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Ways for Your Cardboard Display to Stand Out

During these days, when people are too busy and there are so many distractions, a cardboard POP display that advertises your products or services can either make or ruin your success in business. POP displays are multidimensional cardboard displays that you often see in supermarkets, drug stores, retail outlets and big box shops. They are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs and color schemes.

Paper Trail: How Product Managers Saved The Company

Welcome to the 21st Century. There are a lot of products that, despite having had a good product development definition at one time, have gone away in this modern age: the horse whip, typewriters, and, in some cases, paper. The arrival of computers and smart phones would seem to have made a lot of the things that we used to use paper for no longer matter. That’s the problem that a paper company’s product managers were facing: nobody wanted to buy their product any more!

Value Of Quality Time In Experiential ">Marketing ROI

A recently conducted study found that TV advertising is now only one third less effective than what they were a couple of decades back. During this period the cost of broadcasting ads on TV has gone up by more than 40% while there is a 50% drop in the number of viewers.

Generating Brand Awareness With Experiential ">Marketing

There is an essential belief in psychology that can also be considered as a universal truth – ‘people learn from their experiences’. This is very much true in the world of ">marketing and promotion too and it is now believed by most marketers and advertisers that perception of consumers about a particular brand is determined by their way of functioning and also the feelings evoked by them.

Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to… ” Remember that song? I sang it often on August 16, my birthday, because actually there was no party. For many years, I would sit back and wait for someone to throw a party for me to celebrate my birthday. That led to many years of disappointment because… not much would happen.

When to Step It Up

“How does one become a Mogul?” (That’s a high level coaching program) – I get this question quite often. How does one know when it is time to step it up in order to grow your business?

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide for Closing Sales

Do you buy a cookie pan because it holds 12 cookies and it’s non-stick? No!!! You buy it because you want to eat the cookies. Before we write our ">marketing and promo materials we must first decide what our products and services actually do for our customers. That makes the difference in closing sales.

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