Are Recessions Good For Freelancers?

Okay for real are recessions good or bad For Freelancers Things off you should know that I am not A financial analyst not at all and this Video should in no way be taken as Financial advice and my opinion is that Recessions do kind of suck for everyone So we'll just start with that but the Guy that I am trying to find the silver Lining here I think there might actually Be an opportunity in a recession for Someone who wants to be a freelancer to Make some money companies doing poorly Company can't afford salaries company Fires employees company outsources to Freelancers what do you think that's the General scenario I'm thinking might be Presenting itself to Savvy Freelancers Companies can't afford to have employees On staff so they Outsource projects to Freelancer and I think there's a huge Opportunity here so in this video I'm Gonna show you how you can make money And win business as a freelancer in Times Like These and I know it's not the Greatest feeling to think that some People are potentially losing their jobs And here you are thinking of how to make Money I get it but here's what I'm going To tell you about that companies do Sometimes downsize and companies are Usually always looking for ways to cut Costs sometimes people lose their jobs In the process and that as sad as it is

Is just the nature of the Beast business Is often cyclical there are good times And there are bad times now I'm going to Tell you how you might be able to make Some money during those bad times so That's the scenario businesses all over The world start doing not so well so They start laying off employees and Honestly this has already been happening All over the world almost every week if You tune into the LinkedIn homepage feed There's a new headline of another major Company downsizing 100 people like go Here 20 of the workforce let let go There it's become common news something That I'm used to seeing all the time now It sucks but it's happening this is also Where your opportunity to make some Money might be so here are a couple ways You might be able to get hired or win a Big project in this type of a situation The first has to do with finding a Company that has recently made some Layoffs once you've identified a company Like this go and find the careers page On their website or the jobs page on Their LinkedIn profile file monitor These Pages if a job posting comes up Post layoff which does sometimes happen When they try to rebuild the team you Can do one of two things the first is if You're able to and you want to just get A job you can consider applying but if You'd rather be a freelancer because it

Makes you more money gives you more Freedom you can just message the hiring Manager directly message them directly And Pitch yourself as an option as an Option to get projects done without Necessarily needing to hire someone Maybe you could be an interim solution Allowing them to get work done while They try to hire something pitch Yourself hype yourself up see if there's An opportunity for you to get hired for That job that they have a posting for as A freelancer the second way you might be Able to get a job in a situation where Our company's making layoffs is right When the layoff is made contact the Department head directly now that this Is one where you have to be a little bit Sensitive because odds are are the Person you're contacting probably had a Hand or a role in the termination of These employees so you don't want to be Insensitive here but you send them a Message in that message I would Acknowledge the layoff express your Understanding that it might be a Difficult time to get the jobs they need To get done done and that if there's any Way for you to help you would be open to Helping them in the interim as as a Freelancer if that's something they'd be Open to that's how I go about this and Honestly I'd be a little bit direct I'd Say Hey listen I know this is terrible

Times layoffs are never good but I've Really wanted to work with your company For quite some time and if this this Layoff presents an opportunity for me to Do some work for you even as a Freelancer I would love to make myself Available to you send a message like That and who knows you could get hired And this could be a long-term contract If the business isn't doing so well but They still need work done and they like How favorable it is for them to hire a Freelancer versus a full-time salaried Employee give it a shot the third way You can go about getting some business In times like these is a little bit more Indirect but if you notice a company's Making layoffs major layoffs for a Particular type of role or job function You can create a Fiverr or freelance gig On a site like Fiverr that caters to the Job function that was lost in the layoff And the idea here is the remaining Employees or managers who work at this Company they've laid off all these People but they still probably need to Get work done so you know a lot of them Might turn to a site like Fiverr to try To Outsource work while they figure Things out at the company by being Proactive and creating a gig tailored to The type of job function or skill set That has been lost in a recent round of Layoffs you might get some trickle-down

Traffic from Business Leaders who are Looking to Outsource this type of work Post layoff anyways if you made it this Far in the video you'll know that this Isn't that Bleak of a video and it's not Not that crazy of a video I don't think Recessions are good by any means they Suck they hurt everyone but if you're a Freelancer with a particular skill set You can be strategic during a recession To make your skills available to Companies hiring managers create Fiverr Gigs in such a way where you might be Able to fill the void that has been left By a mass layoff that could result in You making a pretty good amount of money So let me know what you think in the Comments of this video was this helpful Was this inspiring has this given you a New lens or a new angle for how you're Gonna go about winning freelance Projects in the next year or so let me Know down below thank you so much for Watching until next time cheers

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