are the benefits of Manifestation we're going to highlight This we're going to delete this we're Going to come over here we're going to Paragraph this as well And then what we're going to do is we're Going to do it to the last one as well

Now I'm going to show you a trick that's Going to expand this text because I want To show you how you could potentially Keep writing to to create a really good Document we're not going to do it right Now in this video because it's going to Take too long but I'm going to show you How to do it now what we can do is we Can obviously delete all this we don't Need that I'm going to delete all this As well but what I am going to do is I'm Going to highlight this and we are going To paragraph this as well and you can See that this is starting to look really Good and it's also broken up with Subheadings as well now what we want to Do guys if you wanted to expand this any One of these okay any one of these Paragraphs that you wanted to expand all You need to do is highlight this as an Example and then what you want to do is Click on to continue writing or you can Hit paragraph again what we're going to Do is we're going to hit continue Writing and this is going to continue Writing and as you can see it's going to Stay informed which means everything That this is writing is in line with What was previously done now what you Can do is all you can highlight this as Well okay so if we come back and we Highlight this again what's going to Happen if we click onto paragraph it's Going to write a different version of

What it wrote the first time and you're Going to see how this looks and as you Can see this now this first paragraph or These two first paragraphs are different To these two and you can continue to do This with every single one of these Sentences now that you have this amazing Manifestation guide what we now need to Do is we need to create this into a Document that we can give away but have Our link inside it so what we need to do Is we're going to quite simply copy this Entire document so scroll all the way Down to the bottom copy this once you're Happy with this and what you want to do Is you want to come over to your Google Docs if I simply come over to Google Docs click onto a blank page if you Don't have Google Docs just sign up to It everybody has Google Docs so once you Open up a blank sheet all you need to do Is control and pay cisin and as you can See this is your own Google doc with Your own manifestation guide so now that You have this manifestation guide what We now need to do is we need to add in Our link so what you want to do is you Want to come straight back over to Digistore24 and you want to grab this Link so quite simply click onto it again That's going to copy that then what we Want to do is we want to come back over To our Google doc and you want to add This inside this guide now what you're

Going to want to do is you want to add This a few times remember your guide is Going to be a lot longer so what you Want to do quite simply let's say you Come over here and you type in what it Says what is manifestation and how does It work what you want to do is type in Something like this if you want To learn How to manifest Anything A hundred times faster Click here to learn how now I didn't Just come up with this guys I kind of Got the idea from the video on this Product you can see manifest anything 100 times faster then you come back over To you guys you want to highlight this Okay once you highlight this you want to Come over to the top you've got this Insert link once you click onto that you Want to come over here and you want to Paste that a link okay that is your Digi Store 24 affiliate marketing link and You want to click on to apply once you Click on to apply anybody that clicks Onto this link is going to take them Straight over to that product now what You want to do is you want to click Highlight this and you just want to Click on to bold and you want to click Onto italic because we want to make this Stand out now what we can do is we can Copy this so copy that

Scroll all the way down here and you Might want to add this a few more times Within this document so come over here Guys and paste that now that you have This guide remember your guide's going To be a little bit better and you can do This on anything what we now need to do Is we want to come up to the top scroll All the way over to file you want to Scroll down guys and you want to Download this as you can see as a PDF Document K really important that this is Exported as a PDF document once you Click onto that this document has now Been exported so all you need to do now Is Click onto it and as you can see this Is my document it's a two page document What we now need to do is we need to use This document in order to get this free Traffic we're going to give this away For free and as you can see it's a Pretty detailed guide on manifestation And people will definitely want to read This so what you want to do from here is You want to come over to this platform Overview called this is an amazing site Where you can go to upload different Types of PDF documents absolutely for Free I log into SlideShare using my own LinkedIn profile okay and you can do the Exact same thing if you've got a LinkedIn profile you can sign up through Linkedin if you don't have a LinkedIn

Profile you can sign up through your own Gmail or create an account very very Simple you can see that these are the PDF documents get hundreds of thousands Of views can you imagine if one of your PDF documents with your link inside it Gets 657 000 views I've got ones that have only Had three to four thousand views where I've made hundreds and some of them Thousands of dollars just off one Imagine if one of these gets over a Hundred thousand views this is what's Possible with a strategy like this and The best part is this tool is doing Everything for you I want you to do me a Favor and just go down the bottom and Comment let me know are you following me Up until this point do you understand Exactly what I'm doing or am I going too Fast just let me know in the comments Are you enjoying the pace of this video Do you want me to slow it down next time Or is everything that I'm doing fine and Just go down the bottom and comment that You understand where I'm at at the Moment okay so once you've signed in What you want to do is scroll up to the Top and click on to upload once you've Done that all you need to do is select The document you want to upload once You've selected that scroll down and Find that document here's my document Over here which is the manifestation

Guide I want to click on to open verify That you're a human and that is going to Upload from there what you want to do as You can see you can put in a description Let people know what this is about again All you need to do is come back straight Over to writer and you can use any one Of these paragraphs so as an example you Can just copy this which is your Introduction to manifestation comes Straight back over to this platform okay Guys and just paste that in there it's Going to give you everything and this is Going to give you a discoverability Score then you can come over and you can Put in some tags so manifestation Okay and then all you need to do is just Enter that in there you can see here That this score is going to keep going Up you can type in manifest Okay the other thing that you can also Do remember the category that we use From digistore24 with self or personal Development self-development as well There's a few other things that you can Use self Development some of them will come up Some of them might Okay self-development you can see that's Gone up as well then you can type in Personal Personal development as well and the Discovery ability score is going to keep Improving then what you want to do is

You want to choose a category for this Now as you scroll down you want to Choose something that fits in line with This now with this this can fit into a Whole heaps a whole heap of different Types of stuff one of them that you can Potentially look at is maybe livestock The other one that you can potentially Look at is education you can also maybe Have a look at something that has Anything to do with the money anything To do with self-improvement there you go There that's it so let's click onto Self-improvement as an example say our Deliverability score it keeps moving up And then over here you've got public Limited or private and then you've got The option of publishing this now I want To fix this document up a little bit but You can basically see that here is that Document and you can also see those Links in there as well so from here all I need to do is publish this document Once I publish this document this Document is going to be visible on SlideShare and people will be able to See the when they're searching for Anything when it comes to Self-improvement personal development or Anything like that or even manifestation And once I find this it can just sit Here forever you don't need to do Anything with this this is passive Affiliate marketing and if anybody

Purchases this you're going to get a Nice 50 cash injection into your pocket For something that literally took you Five to ten minutes to do and the AI Software has done everything for you so If you enjoyed this video like I said Don't forget to smash that like button In appreciation and go down the bottom And comment let me know do you want me To do a 500 giveaway where One winner Wins it at the end of this month or five Winners get 100 this is going to start On my next video so don't forget to go Down the bottom in comments and know Exactly what I'm doing and smash that Like button let's get this video to a Thousand likes so I can do even more Giveaways but don't go anywhere I've got Another amazing strategy that's going to Help you make a lot of money online I Made this video the other day if you Haven't seen it you must check it out I'll see you on that video until next Time take care of yourselves and goodbye

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