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Every Business Needs an Autoresponder

Autoresponders are great for growing your business the right way. You can see a huge change in your sales and customer base when applied the right way.

Who Is Dani Johnson?

Dani Johnson has been in Forbes magazine for her amazing success story. Two years before making her first million, she was homeless and on the brink. Today, she has been featured in Forbes Magazine for her massive, meteoric rise to wealth and success.

Wanted: Marketers for Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection Affordable Care Act (PPACA), much of which is taking effect in 2013 and 2014, has sparked a new level of conversation and activities in the healthcare space. As healthcare becomes available to 34 million more individuals, competition will increase among healthcare providers and health care payors (participants) will need to be informed and engaged. Opportunities will abound for healthcare marketers including marketing research, communications and digital marketing.

Why It’s Important to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

Nowadays, doing business is quite different from what it used to be just a few decades ago. The world has changed rapidly, thanks to the Internet and its advance into our everyday lives.

What Is Inbound Marketing? How Is It Different?

Inbound marketing… the opposite of outbound or interruptive marketing… is designed to reach people who are looking for what you offer. And where do most people search for information, products or services these days? Online. Inbound marketing is today’s marketing. It connects your audiences with both offline and online messages, content and communications. It’s designed for how we all communicate today.

Top 3 Video Marketing Myths That’s Blocking Sales From Many Small Businesses

Most people have witnessed how powerful video marketing is. But still many neglect, delay and even ignore video marketing. I’ve found these 3 myths as the culprit in most cases. See what they are and how to overcome them.

Are You Ignoring Marketing to Those Who Have Needed You for Years?

Let’s face it, people become dissatisfied and switch who serves them all the time from car dealerships to insurers to assisted living providers. It is what it is, and in a capitalist society it is by no means immoral to know and work within that reality and allow it to benefit us.

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